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Synth EP Review: "Worldbuilder" by Dream Commander

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Dream Commander, Worldbuilder (2022)

Dream Commander, Worldbuilder (2022)

Dream Commander’s Worldbuilder is full of unique, intriguingly interwoven synth tones, timbres and textures. It explores varied moods, emotions and images through ear-catching soundscapes as it unfolds.

“King Commander”

“King Commander” begins as wobbling, twisting synth sounds run and writhe together in wildly varying patterns. Elevated, pained sounds are broken by harsh, rough sounds that dribble and ooze.

“End Game”

Steadily gliding, medium high synth floats out over ticking snare drum playing a steadily breaking pattern to open “End Game.” Strings swell in pained waves before resonant, trumpeting synth carries a majestic, melancholy melody that shines out over the stuttering drums.

The dynamic melody unfolds in wandering lines while drums and rounded bass add support as the strings wheedle. Again the main theme flares out, rising in triumphant but somewhat unsettled notes over the tapping snare drum. Brassy synth sings and gleams while deep, rough-edged bass rises. There’s one glowing flare of sound and then silence.

“5000 Year Old Pyramids”

“5000 Year Old Pyramids” starts off as rapidly oscillating, gruff bass pulses and low, resonant synth climbs in broad blocks with a minor key twist. Hard-edged bass tumbles below to add propulsion. Wide-sounding, metallic synth flows out in glittering notes as the ticking hi hat is joined by the full drum kit, giving the music a bursting pulse.

Low, broad synth carries slowly roaming melodic patterns full of aching emotion. Now elevated, nasal-sounding synth carries a cascading pattern of warmer notes that contrast with the drifting synth blocks’ metallic glow. Steadily pulsing, tense synth forms an uneven, bouncing pattern as we now drift into lost, slowly fading notes.

“Dark Mode"

Wide-band, low synth carries a melody that is wistful and gentle, tinged by shadow as it resonates over solidly supporting bass to commence “Dark Mode.” Floating, caressing synth drifts with gentle tendrils as the low, wide synth melody continues to dream along. Smoothly guiding percussion adds shape to the music.

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Fragile, elevated synth drifts along with a melancholy air and the percussion forms a heartbeat in the music. Lower synth yearns and higher synth has a dandelion seed drift. The track ends without percussion and the main melodic synth.

“Pythian Games”

“Pythian Games” begins with flaring, full notes that swell into open space and glide along gently with a mournful feeling permeating them as they intertwine. Lower tones add richness to the track as they wander and all of the musical elements have a resonance in them.

The unctuous, medium-low synth has a pained feeling to complement with its gentleness as it wanders in lush sonic washes. The whole track begins to smoothly slip to a conclusion before fading into silence.

"Climax Beach”

Massive, pulsing drums are joined by elevated, dense synth swirling in uncurling lines as the drumbeat stutters to open "Climax Beach.” High, circular synth sounds trickle in and fade repeatedly and guitar plays woodsy, gentle notes. Drums keep stuttering and breaking underneath and string-like synths rise up to lift the music and guide it along.

Drifting synth chords create a soothing feeling as digital-sounding notes sweep and rise. The drums still shift in breaking lines as a nasal, jazzy synth roams along carrying quickly wandering notes while the drums and bass add direction and weight to the proceedings. Over top of the other musical elements, fragile notes gleam and a flamenco-like guitar flashes quick notes before fading.

“Life Flex Ultra”

“Life Flex Ultra” comes into being as colossal, retro drums burst forth and elevated, glowing synth carries a dynamic melody. The melody is permeated by a sense of leaping hope and forward motion.

The drums and bass create strong propulsion as twisting, broad sounds writhe underneath the glittering lead synth as it arcs skyward. The drums are truly gigantic in the track. The music leaps into a segment in which a digital-sounding, medium-high synth whirls a in an intricate solo over the steady drumbeat.

Arpeggios spin out in rapid lines and the powerful drums burst in a fierce line and are doubled by urgently pulsing synths. A wildly whirling arpeggio unfolds and the drums batter and drive. Above the percussion, digital sounding synth dances back into the main melody, flying along and exuding uplifting and energizing feelings over the massive drums that flourish as the track ends.

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