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Synth EP Review: "Now and Again" by Kosmic Kiss

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Kosmic Kiss, Now and Again (EP)

Kosmic Kiss, Now and Again (EP)

Kosmic Kiss, The Now and Again EP

Kosmic Kiss’ Now and Again combines impassioned singing, emotive lyrics and a energetically intertwining synth background. There are also driving drums, throbbing basslines and strong melodic content filling the EP.

“Till I Die”

“Till I Die” comes into being as steadily oscillating metallic synth moves in undulating surges and a soft, airy sound drifts. Kosmic Kiss’s impassioned, soulful vocals add depth and expression while solid drums and dense bass add propulsion.

There’s a rippling string-like sound floating through as the hard-hitting drums drive.
Kosmic Kiss’s powerful vocals call out with deep feeling, carrying the sensuous vocal melody. The vocal performance adds strength and expression as the string-like synths intertwine in a textural tumble. Ethereal, elevated synths flicker and the throbbing drums and bass have a resonant quality. The deep emotion and desire in the vocals and lyrics shines through and fades out.

Our narrator notices the song’s subject unable to look over at him and he says, “I’m intrigued cause you seem so make believe.” The other person’s smile makes his heart race and takes his breath. He adds that “when we touch, I feel your soul staring right back at me.” When the song’s subject speaks, the narrator says every word is a “sweet melody.”

The storyteller says that the other person is the one he needs and points out that no one “can tell me this ain’t right (I’ll believe this ‘til I die.)” He goes on to say that he knows the song’s subject dreams of the same thing too. Our storyteller talks about how the other person catches him in her eyes and gives his life new meaning.

He elaborates and says that every move the other person makes only makes his feelings grow, but in the circumstances “my moves ain’t so easy, normal moves just don’t apply.” Our narrator finds himself feeling hesitant and thinking about each word because “I can’t imagine life if all these feelings went away.”

Our storyteller says he’s run out of words so he asks the other person to take his hand and “love will show the way.” When they finally seek the love that’s building “our hearts will finally beat as one.”

“Late At Night”

Warm, smooth keyboard and slightly distorted, full synth chords grow into the luscious background as “Late At Night” begins. Kosmic Kiss’s slightly smoky, heartfelt vocals come in along with a guiding drumbeat and dense bass whorls. A silken ease pervades the music, along with a tinge of aching need.

Airy and open, the track’s gliding flow is cut into by a jazzy, free-wheeling guitar that adds another layer of passion and expression. Kosmic Kiss’s voice exudes power and creamy smoothness as the caressing, flowing synth chords flare with a diffuse glow. The entire song is suffused with yearning and desire. The music winds down on soft vocals and glowing synth chords echoing into empty space.

Our narrator talks about how he gets “so high late at night” and it can’t be helped if he’s up past midnight. He asks the person to whom the song speaks to “lay back and feel it tonight.” He adds that he can tell the song’s subject is interested in him but is scared to show it. He adds “sometimes I wonder why that’s so.” The narrator goes on to say that he’ll “be in bed by sunrise” by the other person’s side and he doesn’t want it any other way.

The storyteller says he’ll make the song’s subject feel “brand new” and asks that person to think about everything they’ll share. He tells the other person that “I need you by my side, the night time is when we ride.” He asks the song’s subject to look around and realize that they are “flying off the ground.” He adds “I can tell you can feel it too, said I just wanna share this with you.”

"Under Your Command”

“Under Your Command” kicks off as broad, softly glowing synths rebound over a steady bass oscillation before the guitar soars out carrying a hurting melody. Kosmic Kiss’s voice is thick with aching loss as it carries the delicate vocal melody.

Guitar leaps out over colossal retro drums that throb weightily and the vocals brim over with lost love. The pulsating beat propels the music as flickering synths intertwine. Kosmic Kiss’s vocals are full of strong expression. A steady kick drum throbs as the vulnerable vocals move over reverently flowing synth. The mingled tinge of hope and a love fading away fill the lyrics as the song fades out.

The storyteller talks about how the relationship he’s in has dragged on and “I know I’ve done wrong and I’m the only one to blame.” He goes on to say that his guilt is “sinking in” and he has skin that’s too thin. Our storyteller adds that he hasn’t told the other person that “I’m torn between all the time we spent and every word that we never meant.” He says that nobody can understand that he’s “falling deeper under your command.”

Our narrator points out that his heart “bleeds every day” with everything the song’s subject says and the relationship’s sinking quickly. He says that he can’t stand the lying so he just hides because “I know this just won’t last.” He elaborates by adding that “as I close my eyes, begin to scream” he wants to know if somebody will arrive to free him. He points out that he keeps breaking promises he can’t keep and “it’s killin’ me.”

Our storyteller says that he’s trying to fight but he’s unable to stay because “I just can’t take it when you look at me that way.” He says that the other person is “beggin’ me for one more ride” but at this point “the sun is setting on our lonely nights.” He can’t decide whether it feels nightmarish, more like a fantasy or something in the middle.

“I Can’t Sleep”

Rapidly undulating bass moves underneath nasal-sounding, wobbling synths to open “I Can’t Sleep.” The wobbling sound creates an unsettled sensation as a steady drum pulsates. Smoother, rounder synth carries a softly caressing melody and the light drums and dense bass form a gliding beat.

Now medium-low, slightly twangy guitar carries a melody combining soft feelings with mournful elements. Elevated synth tumbles like a falling feather through the music. The drums and bass underpin this segment with a guiding beat and rapid bass oscillates as raised synth bends. Soothing synth with a string-like sound floats out with a melodic light.

The guitar adds pained notes and the drums and bass keep on flowing. Huge bass blocks tremble and a steady brushing sound moves. There’s a return to the tender, tenuous melody as the steady percussive throb shapes the music.

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