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Synth EP Review: "Saint Barthélemy" by Florida Room

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Florida Room, Saint Barthélemy EP (2022)

Florida Room, Saint Barthélemy EP (2022)

“Restless Heart”

Florida Room’s Saint Barthélemy is a luscious synth exploration of tropical sun, sea and sand, full of sonic layers and sunlit sounds. “Restless Heart” begins as smoothly guiding drums and gently sliding, misty synth notes slip through the music in a slowly spinning pattern. Deep bass waves and smooth drums shape the music. Distant, elevated sounds flow over the unfolding arpeggios that dance broadly and the drums subdivide and bounce before the easy flow is re-established.

Gossamer guitar notes touch the music over the bass undulation and the glowing lead synth has a caressing quality. The drums add dynamism over bass depths as roundly shining notes sail through the music.

After a massive drum fill, unfurling arpeggios dance and the low end pulse backs the descending, lightly shimmering notes that tumble above it. Bass throb and drum pulse add more form to the music while guitar-like notes strum in and drift away. Shiny synths fall down through the track above the bass undulation and fade into silence.


Far off, dynamically pulsing synths and driving drums grow in volume to open “Gustavia.” Brightly flaring lead synth leaps out over the bursting drums that propel the music. Bass moves in rhythmic waves and the nasal-sounding, gleaming lead synth sings with life while the drums and bass burst forth. There’s a drum fill and full-sounding, medium-high synth flares rise upward with positive energy.

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Rough-edged bass waves move onward and drums propel the music. Diaphanous, broadly gleaming synth flows and now glittering tides of elevated sound tremble alone before the guiding motion underneath propels the track on again. Raised, wide-band synth frolics over the tapping drumbeat and bass waves before ending.

“Island Glow”

“Island Glow” starts out with a hazy feeling and grows clearer as bass pulses in a rippling flow. Laidback, open-sounding synths carry a soothing and uplifting melody over the lightly touching drums. Smooth notes drift and tremulous, distant sounds brush over the music while a steady bass throb adds some form.

Drums tap in along with brassy synths that are full of tropical warmth. After a cascading drum riffle, the percussion becomes a stronger force and shimmering synths leap out, singing of blue water and white sand. The music shifts into gently moving, sunny sounds and an airy breeze, the drums distant and diffuse. The whole track sparkles like motes of sunlight on water.

“Hourglass of Memories"

Feather-light arpeggios spin out in constant motion as the drums provide a solid underpinning to “Hourglass of Memories.” Easily gliding synth carries a melody that is tender, but hopeful over whirling arpeggios and shaping drum and bass motion. Medium-high synth flickers warmly, lending a living pulse to the music. As the drums drop away, the melody caresses the ears.

When the drums rejoin, the lead synth conveys a melancholy feeling, along with ethereal lightness. The track moves into a segment in which the drums and bass break and resonant synths tumble down and meet with lighter, more delicate notes. The yearning, dreaming lead synth melody carries on as drums reverberate into openness. Bass shapes the music even further as it drives in one long motion. The bass drops out as the dancing, intertwining synths fade away.

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