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Synth EP Review: "Future Was Better In The Past" by 7DD9

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7DD9's new EP is available on Bandcamp

7DD9's new EP is available on Bandcamp

7DD9’s Future Was Better In The Past combines a wide array of Commodore computer sounds with dynamic energy, intriguing sonic textures and well-crafted melodies. The end result is an EP with an ear-catching sound and a unique sensibility.


“Nostalgia” starts as sharp-edged synth swirls into the track over steadily throbbing, smoothly oscillating bass. Slightly rough sounds swell behind the sharper swirling synth as broad, bright synth chords flash h the music, adding a full glow.

String-like, medium-high synth gleams into the music and dancing in a gentle, slightly sad feeling melodic pattern as the bursting synth chords flower behind it and the drums and bass keep up a guiding throb The jangling lead synth melody mingles loss, dreaming feelings and fond emotion.

A nasal, round-sounding synth now carries a delicate melody lightly over the drums and bass before the main melody returns. The flickering, medium-high synth creates a densely woven feeling and the gently melancholy emotion keeps radiating over the leaping synth chords and pulsing drumbeat.


Digital sounds tremble through along with swelling bass to open “Dreams.” The lead instrument's digital sound carries a bouncing melodic pattern over slightly uneven drums and a background bass drone. The Commodore sounds are quite rich here as a nasal-sounding, medium-high synth instrument carries a caressing, wavering melody out over the drum’s uneven beats as deep bass flows.

The elevated lead instrument carries a varied and emotive melody, conveying warmth and yearning as the drums throb and the bass keeps shifting in oscillating lines. The robotic feeling in the lead instrument doesn’t detract from the tender emotion in the music. We return to the “A” section melody along with the thin, but resonant drum sound as higher, floating sounds drift along over the gruff bass flow below it that adds shadows.


“Childhood” commences as rippling computerized sounds trickle over breaking percussive throbs that have a gruff edge. Threatening sounds grow into dense, triumphant chords while the drums throb and rattle. This is a track with a majestic feeling as the arpeggiating, medium-high computer sounds feel textural over the breaking percussion and strong, climbing bass.

A digital instrument with a trumpeting voice carries a twilit melody, but one that rises in a hopeful line. There’s memory, loss and a certain pain to the melodic content while the powerfully flowing chords add depth. The bass layer and the drums pulsate in uneven bursts while whirring computer noises flutter through and all the elements fade away.


Heaving bass roughly vibrates along with full blocks of glowing, angular sound carrying a darkly triumphant melody as “Gameplay” begins. The main melody is taken up by an elevated, shining instrument with a nasal quality.

It’s a melody full of victorious and uplifting emotions as it flies above the bass density and the drumbeat’s pulse. A series of tense, elevated notes bursts over digital distortion before there’s a return to the positive, embracing lead synth melody as it cries out in medium-high, warm notes.

Tight, quickly cutting notes now repeat the melody in fragments before the heavy drum and bass throb supports the flying main melody again. Feelings of hope and happiness fill the main melody, pushing the music in an encouraging direction. Underneath it all, the drums and bass keep on pulsating before ending with the main melody and vibrating bass.


“Reality” kicks off with jagged edged and rapid drums along with an undulating, pounding bassline. Volleying, rounded sounds break in and a billowing synth plays a jumping, dancing melody that is full of dynamism. Lush chords swirl and a raised, tightly wound sound tumbles and spins through the music, flashing as reverberating computerized notes accent it and airy sounds sweep around it.

Urgent drums and bass keep adding shape and motion while the trilling, shimmering synths bounce off one another in energetic bursts. The track explodes with speed and a sense of restless life over the non-stop drum and bass sounds that push onwards with propulsion and power. There’s an intense quality of speed and the higher sonic elements are nearly hyperactive before the track ends.

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