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Synth EP Review: "Sulis Minerva" by Palindrones

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Palindrones, Sulis Minerva (EP)

Palindrones, Sulis Minerva (EP)

Palindrones’ Sulis Minerva combines K Palindrones’ strong vocal performances and intriguing lyrics with J Palindrones’ nuanced, layered synths. It is music that evokes emotion and atmosphere as it unfolds, guiding listeners on a journey.

“Sulis Minerva”

“Sulis Minerva” commences as luscious synth flows and rich bass well up and a slowly turning, elevated arpeggio spins. A rapidly oscillating bass pulsation rushes below K Palindrones’s smooth, expressive voice trembles and carries an arcing, soaring melody. Drums and bass guide the music while raised synth shimmers high above them and the vocal melody mingles gentleness and dynamism.

The bass oscillation is gigantic and rough-edged as K Palindrones’s warm voice floats above it and the drums flash. Now a leaping synth carries a yearning melody that reaches upwards as the drums and bass pulsate. The rushing drum and bass motion is touched by more delicate, slowly turning arpeggios as the song surges into silence.

Passion, desire and brightly burning emotion fill the music. The narrator addresses another person and says that while she brings the warmth, the other person brings heat. She adds that she is the fire and the song’s subject shines the light. Now she adds, “I am the light, you are desire.” There is a strong image of passion as she says that the other person is “the melting ice beneath my fingertips of fire.”

Our storyteller calls herself and the song’s subject “luminaries” and talks about how they are “the golden prisms of the sun” and how the other person is “incandescent.” She refers to the other person as “the burning push that melts the button.”

The narrator likens herself to the flame that ignites the other person who is the torch. She talks about how that person brings fire and light. As the song ends, she talks about “the burning fever in the temples of desire.”


Dense bass and falling rain is touched by child’s voice speaking about being surrounded by music to open “Maya.” Drums and bass form a stuttering beat underneath swirling synth clouds as distant, medium synth carries a soothing melody. The lead synth is round-sounding and the cascading melody is tinged with melancholy.

Delicate melodic moments contrast with the broken drum and bass throb below them. A sensation of light hands touching fills the music as a voiceover talks about searching for meaning and hope. A xylophone-like glow permeates the lead synth as bass waves lap against it. The melody itself is luminous and hurting as it unfolds over the broken shiver of the drums and bass. The rhythm drops out as distant voices whisper and massive bass rumbles before silence falls.


“Amalthea” starts as chimes glitter and floating synths softly rise and rain trickles. Full, medium-high synth carries a slowly flickering note pattern as the drums create a steady heartbeat and chimes flutter. K Palindrones’ voice is emotive and trembles with feeling as the vocal melody’s feathery tracery is broken by a bouncing, medium-high synth carrying a volleying melodic pattern.

K Palindrones’s vocals are breezy and caressing while the drums and bass vibrate below them. Energizing, gleaming synth bounces in between the vocals. The bass is rich and powerful, lifting the other musical elements as the drums shake and pulse. Medium-high synth keeps flickering in between the beats and the song ends on tidal bass and sparkling chimes.

Our narrator talks about blinding light in infinite lands as across “lost sands of time” mountains rise and roll “like waves.” She draws an image of a sun setting in an amber sky as “fierce lovers rise” and the moon climbs “glowing with pride” and “reflecting time.”

The storyteller says that this is her wasteland and she’s “the leader.” She asks the other person to join her in her room repeating that this is her wasteland. The narrator asks the song’s subject to “fight the fever” and as she finishes, she asks the other person to “join me on the moon.”

“Transport Union”

Seagulls cry and the ocean splashes on the shore to begin “Transport Union.” The sound of flames crackling contrasts with the watery sounds. Void deep bass rumbles and reverent, elevated synths intertwine in fragile notes. There’s a mingled sense of shadow and gentleness as the colossal bass adds support to the worshipful synths that become a luscious glide.

Flames consume and the ocean washes in the distance. Dense, ethereal synths have a mournful feeling as they move out over the bass upwelling. The track ends on wheeling gulls, washing waves and bass solidity as airy, aching synths fuse with the bass depths.

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