Synth Album Review: "Summerzeer" by Jetfire Prime

Updated on April 28, 2020
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Karl has been a freelance writer for over 10 years. He's passionate about music, art, and writing!

The one aspect of the synth scene that I truly enjoy is the variety and breadth of different sounds and styles that it encompasses. There are tracks full of doom and portent while others dance and fly along, bringing us positive vibes and warm energy.

With Summerzeer, Jetfire Prime has created an album full of great, energetic vibes and a really playful sensibility to it. It’s another great example of how music can exist that is there to drive out the darkness, to give us all a little boost of positive energy right when we need it the most.

The first element of Summerzeer that establishes the sense of play and energy are the main melodies of the songs. These are bouncing, bright and energetic melodies that dance through the tracks. When I can sing back a melody, it generally means that it works well for me. What’s interesting to add is that some of the melodies, while full of energy are also occasionally touched by a hint of wistfulness. Sometimes just a touch of melancholy adds a needed element to music.

The choice of synths that Jetfire Prime made on Summerzeer also contributes to the feeling of energy and light on the album. There are many chiming and crystalline sounding synths as well as some with trumpet-like qualities and the overall effect is one of clean, bright sound that emphasizes the qualities that the melodies bring to bear on the album.

The way in which the drums and the bass interlock adds to the groove and pulse of the tracks on the album. There are some fun beats that do unique things. For example, on “Ping Pong” the sense of a ball bouncing rapidly back and forth is created by the way the drums and bass emphasize the sense of “bouncing” that occurs on that track.

I think that the sharp, clear production of Summerzeer helps delineate the shape of the music. It allows the bright shine of the synths to really stand out and helps also emphasize a sense of open space and air that permeates the tracks. On top of it all, it lets the strong grooves established by the drums and bass to keep all of the music flowing along nicely.

Now I’ll give you all my views on the tracks that stood out most prominently for me on Summerzeer. I had a hard time sorting this out because I really enjoyed all of the tracks, but some just made a bigger impression.

I enjoyed the exuberant, bouncy and video-gamey melody of “Sundae Daydream.” There was a chiptune quality to it and it was full of positive energy and brightness. I was reminded of music for a fun, brightly coloured Japanese video game from the mid-90s. This is a song to drive away gloomy shadows and the positive quality of the main melody really lifted my spirits and had me singing along with it

“Ping Pong” was defined by the bouncy feeling of the beat and the synths on this track. All of the elements created “bouncing” imagery really well. The lead synth has a clarity and sharpness to it and Jetfire Prime has written another catchy melody for the track. All in all, I was dancing in my seat listening to this and letting that addictive beat bop me back and forth.

The strong beat and catchy, angular lead synth melody that opens “Top Down” quickly establishes the feeling of driving down a warm summer highway with the top of your convertible down, balmy wind in your face. A strong feeling of openness establishes itself in the track and the beat has a propulsive quality that reminds me of yellow lines flashing by. There’s something wistful and nostalgic in the melody that only adds to the strength of the song

“We Love To Loop” does indeed love to create repetition and pattern, but there’s nothing boring about it at all. The beat is unique and I enjoy the chiming quality of the lead synth. There’s warmth here and just vague hint of shadow on the very edges of the music. The lead synth melody is well-constructed and it has a catchiness to it that makes it easy to sing. Despite the general sense of repetition, I liked the way that synth lines continually moved and shifted under the main melody to add texture and depth.

The world is going through a difficult time right now and a lot of us are under stress because of it. Summerzeer is a musical way to lift some of the gloom and let us take a pause for breath. Jetfire Prime has created music that takes us away from all of the difficulties and just lets us relax and let ourselves have a little fun.


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