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Synth Maxi-Single Review: "Take The Night In Hand" by Sidekick Wave

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Sidekick Wave – "Take The Night In Hand" (Maxi-Single, 2022)

Sidekick Wave – "Take The Night In Hand" (Maxi-Single, 2022)

Sidekick Wave – Take The Night In Hand (Maxi-Single, 2022)

Sidekick Wave’s Take The Night In Hand is full of intriguing synth textures, energizing beats and uplifting vocals.

“Take The Night”

“Take The Night” opens as intensely glowing, almost reverent synth chords swell and a bass wave washes below them. Sidekick Wave’s vocals move in as the dancing drumbeat and bass line propel the music. The vocals distort as a wobbling, writhing synth line shivers.

Stuttering vocals break through as trembling, shaky synths move around them. Sidekick Wave starts rapping and as the drums move broadly. The tempo slows before drums throb and bass undulates below cut-up vocals. Tight, twitching synth sounds wobble as the drums shape the music and quick, twisting sounds fade.

The narrator says that “if you’ve ever wanted to take the night in hand” now’s the time to take control of it and “dance while you can.” He exhorts the audience to take it and dance all night long as they “take the night in hand and let it take you.” In the rapped segment, the storyteller says that he can’t “do nothing but sway and pray” that the other person will “take the night in hand” and dance toward him.

Our narrator says the other person’s energy freed him and he asks them to please get up and dance with him. He adds, “How to make this, we gotta take this” and creates the image of dancing on the tables so they can “set the spirit on fire, lit up with animal desire.”

As the rhyme concludes, the narrator’s spoken passage is lyrical as it says that the whole room is breathing as one while “pounding hearts, beat like a drum.” He asks the other person to feel the energy and ends by saying that he “lost my mind three songs ago and now it’s raw, it’s only soul.”

“Take The Night (Noex Beats Remix)”

A rewinding tape sound adds an unsettling quality as bass bubbles to start “Take The Night (Noex Beats Remix).” Stretched, subdivided vocals add to an uneven, unbalanced feeling as choppy beats rattle underneath the squelching vocal sounds. An uncomfortable feeling fills this remix as static-edged synths create a hypnotic pulse.

The rhyming is clear over the static-sounding synth that underpins it. A steady drum and bass pulse moves below the maelstrom of jagged-edged synth as a higher, rough edged sound shifts. The drums become smoother and faster, the distorted vocals feeling strange. Now the drums flutter and flourish again as the disrupted vocal ends.

“Street Fight With Your Mind”

“Street Fight With Your Mind” kicks off with a steady drum pulse and ticking percussive sounds. Growing, flowing sound is met by distorted vocals, dragging over pulsating underpinnings. Varied, ear-catching percussion supports a reverberating, hollow synth instrument that carries a roaming melody. The vocal sample urges people not to get into a street fight with their minds.

The dance floor filling beat throbs and angular synth leaps energetically. Higher, hollow synth dances in a volleying pattern above propulsive drums and supportive bass. Trembling, medium-high synth carrying a hip-shaking melodic pattern while varied percussion elements add more form. The vocal sample repeats as the rising, open sound floats on.

"Take The Night (Cumsleg Borenail Mix)”

Chopped up vocals stutter and shiver as “Take The Night (Cumsleg Borenail Mix)” commences. A steady, percussive tapping and active bass line move below a repeating synth pattern that swells warmly in the background. Sliced up vocals adds an uncertain, strangely fascinating quality to the remix over the pulsing beat.

There’s a shattered sensation as vocal snatches and snippets combine. Dense, rounded synths undulate in a hypnotic pattern as the unstoppable beat continues. The vocal part becomes a percussive, musical element all on its own as subdivided sonic fragments are guided by oscillating synth throbbing. The beat’s a wriggling sound that keeps breaking up before silence falls.

An instrumental version of “Take The Night” is also included on this maxi-single.

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