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Synth EP Review: "Costa" by Sonic Gap

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Sonic Gap’s Costa is full of soothing emotions and a jazzy sensibility. It balances energetic moments with laid back vibes for poolside lounging. The tracks encourage listeners to chill out and take a deep breath.

“Beach Walk”

“Beach Walk” starts off with the sound of the sea, gulls calling and footsteps on the beach. Flaring, warming synth pulses accompany a higher, roaming synth pattern into the track. Now tightly wound, elevated synth with a nasal quality carries a melody mingling glowing light and jazzy wandering.

Sparkling xylophone notes trickle delicately over the throbbing drums and solid bass. Sharper, raised notes glitter and unfold in glistening lines that exude sunlight as the bursting synths flash and fade again into quiet.

“Palm Tree Avenue”

Full, gleaming synths sweep in caressing notes while synth chords with a floating quality flare out with lambent ease to open “Palm Tree Avenue (with OSC).” The dense retro drums form a strong pulse as the lead synth melody comes in.

The melody is carried on a flickering synth as it expresses relaxed joy, roving through the track. Light shimmers around the main melody as the bass underpins it with lush sound. Drums and bass form a driving pulse while the elevated, gleaming lead synth frolics dreamily. The drum and bass have a disco tinge underneath the interwoven lines of shimmering sound that dance above it.

Percussion ticks with a metallic sound as the throbbing drumbeat propels the music onward. The resonant lead synth melody sings out with a soothing feeling. Flowing bass and drums add form as the jazz-inflected melody sails along.

“Poolside Affair”

“Poolside Affair” commences as misty, slipping synths are joined by a smoothly throbbing beat. Shimmering light flickers through the music and string-like, medium-high synth carries a melody that softly touches with languid fingers.

Whorls of luscious sound shift behind the other sonic elements to add depth. The drumbeat slides along and dense, low synth pulses move through the music. The string-like synth melody has a relaxing feeling to it along with a light touch. Underneath the other parts of the music, the beats guide the music before it fades away.

“Tropical Hotel”

Solid bass moves in quick bursts along with reverberating, bouncing synth to kick off “Tropical Hotel.” A tightly-wound synth carries a melody that mingles energy with more laid back qualities over the throbbing drums and bursting synths.

Medium-high, nasal sounding synth carries a coolly calming melody as the shifting drum and bass pulses add form to the music. Glittering sound sparkles as it dances through the track above the twirling, nasal-sounding synth.

The track breaks into flickering, jumping bass pulses doubled with metallic synth. Now choral voices chant out while the wriggling, string-like synth line wanders, followed by brighter synth and a rush of lightly chiming notes.

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