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Synth EP Review: "In Slow Motion" by Solar Phasing

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Album Art by Delyth Angharad

Album Art by Delyth Angharad

Solar Phasing’s In Slow Motion is a synth-based cosmic journey that is full of ambient peace, guided by throbbing bass and percussion as it carries listeners out through the stars to distant, beautiful places.

“Through The Mirror”

“Through The Mirror” starts out as astral, floating synth slowly drifts in while brighter, string-like sounds gently slip out into the music’s breathy flow. A deeper bass well grows below the more ethereal elements and the whole track has a tentative, misty feeling to it.

Slow string notes move into the airy motion around them, moving through the more delicate elements in the music. The track trembles along, trailing filmy tendrils, softly touching the listener’s ears.

A deliberate, unfolding pulse of light synth drifts back and forth through the slipping and floating background. A steady bright tone sounds while far below the rich bass has a silky flow as the music fades to quiet.

The power and intensity of the bass pulse continues as a steady line of elevated sound subtly moves over the rapidly spinning bass, tumbling over and over. Twinkling, metallic synth echoes and fades above the whirling weight below it. The bells are full of tension, calling out above the endless cosmic whirling before the track comes to an end.

A full, swelling synth bends and twists softly to open “Sequential Approach” slowly gliding out in a soothing, drifting line. The single line varies slightly as a steady, string-like synth moves sweeping circles, adding richness to the music as it glides.

There’s a tenuous, caressing feeling in the synth as it rises and flows. Chiming notes expand outwards in a reverent, celestial motion that trembles as it slips through the music. Round, caressing notes with a mournful feeling slowly trickle in gently drifting notes.

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A sharper-edged sound grows in power, along with a bass upwelling. The bass adds shape and depth to the delicate music as it swirls and floats along. The track is touched with aching emotion as the warm synths mingle and intertwine, the bass underneath adding support.

"On A Long Distance”

A deeply pulsing bass and a higher, volleying sound form a steady pattern guiding "On A Long Distance.” A gauzy flow of almost vocal sound moves over top of the hypnotic bass as a sweeping, nasal synth carries a melody full of lonely emotion. The main melody takes a slow voyage through the heartbeat pulse of the bass and bouncing, elevated synth notes. The bass becomes more assertive as it rumbles underneath.

The nasal, rough-edged synth carries the desolate melodic pattern out over the shaping bass line as steady, bright synth continues to pulse. An expanding, rising synth bubbles up and fades while round synth pulses slip out over the steady weight below them. The bass pulse grows more insistent as the solitary-feeling melody unfolds above majestic, glowing synth and drums make an appearance to further guide the music.

Distantly ringing synth vibrates out and the drum and bass pulse propels the music, growing even more powerful as the trumpeting synth rises. Under it all, the bass pulse goes ever on. The main melody flows out with more melancholy while the rhythmic parts keep shifting underneath before fading out.

“The Story Of A Cold Star (In Slow Motion)”

"The Story Of A Cold Star (In Slow Motion)" commences as a steady bass pulsation joins an elevated, hollow synth that moves in vibrating lines over that endless pulse. High notes move in a distant, wandering pattern that matches the steady bass.

A tight, raised synth carries a tensely repeating pattern while more delicate, cosmic notes flow along with a vocal sound that adds a breathy element. All of the other musical parts tremble and pulsate in time to the steady bass, as the high synth’s pulse adding a secondary shaping element.

Ephemeral synth notes drift along, feeling empty and lost. A high, steady sound adds a distant gleam as the rhythmic pulses continue and the bass keeps throbbing out smoothly. The track has a heartbeat as it unfolds, all of the musical elements moving together.

A raised synth with its hollow voice floats out above the tightly wound pulsation and the rich bass flow further below. The whole track has an endless feeling to it as it drifts out, giving the sensation that it is continuing even when we cannot hear it any longer.

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