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Synth EP Review: "Poolside" by Jetfire Prime

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Jetfire Prime, "Poolside" (2022)

Jetfire Prime, "Poolside" (2022)

Jetfire Prime’s Poolside tells a cinematic story in intricately layered synth sounds and strong musical imagery. It’s the tale of a teenager, working at the local pool, who discovers a whole world centred around it.

“Opening Up”

“Opening Up” starts off as a newscaster delivers a weather forecast with a slight hiss behind it. A steadily driven drumbeat supports angular, sweeping synths and an active bass line. String-like, slightly melancholy synth carries a gentle melody full of growing, hopeful feeling over pulsing drums and undulating bass.

Luscious, brassily glowing synth soars in a cloud of light above the guiding drumbeat while bass slowly oscillates. Broad-sounding, shiny synth carries the yearning melody, rising upward with a feeling of impending triumph. Bursting drums and pulsating bass press on before synth waves wash with turquoise cool and the glittering notes shines distantly before fading out.


“JANITOR” begins as the sound of night insects chirrs into the track as hollow synths jump in the background and bass throbs heavily. Angular, gritty synths cut in and the snare drum flurries. Rounded, minor key synths flit through the music as string-like sounds add warmer tones.

Massive, hard-hitting bass growls and open-sounding synth drifts down. The drums hit hard and add rushing speed while minor key synth fragments add dynamic shadow, tempered by uncertainty. Growling bass shifts and lost sounding, medium-high synth echoes out. The track’s low end slowly throbs as gentler, rounded synth floats as airy sounds add an accent.

Unrelenting drums keep pounding as swirling synths curl through the music. The main melodic pattern pushes onward and string-like sounds intertwine to add texture. Massive bass rumbles and the snare drum pounds on, broken by the cascading synth pattern.

"First Swim"

Elevated, glowing synth shines out above a solid retro drumbeat to open "First Swim." Brightness pours from a high synth as it flickers over the pulsing drums and bass. A tranquil melodic pattern is carried by a medium-high, expansive synth that still injects a lively quality.

Rock solid drums pop through the music while the broad lead synth gleams and creates a sense of gliding motion. The melody evokes the feeling of floating in cool water as the low end of the track keeps the forward motion going. Round, rich synth accents the shiny melody as it slides through the track and as the drums and bass drop out, the flickering synth sails into silence.

“Bikinis, Trunks and All Gender Hunks”

An echoing vocal sample comes in and sharp-edged, medium-low synth moves in angular motion to commence “Bikinis, Trunks and All Gender Hunks.” Smoother, shinier synth gleams over the top and the drums hit with a diffuse sound. Elevated, tight synth creates an active melodic pattern as orchestra hits flare.

There’s a restrained quality in the melodic pattern while big drums batter and bass surges. Xylophone pulses in the distance, adding a subtly trickling quality, as glowing synth with a string-like quality drifts.

Full, medium-high synth trembles in tentative motion as higher, sharper sounds wrap around it. Bursting drums and flashing orchestra hits add energy. The uneven drumbeat fades and raised, sailing synth sounds flutter through into silence.


“Poolpalooza” opens as hollow percussion slowly shifts and snare drums pulse, along with clapping sounds. Groovy, rough-edged bass shifts actively and trumpeting synth flashes add accents. Full-sounding synth drops in, full of wandering motion, before becoming a steady oscillation. Brassy synth contributes a lively energy as massive, hollow drums flow below it.

Sparkling synth flickers and round-sounding, medium-high synth breathes in a laid back motion. Trumpeting sounds enliven the track and glittering synth drifts in lapping waves over the steadily moving drumbeat. The “A” section leaps in as sunlit brass calls out and metallic, bell-like percussion forms a secondary motion.


Bouncing, resonant bass volleys along with a slamming snare drum to create a reverberating pulse that kicks off “POOL CLEANER.” String-like, raised synth with a sharp quality carries an active melody full of leaping energy.

Now the melody takes on a suspenseful and tense quality over truly huge bass blocks and battering snare drum. Gruff bass has a dynamic motion which balances the exuberantly whirling main melody, carried on taut synth.

Powerful drums and bass propel the track as the raised, cutting lead synth holds a feeling of mystery. Heavy bass lends a gritty, physical presence. The melody unfolds in a glistening line, mixing danger and energy, as the snare drum hits hard and heavy.

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