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Synth EP Review: "The Analog Mind" by Ereality

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Ereality – "The Analog Mind" EP (2022)

Ereality – "The Analog Mind" EP (2022)

Ereality – The Analog Mind EP (2022)

Ereality’s The Analog Mind EP is a technological sounding, jagged-edged synth exploration balancing darkness with energy. The music is textured and full of ear-catching tones and timbres.

“The Nightmare”

“The Nightmare” starts off as high, distorted notes create an unsettling feeling. Steadily ticking drums and jagged bass form an overwhelming sonic surge that slices as raised synths twist. A powerful synth burst accents hard-hitting drums as a wide-band lead synth wanders with violent intent.

A bell-like sound touches the music while the medium-low, muscled synths carry an aggressively moving melodic pattern. Raised, twisting bells add tension through their repetition while the angular, throbbing drums and bass have a threatening feeling.

The tempo speeds madly before the quickly flashing lead synth erupts with rushing energy. Raised sounds flicker as the track eventually dies out on throbbing drums.

"Killer In Heels”

Brooding, ominous bass and a creaking, sharp-edged synth open “Killer In Heels.” Impactful drums kick in as the bass forms a volleying pulse. Gruff, wide-band synth moves in undulating motion before creating a dynamically evolving melodic pattern.

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The hypnotic note pattern slams in above the hard-hitting drums and snarling bass.
Broad synth pulses bounce back and forth while open-voiced drums continue to batter as the bass growls. Pent up rage oozes from the music and the drums and bass are relentless. The sharp-edged lead synth has a flying energy in it and the colossal drums charge on before the track fades on bending sound.

“Synth Class”

“Synth Class” commences with gigantic, bounding synth pulses that flare with light. Tapping snare drum guides the angular, repeating synth pattern with a cutting quality as tom hits add more form. Warmer, rounded sounds fall through the track, the melodic pattern dynamically roaming as it climbs in glittering lines over the relentless drum and bass throb.

Medium-high, broad notes carry the active melodic pattern. Motion and life pour from the climbing synth lines as swirling sounds move behind them. The drumbeat and bass underpinning supports the track as elevated synths add nervous energy. The throbbing drumbeat drives on as high synths jump and shine, the melodic pattern forceful and continuous before the track fades on the roaming, rising synth.


A dancefloor filling drumbeat and actively pulsing bass creates an addictive sense of motion to kick off “Superplastic.” Twirling sounds wander through the track and the contorted, medium-high lead synth carries a hypnotically whirling melodic line. Angular drum and bass motion propels the music along with digital-sounding synth carrying a robotic melodic pattern.

Hollow, rounded synth matches with throbbing drum and bass energy. Raised sounds flicker out, entwining with the lower synths as nasal-voiced synth oscillates alongside the unrelenting drums and bass. Digital-sounding notes ring out repeatedly while the kick drum thumps. Now snare drum shapes the music and high notes tumble down before low end throb pushes on and the music fades.

“Mirror World”

“Mirror World” begins as sharp-edged, colossal feeling bass joins bouncing, broad-sounding synths that sweep in as the scattershot drums and angled bass oscillation throb. Medium-low, glowing lead synth carries a melody that mingles aching emotion with a sense of progress. Pulsating drums and bass add an edgy quality.

Wide-sounding, cascading synth dances through the music in contrast to the darker, heavier sounds below it. Computerized notes volley. There’s a flurry of tom hits before a twirling melody moves through, energetic but tinged with a hurt feeling. The tom hits add a unique quality as shimmering synth flies in high above the main melody and silence falls.

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