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Synth Album Review: "The Night Is Revolution" by Europaweite Aussichten

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"The Night Is Revolution"

"The Night Is Revolution"

Initial Impressions

Europaweite Aussichten’s album The Night Is Revolution is a rich, nuanced and complex intermingling of many sonic elements that intertwine to produce a synth album that has a great deal of depth and uniqueness to it. Each part contributes some texture or sensation that forms an integral part of the whole structure and adds to the ever-growing auditory tapestry that seems to spread as the album develops.

The first thing that struck me about The Night Is Revolution is how many unique, hard-to-define synth sounds Europaweite Aussichten uses on it. I had a tough time describing the sounds of some of the synths as they seem to have multiple, shifting characteristics. I have no issue with that because it simply means that I let the sounds wash over me and intrigue my ears rather than trying to figure out what exactly I’m hearing.

Many of the rhythms on this album have a relentless quality to them. I enjoy the feeling of seemingly endless, throbbing drumbeats that keep pulsing through the music and adding shape and form to the layered sounds that build one from the other on the album. Without them, it might have a tendency to drift and lack structure.

There is also powerful bass on The Night Is Revolution that, again, helps add an element of structure to the rich layering of sound on the album. Sometimes it is downright thick and heavy as it moves under the other elements, but I find that very fact to be enjoyable. I like that rumble as it moves like some cosmic force in the darkness.

There’s a complexity and layering to every part of this album that gives it a sense of fullness. There are many multiple, mingling and contrasting sonic elements that all seem to come together to produce a tightly-woven construct of sound which I find compelling and enjoyable to listen to.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Infinite Neon”

“Infinite Neon” is a good example of how the music on this album works. It is full of complexity and richness as each individual element intermingles. The steady pulse of the drums, the rising waves of synth full of light and glow and the deep washes of bass that flow solidly under the other musical elements all become part of the sonic canvas. There are many types of ear-catching synth sound used on the track.

Some of the synths are high and tightly wound while others have a chiming quality and yet others have the sound of some kind of pipe. I find the open, almost hollow feeling sound of the track intriguing, The layered, nuanced feel is something I enjoy on this album.

“Black Arcade”

There’s a darkness and harsh edge to some of the elements of “Black Arcade” that gave the track a feel that I can get into. I’m drawn in by the way that rough synth slides briefly through as a heavy, very deep throb of bass is joined by a steady drum that also has a weighty pulse to it. There’s a powerful feeling to the thick, clotted grunts of bass that continue to throb hard into the music.

Another contrasting sound comes in as a moving, flickering lead synth line cuts through the weight and depth under it. The layering effect works well here as, on top of everything else, arpeggios move rapid circles and extending notes that have a round quality to them also flow through. Once again, musical elements combine without overwhelming one another.


“Disappearances” marks itself out for me in the floating, warm and resonant synth sounds that move through it. I also find the moving bass and the strong pulsation of drums pull me in. Another unique synth sound with a thin, metallic quality to it along with the spaced out Theremin sound of playing ghostly notes gives this track an ethereal quality.

I also enjoy the beat’s relentless quality as well as the way it’s briefly interrupted by a delicate, slightly fuzzy and gentle series of notes that move into open space before the throbbing beat is re-established. Once again, there is a great deal of richness and depth to the music.


The energized driving beat of “Klangwelt” took hold of me and wouldn’t let go. There is more energy in the tightly stacked, oscillating and distorting synth notes as they sparkle over top of the deep bass and drum pulse that drives the track, I find the sparkling glow of the synths enjoyable here. This is much more of a dance floor friendly track which I like.

There is more of the relentless quality that marks out the beats on this album. I also enjoy the ease and lightness of the chiming synth sound that comes into the track over that steadily oscillating bass. As the track moves on, it accelerates again while starry and sparkling high synth lines move and shifting, holding the listener’s interest.

“Too Soon to Be Now”

“Too Soon to Be Now” is given definition by deep, gruff troughs of bass and the repeating, shifting minor key synth line that wriggles above it. I like the addition of the electric guitar playing long washes of sound over that gruff pulsation. Everything locks into one sonic painting as a slower drumbeat moves under a shifting palette of sound and ghostly synths drift in the background. Layering is the name of the game here.

“The Bassline Is My Heartbeat”

Some more dancing energy leaps into the album on “The Bassline Is My Heartbeat.” This is another track that made me shake my butt in the chair as I listened to it. I enjoy the way that a high synth pattern circles as the drums and bass throb out the beat. Now a full swelling of sound rises up. I like how it adds a sense of tension to the music. Now rough pulses of bass, thick and knotted, join the other elements on top.

I find the way that the throb of the heavy bass becomes more irregular before the beat launches hard again interesting. The shifting series of synth chords that climbs and descends over the thick bass injects more energy still into the track. I like the way that this track ends on swirling synth notes and that throbbing bass.

“Revolution Particle”

“Revolution Particle” is a unique exercise in contrasts as Stygian wobbles of deep bass and echoing drums move underneath full synth sounds that drift over the top, adding layer on layer of rich sound to the track. There are many elements building in a compelling way on this track. There are broken-sounding chords, waves of bass that wash on and on and bright, distorting guitar that cries out into the thickness of the sounds around it. There’s real power and a sort of majestic sailing feel to the synth that moves through the other elements around it.

Final Thoughts (What's the Verdict?)

As we move into a new era of synth-based music, albums like The Night Is Revolution show how the diverse sounds that are produced by synthesizers can be combined to create unique, interesting and engaging soundscapes that drawn listeners in. I hope to hear what else Europaweite Aussichten can do with synths in the future because I sure did enjoy this album.

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