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Synth Single Review: "Firedance" by Montesque


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Artwork for Montesque's new single, "Firedance"

Artwork for Montesque's new single, "Firedance"

Montesque describes his single, "Firedance," as representing “a beguiling entity—seductive, sensual and playful yet evolving instantly to a more dangerous, erratic, and nonchalant mischief maker.” I would say that’s quite apt, given the ways in which Montesque uses synth sounds on this track.

The bass riffs that he uses have serious depth and a funky feeling, while providing a strong drive to the music. This track has a hip-shaking groove to it that works to underpin the metallic keys and wandering synth pads that flow through the track. There’s also solid percussion that adds more rhythmic throb to the music, further underlining the groovy nature of "Firedance."

The keys do have a jazzy feeling to them, moving through interesting sounds that flicker and twist like flames. The changes in mood that Montesque mentions are clear as the track moves forward. After a break section where the bass riffs get even funkier, the melody jumps back in again and dances through the track over that undeniable groove.

The analog synth pads add their own unique warmth to the proceedings, sweeping across the track and providing a counterpoint to the insistent beat and deep bass riffs. The end result is to create further contrast in the track and add to Montesque’s expression of the mercurial nature of fire.

The music is solid all the way through "Firedance" and really made me shake my booty in my chair as I wrote the review. I was kept interested by the way that melody moves through the track, now leaping, now twisting and always shifting and moving. The image of flames wasn’t far from my mind as I listened and grooved. If the measure of a track’s success is how well it achieves the aims of the artist, I’d say that Montesque has succeeded with this single.

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