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Synth EP Review: "Gemesis" by Gemwave

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Gemwave’s Gemesis EP is the tale of a strange new life form taking shape in a lab. The elements of mystery, awe and even danger are reflected in the sonic palette of this EP with its dark, strange and technological sounds. Gemwave creates a varied, full and textured synth tapestry that takes listeners on a unique sound journey.

"In the Lab"

“In the Lab” comes into being with dark shadows of synth rising under a tremulous,
floating minor key lead that sweeps through the music, calling out with high sounds that move and shift like shadows under that delicate flow. A high, nervous arpeggio is carried by a string-like synth as it trickles into the music while harsh pulses of grating sound move through the music.

A shivering higher sound is joined by quick, bright, technological-sounding arpeggios as glows and bursts of synth sound touch the music. The metallic-sounding arpeggio circles, full of light, as airy flows of sound move underneath it along with synth distortions and flares. There’s a delicacy overlaying the more sharp-edged elements of the track. The twisting shadow of synth expands and contracts as bright notes flow up and around it. A higher synth sings and shines through the music with ease.

"Stem Cells"

Steady, slightly distorting bass pulses move along with percussive pops of sound to start off “Stem Cells” as an airy rush of sound swells through the track and dark synth pulses are joined by high, cascading sounds. A tight line of high metallic synth calls out over the uneven sounds underneath while bright flashes of light dance around it all. There is an insistent surge in this track as fracturing, breaking synth sounds keep moving over the pulses underneath.

The combination of harshness and ethereal sound is quite interesting as all of the elements surge. The music breaks into a drifting flow with a steady oscillation of synth moving into it. The track flows into open space with a stuttering, varying line of synth and airy sounds washing around it. There’s a fade into gentleness under the high synth line’s movement.

“The Lab at Night”

“The Lab at Night” opens on synths that are reminiscent of a pipe organ as a tense, shifting pattern of ominous high notes moves with the shadows underneath it. Tension and flickering nervousness dominate this track as a higher synth drifts through with a crystalline sound. The crystal synth moves across the heavy darkness behind it and high chimes also glisten through the music each element pulsates together. There’s a strange pattern of sound as the nervous, cut glass synth passes through the other sonic elements of the track. Something ominous and strange is going on here.


The deep, steady pulse of hollow synth and softer skittering sounds grow into the music as “Failure” comes to life, adding a crawling sensation as the hollow synth pulse relentlessly moves through the music. There are bursting sounds with a techy edge that move with those steady pulses and a high, slightly tense lead synth flies out in quick, descending pulses. An intense motion of fading, circling sound moves through the music and rough washes of synth burst through and over as the steady hollow pulse drives on.

Higher sounds flow and flash around as an expanding, moving pulse of synth cries out through the shuddering sonic landscape. There are laser-like bursts of sound surrounding a single, oscillating synth line that keeps floating out and through the music. There’s a flowing, airy segment with a high lead calling out over slow, shifting pulses below it. The whole atmosphere floats a little more and an intensely high synth cries out through it.


"Sentient” starts off with a reverent flow of warm, almost organ-like sound that crystallizes into the music as it gently shifts and shimmers. That clean sound moves into open space as another gentle synth element that feels a little tense moves in, twisting and pulsing, quite full of a feeling of trembling movement. There are extending washes of synth notes over a deep well of sound. The higher notes swell into the open space of the track, every element blending and growing in intensity.

As the track opens and swells, there are cutting sounds that also move into the rich soundscape. A buzzing line of sound shivers in as higher, more nervous sounds also flutter around it. This soundscape is full of flashes and other drifting sonic elements. The organ-like synth touches the track along with many unique and fascinating sounds that grab one’s ears. There is a sense of change, growth and something mysterious and unfathomable about this track