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Synth EP Review: "C O A S T L I N E" by INTRNLCMD

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INTRNLCMD’s C O A S T L I N E contrasts shadow and light as it unfolds in sonic layers underpinned by intense bass and powerful percussion. The way in which the synths combine creates swirling patterns and unique sonic profiles.

“C O A S T L I N E”

“C O A S T L I N E” commences as darkly throbbing bass and agitated, tense arpeggios slowly spin. Angular bass slices in razor-sharp lines over the hard-hitting drums. Elevated, tense arpeggios create a sense of incipient danger as the bass growls and the drums pound powerfully.

Now a tinge of warmth touches the nervous arpeggios over the surging depths underneath. Fierce synth forms an aggressive pulse over the drumbeat’s strength and bass throb. Whirling arpeggios ramp up the feeling of threat before falling off into a subdued flow as the hard-edged bass also grows muffled and then fades.

“Blue Falcon #111”

Round-sounding, nasal synth bounces in a jazzy line over the pulsing drums and gruff, dense bass that propel “Blue Falcon #111.” The repeating synth has an energizing quality while creaking bass and pulsating drums keep the track’s forward motion going. Ghostly, elevated notes trickle in an ethereal line in the distance. The low end’s rhythmic motion meshes with full, nasal synth as it unwinds into the music before falling into silence.

“Polyphonic Thor”

“Polyphonic Thor” starts off as quickly pulsating drums and bass grow in intensity and medium-high synth ripples above them. The medium-high synth is accented by sparkling chimes. The drums and bass drive on as slowly slipping synth surges. Repeating synth trickles are supported by dense, warm synth shifting in slow patterns before the track comes to an end.


An unrelenting, rapidly pulsing bassline moves below liquid, broad synth spinning out an arpeggiating pattern to open “Playa” over the strong drumbeat’s guiding force. Elevated, delicate synth with an open voice carries a melody mingling hurting emotion and wistful dreaming.

Below it, urgent bass surges with jagged edges and dense, metallic synth twirls out a slow arpeggio. The lead melody’s delicate ache drifts through in contrast to the muscled shudder below it as the drums guide the track to an end.


“likebefore” begins as medium-low, glowing synth moves in a dynamic pattern over the massive, pounding drums. A rough-edged bassline throbs below medium-high, lush synths floating in the distance. The huge drums throb and the gritty bass keeps surging on. There’s a hypnotic quality to the glowing, rich synth pattern while piano-like notes drift by in a melodic line full of relaxed, but hurting emotion.

Hollow, wandering synth bounces over void-deep bass that lends serious weight to the proceedings as “Seasons” kicks off. The drums come in to imbue the music with forward motion and elastic energy.

A synth pattern with a wandering, lost quality drifts as quick bursts of open-voiced synth add even more floating feelings as they flicker out before the track melts into hazy quiet.

“Rainbow Road”

“Rainbow Road” comes to life with finger snaps and a gigantic bass undulation. The bass growls and flows and a quick breakbeat establishes itself. Far-off, fragile synth repeats a softly touching pattern and gleaming synth chords burst out with a slightly rough-edged feeling.

The breakbeat fades and higher, more delicate synth floats before the beat comes in again along with a deep bass well. Hollow, medium-high synth trails mistily in the distance as round-sounding, harshly shining synth accents it. The drums drop out as synth chords burst and silence falls.

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