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Synth EP Review: "Better Late Than Never" by Lazer Squad

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Synth EP Review: "Better Late Than Never" by Lazer Squad

Synth EP Review: "Better Late Than Never" by Lazer Squad

My Initial Impressions of Better Late Than Never by Lazer Squad

Lazer Squad’s B.L.T.N. EP is synth music that combines a wide range of stylistic influences from funk to synthwave with a disco detour along the way. There’s a lot of energy and fun about this EP, so I found it pretty enjoyable to delve into the music and let it make me move and smile.

I like the way that Lazer Squad has used vocal samples in his music on B.L.T.N. HIs choices are well performed and add to the vibrancy and brightness of the music. He weaves them in and out, sometimes letting them move into the front and other times letting them almost become another pure musical element.

The percussion and the beats on B.L.T.N. are strong and take the listener on a funky, groovy journey that has disco elements to it along with a general feeling of smoothness. I was also enamoured by the flow of the beats on “Ich Herze Dich” which were a nice complement to the more laid-back nature of that track.

Lazer Squad has chosen synths that complement the energy of the EP. There is a lot of shimmering glow about them and they shine with the same bright energy that infuses a great deal of the music on this release. The way they uplift is nicely done and on ”Ich Herze Dich," they are also gently caressing which suits the flowing, gentle nature of that track well.

My Track-by-Track Analysis

“B.L.T.N” has great energy from the vocal sample and a strong disco beat that starts to build into the track and then hits hard with a shiny harpsichord-like synth cutting into the track with a bright feeling. That synth keeps dancing around in the track, as the beat throbs and the vocal sample calls out and adds a nice funky feeling to the music. I like the relaxing breakdown before the energy rises again into the track.

Another well-chosen, expressive vocal sample opens “Walter White” along with a surge of slightly rough, but shiny synth and a throbbing, pulsing beat. It is an addictive rhythm along with the slightly yearning quality of the vocals. I also like the melancholy of the slower part of the track as the synth floats and gentle arpeggios circle. I enjoy how the samples are kept a little ghostly as a distorted radio voice also moves underneath into the flowing spaces around the sounds.

“Ich Herze Dich (I <3 U)” has a warm, unique lead synth in it that lends a gentle quality over the deep steady kick of bass and a drum sound that matches it. The vocal sample feels a little ethereal as synths chime and shimmer underneath and that steady beat pulses on with ease. There is light and air here. I like how more energy is added by glowing synths that call out a gentle melody before a piano line delicately brushes the music and sparkles through and over the beat. This track is peaceful and caressing for me.


Lazer Squad has created a glowing, energetic and engaging EP with B.L.T.N. I was drawn in by the feeling of this music and uplifted, but also relaxed by it which is a pretty good feeling in my books.

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