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Synth EP Review: "The Slasher" by Raptorvania

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"The Slasher" EP

"The Slasher" EP

Track-by-Track Analysis

Raptorvania’s The Slasher evokes classic 1980s horror movies with a mixture of darkness and warmth, strong melodic writing and big retro drums that add weight. There’s a feeling of melancholy along with the shadows on this EP, which produces the sense of watching a movie as it unfolds. There’s a fun cinematic component to it that I enjoy.


“Theme” comes to life with brilliant, rising sounds that grow in power and volume as a high arpeggio with a starry shine moves over the warmer, fuller synth sounds under it.The big drums hit over arpeggiating patterns of synth as the glowing lead carries a hopeful, slightly aching melody with an emotive quality to it.

There’s a steady musical line with a throbbing heartbeat as the drums shape it. The lead synth takes synthesized sound and gives it a living feeling as it rises and sings in a delicate and tremulous way.There is a shimmering segment in which deep synth continues with the rich, caressing feeling of the lead melody and the arpeggios glow like the sinking sun on water.


A steady throb of bass joins a bright lead synth that echoes into the open spaces of “Premonition” carrying a well-crafted, singing melody. The melody is tinged with sadness as the solid drum beat shapes it and adds direction to it over bass oscillations. There are bursts of slightly rough-edged synth as the chiming lead moves with a delicate touch over the deep bass.

The main melody drifts with a sense of loss and slight pain as the big drums hit, substantial under the gentle lambent tune that cries out over it. It’s a uplifting melody that hints at pain as the bass and drums are joined by ethereally rising notes. There is a distinct heartbeat in this track. The drums are also smooth here as a tambourine also adds to the music and the main melody now drifts out on steady bass.


“Shredded” grows in volume as a shimmering arpeggio spins out through it, touched by tension as darker sounds with a shadow to them rise up underneath. The bass shifts as the arpeggio spins and rising chords of darker synth add weight and a sense of incipient threat underneath it.

There is a feel of evil lurking as the arpeggio and the shadows under it build suspense into the music. A jazz organ with a bell-like tone plays a minor, wandering melody with some warmth to it over the arpeggios that move and shift slowly fade away.


A rush of gentle sounds all flow together to form a rich backdrop as “Levitate” glimmers into life. The melody has a component of sadness to it as it shines out from the well of subtle soft sound that lift it upwards. It’s quite strong and in an upper register, shimmering slowly over the softness under it as echoing drums throb into the music. There’s a soothing sensation of gliding and drifting on clouds of airy sound supported by the drumbeat.

The melody is full of emotion and expression, despite being played on a synthesizer. Deeper bass sounds also flow in a smooth tide as a twisting sound, quite vocal in nature, enters the music along with a breeze ruffling through the music.The aching melody, full of h hope, dreams in a state of bliss as those drums keep pulsing out in a reverberating flow.

“Nowhere Left to Run”

“Nowhere Left to Run” kicks off with a bass throb and a rush of high register sound. All of the track’s sonic elements are immediately full of threat and darkness as the growl of edgy synth with some roughness to broods into the music.

There are threatening open-sounding arpeggios that revolve quickly into the track’s open space along with airy breaths of sound. The arpeggios have a tinge of static as the drums begin to thunder in a way that reminds me of Japanese taiko drums. As the track winds down, there are harsh clashes of sound that fade into silence.

“Faded Nightmare”

Rising air and luminosity are joined by a wheeling arpeggio that oscillates along with rich full flows of climbing synth to begin “Faded Nightmare.” I feel quite touched by the feeling of those synths as a steady pulse of synth bass is joined by full drums. The arpeggios dance as an open, round and slightly sliding lead plays a nostalgic melody that is gently pained.

The melody exudes a sense of looking back with relief, but one that has a degree of melancholy to it. The underlying lower synth adds structure while the melody shimmers and aches. There’s a deep rush of synth chords and a moving bass line before a drum fill comes in and the gentleness intensifies as those arpeggios spin over the drumbeat.