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Synth EP Review: "Australia EP #1 – Adelaide" by gribbles

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gribbles, "Australia EP #1 – Adelaide" (2022)

gribbles, "Australia EP #1 – Adelaide" (2022)

gribbles’ Australia EP #1 – Adelaide is an evocative, atmospheric sonic portrait of the artist’s time spent in Adelaide. It combines field recordings with a richly interwoven synth palette to take listeners on a journey.


“Flutebird” comes to life as colossal, roughly rumbling bass is touched by wildly wandering, elevated sounds that twist through above the gritty weight below them. Fluting bird calls drift through, adding a mellifluous and settling feeling.

Full-sounding, medium-high synth twirls in a delicately repeating pattern as higher notes add lightly dancing accents. Active bass shapes the track’s low end and elevated sounds swirl together above the low end's solidity.

Unctuous, medium-high synth carries a softly touching, slightly mournful melody out over shifting bass density. The birdsong has an open quality above mistily floating synth before the track goes quiet.

“Light’s Vision (Adelaide After K)”

Medium-high, trembling synth repeats a gossamer pattern with a slightly distorted sound pulsing behind it to open “Light’s Vision (Adelaide After K).” Descending, sharp-edged bass buzzes far below hypnotic notes. Organ-like sounds drop through the music above the shadowy bass.

Different sonic elements interweave as the steady drum heartbeat shapes the music. High synth circles again and again before distant, organ-like synth creates another mesmerizing pattern that feels melancholy and lost. Quick, percussive sounds accent the music and angular bass shifts.

Melodic patterns intertwine and unfold over and over while trembling synth notes descend above the evenly throbbing drumbeat. Hollow, woodwind-like synth carries an aching, wistful melodic pattern that mingles with the others in a tapestry. Tremulous organ notes tumble above ever repeating sonic patterns that form the basis of this track. Buzzing bass keeps flowing, adding shadows to the track before it ends.

“Mind The Cat”

“Mind The Cat” opens as deeply vibrating bass rumbles beneath a sweeping, floating drone that is touched by breathy noise. Digital-sounding notes glide into the music as the bass rumble moves. The bass becomes a steadily throbbing motion as a vocal sample comes in.

Clean, roaming notes with a clear brightness cut through the gigantic bass to form an arpeggiating pattern. Towering sounds swell to add more massive power to the track as the indistinct voices echo. Raised synth glimmers and wanders before computerized pipe instrument calls out in a victorious melody, leavened with hints of more complicated emotion.

Airy, pipe-like sounds break into oscillating, trembling note pattern that journeys through the track. The thick sonic well below adds support and full-sounding chords intensify the auditory depth. Unfolding, shimmering synths keep moving in constantly shifting lines.

String sounds and dense bass usher in more timbres, tones and textures. Slowly pulsing bass sound and background noises come in. A lambent, roving pattern of gleaming synth moves as hoping, dreaming pipe-like synth carries over the track’s constant bass motion.

“Jetty (-34.82390 138.48273)”

Nasal, full-sounding notes echo out deeply and with a dark-shrouded feeling to start “Jetty (-34.82390 138.48273).” Ethereal synth trails feather-light sounds through the music and out into the open air around it. The fluttering synth has a mournful feeling as darker, more distant notes drift along below it.

Synth sparks flutter high above and far away to add more fragile feeling. Resonant strings twist, increasing the melancholy while all of the sonic elements move within wide open space. Twinkling, metallic chimes flash in a repeating pattern while lush lower sound adds substance and the shadowy notes now become silent.

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