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Synth Album Review: "The Europhonic Sound System" by Europaweite Aussichten

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Initial Impressions

Europaweite Aussichten’s The Europhonic Music System is an ethereal, glitchy sonic exploration with a fascinating minimalism to it. It creates a diaphanous and sometimes unsettling atmosphere that utilizes unique synthesized textures and timbres. I enjoy Europaweite Aussichten’s willingness to take a novel approach to modern synth music.

The minimalism of The Europhonic Music System is one of the features that drew me in. There’s a relative simplicity to the music, but that doesn’t translate into a lack of sophistication. In fact, Europaweite Aussichten has shown his compositional skill in creating an engaging musical experience out of the minimal sonic palette he employs.

I also enjoy the unsettling undercurrents of this album. There’s a pervasive sense of some hidden threat that seems to flow out of the more harsh, shadowed elements of the music. It isn’t overt, but I always have the vague impression of danger waiting, hidden out in the distance. It’s a sensation that I feel adds to the overall depth of the album.

The delicate nature of many sonic elements on The Europhonic Music System is another aspect of the album to which I am drawn. There’s something trembling and fragile about the music that I find touching. It has a tentative feeling and is full of the sense of a feathery touch from something soft and hurting.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“The Europhonic Music System: User’s Manual” starts with a crackling, static filled droning and a swelling breath of warm, trembling sound flowing in. The drone and the deep bass burst below an entertaining voice over giving the instructions for running the Europhonic Music System.

Delicate synth clouds sweep through as the well-delivered voice over’s message drifts in calmly. I enjoy how the stage is being set for the rest of the album with this track. It gives the listener an indication of Europaweite Aussichten’s quirky approach to the music that will unfold.

A flowing, digital-feeling synth is joined by a stutter-stepping drum beat and round. glitchy sounds that pop up into “PRESS PLAY and Start With The Magic” as it begins. A high, computerized sounding synth vibrates out over the jumping, uneven beat. Buzzing static crackles.and a distorted, lost-sounding piano plays a repeating pattern of notes. I am drawn to the desolate feeling of this track as it unfolds.

Sparkling synth arcs upwards, matching that skipping beat as it trips along before the track breaks back into a stuttering beat. A vocal distortion whispers in while the track bends a little and wavering, round sounds move as a hollow pipe ghosts in. The background sounds gurgle and grumble over the quick, light drums while unsettling whispers hiss in the background.

“Hexagons” comes into life with a dark upwelling of gruff sound that moves below the slowly reverberating drumbeat as a repeating, elevated synth drifts and winds out through the track. I enjoy the wriggling, echoing sounds whose fragility contrasts with the yawning depths underneath it.

Ethereal synth sound flows out in an extended sweep, drifting over distant drums. It twists and glitches while the deep sound continues to flow below it. Hissing like a cassette tape, the elevated sounds are feathery and diaphanous as they keep gliding into space over the great depths below them and out into silence.

A distant, repetitive pulse of elevated synth flows out into vast, open space as a steady static hiss permeates the music to open “Sudden Metamorphosis Of The Visual Perception.” A hard-hitting, throbbing drumbeat pulsates in, building a hypnotic rhythm while a quick, deep synth oscillation moves in.

I am compelled by the uncertainty generated by a tremulous, medium-low synth carrying a quickly shivering sonic pattern. The steady hiss of static goes on while the nerve-racking sonic pulse moves. Elevated, sharply shiny synths ring out over the driving, tense sounds around them, piercing them in flashes of light before the drums stop.

“All The Everlasting Ghosts” starts off with trickling, shimmering synth flowing over a breathy wind and a harsh, distorted sound while the unique percussion trips in, moving in a broken pattern. A high, metallic sound moves in while the percussion pops underneath it and static trembles. A glitched out, open synth slithers in, popping and burbling between the beats, as it unfolds into the music.

I am drawn to the way the whole track is full of vibrating energy. A warmer synth now glides in caressing lines while the static crackles briefly. Jumping, popping percussion moves below the wandering, soothing tones. There’s an airy ease to this music as it gently enfolds the ears before fading away.

A smooth, easily flowing drum beat is joined by a repeating line of full, medium-high, open synth begins “Autumn Baby.” The atmosphere is quite airy as a tambourine adds another percussive texture and the mixture of floating, lost sounds is guided by the drums.

A repeating taut line of sound fades out while high synth rises and glides, the beat unrelenting as the other sounds echo out into open air, the drums providing continuity while the bright flashes of elevated sound keep flickering while the hang drum adds rich sound before silence and static end it.

“Justice For The Weeping Grounds" starts with a twisting, taut synth line over rapidly throbbing drums. A series of thick, reverberating, metallic synth pulses flow out in angular blocks while the beat drives on.

I enjoy the seething, shifting static as the minor key, trumpeting synths now fade to gentle, wandering synths. The beat throbs again and those wide, metallic synth blocks cry out while the beat keeps on pushing forward and we fade to elevated synths that glow and shift into silence.

A deep, droning line of pipe organ winds into the "The Haunting Of The Woodlands” as it begins. The organ has a dark, descending pattern with jazzy twist that I enjoy as it repeats over the static and depth of the background. The smooth beat drives on and shadowy notes descend, writhing and intertwining over the deep bass flow. The music grows gentler while the tabla percussion adds a new element.

The pipe organ winds into the ethereal atmosphere, as the other musical elements slide along easily. Everything is limned in darkness as the synths wriggle and distort in the background. The tabla throbs along with the other musical elements as the organ notes drift on, heavy and dark. The track floats into space as and the music returns to the hypnotically moving organ and steady beat.


The Europhonic Music System is a unique sonic journey into a synth-based auditory landscape that is sometimes dark and others fragile, but always interesting and engaging. I enjoy Europaweite Aussichten's continual interest in exploring different facets of modern synth music.