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Synth Album Review: "Synthia" by Omegagon

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Initial Impressions

Omegagon’s Synthia is a study in unexpected, contradictory emotions. The album’s theme is an attack on Earth by Satan and his fallen angels, but along with the anticipated darkness come feelings of warmth and uplift. The mixture of aggression and gentleness is unique, and Omegagon combines layers of synth, guitar and rhythmic drums and bass to elucidate this story in sound.

One aspect of Synthia that I find enjoyable is the strong melodic writing that Omegagon brings to the album. He crafts melodies that are memorable, catchy and able to convey a wide range of emotions. There is often a tinge of sadness or pain in moments of uplift that speak to the underlying darkness of the album and provide a contrast.

I also enjoy the soloistic moments on the album as well. Omegagon’s synth and guitar solos are energetic and intricate. They reflect the overall energy of the album while allowing him to show off his instrumental chops. He can shred intricately on guitar, and his synth solos spin, fly and dance to add more interest to the music.

There’s an intense variety of different synth tones and timbres on Synthia that keep the listener’s ears engaged. The sonic palette ranges from lambent glow to guttural, demonic growling. This creates moments of strong interaction between all of the textures, emotions and sonic sensations in the tracks.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

Here is a look at my favourite tracks.


“Afterlife” comes charging into action with fragmented scattershot drums and sharp-edged, gritty synth bass that pulses along with the energetic beat. Minute sparkles of high synth shimmer over the bursting edges of the bass. I enjoy the interactions between the sustained sweep of shadowy synth and the slicing edges of the gruff bass.

The extended notes flow out in a long passage over the void underneath them. Twisting, shadowed synths turn in an ethereal drift over the the speeding beat while round synth notes glow in short bursts. The active bass line moves under the heaving beat, answered with a repetitive pattern of notes that fades out into silence.


The steady, dark pulse of an oscillating bass line is joined by a round, distorted, medium-low synth to start off “Beloved.” Omegagon’s guitar charges into the music in a driving, cutting line of sound that growls over the slamming energy of the beat. I am drawn into the leaping, incandescent lead synth melody carried on a glittering synth as it bounces through the track.

A minor key guitar solo that is full of rising energy jumps into the track before the rocking guitar line repeats over the charging beat.The leaping lead synth melody moves in as the beat keeps on pounding with sweeping growls of sustained synth over top of it. A guitar solo comes in, gentler and more contemplative, over the gritty synths that support it. The guitar has a passionate energy in it. The track flows into a brighter, more uplifting synth solo that cries out though the sounds around it.

“Blade of Justice”

“Blade of Justice” kicks off with a danceable, driving beat under triumphant, shifting synth chords. The lead synth cries out, deeply infused with light as it carries a melody rich with sensations of forward progress and hope. I do enjoy the fact that there’s still an undertone of melancholy in the melody, heightening the more upbeat sensations it carries.

There’s a break into shimmering, minor key notes chiming over the subdivided beat before bursts of ascending sound add support to the uplifting synth solo that whirls out. There’s brief pause for glowing chimes before a new melodic section sings with triumph, calling out and reaching into the future, yearning for better.

“The Descent”

Ominous bass drops into the music through choral synths and the powerful feeling of a pipe organ to open “The Descent.” The biting voice of the electric guitar slices into the track as a rising, shadowy synth melody unfolds. It echoes out into space over the chugging edge of the electric guitar and the driving drums.

The lead synth melody has an enjoyably twisted, minor key feeling while the choral synths add drama and the guitar snarls through. The track flows into an ethereal sonic space that is quickly filled by rising organ notes. The drums throb in with their rocking drive and the medium-high glow of the lead synth melody vaults upwards above them.


“Gothika” begins with a static-edged, rhythmic pulse of slicing synth and rapidly speeding drums and bass. The track is propelled forward as a thick, medium-low, minor key synth melody cuts through it. The bass has a jagged quality that emphasizes the pounding drums. The beat tails off as the track enters a swirling space while the medium-low synth now descends in a slowly falling pattern.

Danger fills the dark drop of descending sounds that contrasts with the more uplifting lead synth. I also like how there’s a certain pained quality, even in the more hopeful sound of the lead melody. All the while the aggressive drums and harsh, gritty sounds shift underneath. An ethereal void below the wriggling lead cascades downwards through the thick weight of the drum drive and bass pulse.


A relentless beat grows from muffled quiet to a crescendo to start “Lightbringer.” The beat has a sharp-edged feeling to it as it swells while a it a hopeful, climbing melody dances in carried on a warm, medium-high synth. The beat breaks for a moment before rallying and there’s an engaging quality to the caressing lead melody that I find pleasing.

A howling maelstrom of sound touches the track and fades as the light drives it away. A sense of progress oozes from the melody as the beats and bass contribute to the feeling of an escape from darkness into the light.

“Neon Down”

“Neon Down” comes to life with a distorted, trembling synth melody that is full of lambent energy. It is tinged by aching emotion and suffused with warmth as as the chugging growl of the guitar keeps time with the steady beat. There’s a glittering synth solo that rises over the guitar’s energy. A guitar solo comes next, minor key but not negative, before the track breaks to a steady drum and bass pulse.

The guitar leaps in to energize the music while an airy rush of sound shifts behind it. I am enamoured by the melody, it is so full of bursting life and dreamy feeling. There’s also a powerful guitar solo that climbs and cries out with passionate energy before the track ends.


Synthia is an album that seethes with darkness while being bathed by effulgent light. It is rich in musical textures and emotional expression and contrasts the contradictions inherent in its themes effectively.