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Synth EP Review: "Opposite Forces II" by Your Friend Esteves

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Your Friend Esteves, "Opposite Forces II" EP (2022)

Your Friend Esteves, "Opposite Forces II" EP (2022)

Your Friend Esteves, Opposite Forces II EP (2022)

Your Friend Esteves’s Opposite Forces II combines galactic power with sonic storytelling as it unfolds. It contains cinematic elements that help elucidate the musical imagery within each track.


“DarkOverture” begins as regular, hissing pulses float into open space before active bass and throbbing drums propel the track. Easily slipping synth notes curl around as bright, medium high synth carries a classical music inflected melody with a devious, mysterious quality. Drums tap smoothly and bass undulates to add support to the music.

The melody is shadowed as it flows in wide-sounding bass pulses. Medium-high, rounded synth trickles before planing notes gleam. Digital, wandering synth shifts in a roaming pulse and drums press on in smooth motion. Raised sounds move in ghostly lines, trembling as drums and bass scud on. Spinning, writhing synth trickles before dark chords add drama. Higher, brighter synth carries a mysterious melody as the big drums batter and silence falls.


Metallic sound softly vibrates as wobbling synth trembles to open “Stardust.” The drumbeat starts to thump, adding speed as it launches forward. Above it, cosmic synth swirls in a drifting line, bending and sweeping above bursting snare drums and ticking hi hat.

Broad, medium-high lead synth carries an exciting, adventurous theme. Raised chimes sparkle as angular bass adds active motion. The triumphant main melody calls out with uplifting light and the drumbeat throbs onward. Chimes glitter and a warm, hopeful synth melody calls out on gleaming synth before silence falls.


“GalaxyClockwork” starts off as gigantic, shadowy synth surges urgently in a pattern that rushes into open space. Hard-hitting drums with a crisp edge leap into the music before darkly victorious synth towers above them. Wide-sounding, organ-like synth carries a triumphant melody, full of portentous energy.

The melody glows and twists as the drums pop and deep bass oscillates. Medium-high, rounded synth scuds along in a gliding line and bright chords well up. Now taut chimes spin in an energizing arpeggio over the pipe organ synth’s ominous darkness. Warm arpeggios dance and enfolding synth chords shine in sweeping slow motion.

Drums skip along to shape the music as rippling arpeggios keep twirling and glittering synth chords add light. Cymbals crash and the drums press on before the track flows into a segment in which colossal synths swirl and bass glides. Elevated synth flickers in delicate motion, taking on a soothing quality tinged by shadows.Raised synth shimmers out above the low end’s tidal flow before silence falls.


Glowing synths fly in intense flashes above jumping drums to commence “Finale.” Agitated synth shivers underneath coruscating notes as percussion ticks along. Glimmering synth comes in above pulsing, gliding drums and rapidly oscillating bass that propels the music. Rough-edged, quickly shifting synth is joined by majestic, threatening chords as the bass rushes on.

Distorted, crackling synths brush below yearning, full-sounding pulses that undulate and echo as drums shape the music. Menacing synth chords move in powerful lines above continually throbbing, rushing bass and ticking drums. The track moves into a segment in which shining chords are caressing and full of warmth as they climb over wildly flourishing drums and dark bass. Digital-sounding notes twinkle and silence falls on clattering percussion and raised sound.

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