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Synth EP Review: "MixDown EP2" by GrandBlaster

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GrandBlaster, "MixDown EP2"

GrandBlaster, "MixDown EP2"

GrandBlaster’s MixDown EP2 explodes with surging energy as intricately intwined synths dance over throbbing drums and pulsating bass. This is layered, ear-grabbing synth music that hits like a caffeine jolt.

“Nowhere To Hide”

“Nowhere To Hide” begins as throbbing, gruff bass pulses steadily and a high sound writhes into slightly static-y space. Solid drums propel the track onwards with conviction. The medium-high, mellifluous synth carries a dynamic, darkly propulsive melody. The bass, angular and edgy, shifts far below repeating a tumbling, shadowy pattern.

The drums keep the music moving as the serpentine lead synth melody and cascading higher notes are broken by descending lower note patterns. The drums are unrelenting before the track moves into foreboding darkness.

A rapidly intertwining synth line spins out of that darkness over the continual drum propulsion. The “A” section returns with its vaguely ominous melody and unstoppable percussive tide. A tensely twirling note pattern shifts in the background before the track fades out.


Hissing static is cut into by distantly drifting, round-sounding synth carrying a delicate melodic pattern to start “Primed.” Keyboard notes form a textural, angular pattern that contrasts with the more resonant sounds as drums tick rapidly into the music.

Solid, hard-hitting drums propel the track as the rich synth carries the tragedy-tinged main melody. Now a deep, low synth carries a dynamic melody and chimes sparkles in a repeating, shining pattern. The main melody sweeps forward as chimes flicker in the distance and the percussion moves.

Dark, deep synth contrasts with higher, shimmering sounds over the throbbing drums and bass. Quick, medium-high synth slices in broken lines along with the angular keyboard notes. and There’s a return to the original musical segment before reverberant, medium-low synth flows smoothly again.

“Taking Our Chances With Raw Energy”

“Taking Our Chances With Raw Energy” commences as elevated, trumpeting synth explodes into the music to carry a surging melody that brims with life. A hollow, throbbing kick drum adds a steady heartbeat before the full drum complement hits. The energizing melody launches the track into a speeding, headlong charge.

The drums skitter and the wide-sounding, brassy lead synth carries the racing melody along. Now the drums become less prominent, the melody carried on a gritty, cutting synth as it drops low to create more dangerous feelings. The initial melody returns to fly over the stuttering drums.

A secondary melody jumps in on a medium-high, sharp edged synth, full of excitement. The track drifts into an evenly throbbing pattern on a medium-low synth as the intricate higher synth flicks through and the bass intertwines with it. The kick drum thuds again and the main melodic pattern appears, imbuing the music with a rushing feeling before the track closes out.


Lush, metallic bell-like sounds fill the sonic space in a roaming note pattern to kick off “Spector.” The metallic notes are joined by a buzzing, medium-high synth carrying a melody expressing forward motion and progress. The bell-like resonance is guided by jumping drums as the sharp-edged lead synth vibrates in angular motion.

The interplay between the dense bells and the higher sound is intricate while the drums push the music on. Now a medium-low, rough-sounding synth adds a textured layer while a smooth, gliding synth above it carries a sliding line.

Underneath the other sonic elements, the drums and bass provide a shaping pulse. A segment with thick bass undulating along with the scudding drums comes in as a higher, bell-like synth carries a quick uplifting segment.

Broad, medium-low synth dances in a dynamic pattern cut by bouncing, ringing sound as the smoother, medium-high synth provides accenting notes. The richly layered “A" section moves in again, all of the elements intertwining to create an interwoven whole before the track ends.


“TopDown” comes into being as an unctuous synth repeats a glowing note pattern full of wistfulness and warmth over bass that is equally full and wide along with a slowly throbbing beat. After a drum fill, the beat gains speed to tap along while thickly woven higher synth glides.

A bell-like synth carries a yearning melody that spins out easily over the pulsating drums. Flares of medium-high, broad synth add support as the dynamic, melodic note pattern evokes nostalgia. Medium-high, slightly gritty synth carries another roaming, dancing melodic pattern before creamy synth spins out.

After a drum flourish, synth chords gently tremble before low, arpeggiating bells ring out with a reverberating quality. Medium-high, textured synth carries the lower part of the frolicking melody while the higher, smoother synth keeps up a repeating, slightly dreamy pattern.

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