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Synth Album Review: "Night Drive" by Fizzy Mitz

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Initial Impressions

Fizzy Mitz’s Night Drive has a caressing sonic quality to it that imbues it with a hazy, diffuse atmosphere. The strength of Night Drive comes from the cohesive flowing sensation that emanates from the music along with the strong mental imagery it generates.

It isn’t a deeply melodic album, but it works because of the emotional states it can create in the listener. There’s also a sense of balance to the music thanks to the heartbeat of drums that swells into the tracks.

I enjoy the way that Fizzy Mitz uses synths that move from shimmering brightness to soft enfolding fuzz to deep aquatic flow. All of these sonic colours and textures combine to produce a rich, all-encompassing soundscape that calms and relaxes.

There’s a strong ambient component to the music, but it never spills over into dullness. Fizzy Mitz manages to add enough energy and motion to the album to keep it alive.

The drums are a significant reason for the vitality of Night Drive. Their steady, insistent pulse shapes and directs the music. The throb of the drums is an undercurrent that ties the drifting glide of the album together and adds form to the gauzier elements of the music to keep it interesting.

Upwelling waves of deep bass imbue this album with an added feeling of fullness. Like currents rising deep under the ocean, the bass sounds here lift the other musical elements up and carry them along. They are a large contributing factor to the easy glide of the music and also bolster the feeling of being surrounded by a gentle cocoon of sound.

I find Night Drive’s creation of mood and imagery quite appealing. It is able to hold the listener in a nurturing blanket of sound that also uses cues that conjure up pastel hues, clear blue water and idealized retro palm trees swaying in a sub-tropical breeze.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Night Drive”

“Night Drive” comes into being with big, full drums swelling into the music along with a thick flow of bass. A medium-high, glowing synth creates a relaxing sensation as it moves in the upwelling of caressing sound around it.

The flow begins to coalesce into higher notes while the drumbeat evokes the sensation of asphalt sliding easily under a car’s wheels. The medium-high synths dance and glitter over a well of supportive bass and the throb of the drums adds shape and movement to the track. My mind’s eye sees moonlight and soft neon glow in this music.


Open, distant synths drift on pink waves to bring “Breeze” to life. A deep, smooth heartbeat of drums is joined by steel drum sounds as a gliding, glinting flash of synth moves through the track.

The track feels very at ease and relaxed which in turn puts me in that frame of mind. There’s a diffuse gauzy sensation to the music and the drums keep a steady pace as the steel drum sound dances in.


“Miami” starts with intense flashes of full synth that begin to climb over the shifting, deep throb of the beat. The bass adds its own thick pulse of sound and a slightly buzzing synth pattern supports a round medium-high synth that dreams lightly over the bigger sounds around it.

I am drawn to the wide-open sonic canvas of this track. All of the synth sounds wash together with a cohesive depth. The medium-high, open-voiced pattern and the round, full synth that touches it call out and the beat moves easily on to keep steady time.


Deeper, slightly ominous sounds rise up with a crackle of static and a low, dark sweep of synth comes in to kick off “Last.” The shadowed synth sounds are weighty over the medium tempo of the beat. A lighter and less ominous glow comes in to sparkle and flicker out in a delicate contrast to the throbbing drums and shifting lower synth patterns.

I am enamoured by the rich tapestry of sound on this track. There’s a flash of lambent sound to add more glow over the shadowy, heavier sonic base of the music. The drums drive on, keeping the track moving forward while a chiming line flutters through and then fades out.

“Club Palm”

“Club Palm” opens with rising swells of slightly sharp-edged synth over a smooth but insistent beat as a synth with pleasant round quality repeats a pattern of notes.

The pattern is joined by a crystalline drift of elevated sounds that shimmer and glint. I like how the easy smoothness of a beat puts motion into the track while all of the sounds dance around it.

The whole track is suffused by a halo of delicate light. The wandering pattern of glowing synth flickers over the richer sounds that underpin it. There’s cohesive depth to the way all of the patterns of sound interlock in this music.


A vibrating synth sound flows into wide open space, oscillating as a wind blows in with it to start “Exitus.” The vibrating sound grows in volume, filling the musical space of the track. A mid-tempo beat carries a reverent sounding, vocal synth shot through with motes of bright sound.

Gentle-sounding chimes touch the music lightly as the soft vibration shivers behind caressing vocal sounds. I enjoy how this track soothes and calms, full of a feeling of oceanic, blue peace that ripples on out into the air around it.

“Bella Omega”

“Bella Omega” comes alive with a full, watery-sounding synth that glides with consummate gentleness. I feel as if I’m being carried away on a tide of cool, calming sound as I listen. A full-bodied drum beat moves in to provide slightly uneven movement to the music.

Ambient, intertwining synths all move along on a tidal flow as bright ripples of synth flicker through the music. A continual, deep synth flow gives way to quick moments of whispery sound while the upwelling of easy warm synth holds and soothes before the track ends.

Final Thoughts

Fizzy Mitz has created an album that combines some classic retrowave cues with a novel approach to conjuring up images of long night drives, warm summer breezes and the soft glow of neon on upraised, hopeful faces. I enjoy the sonic webs he weaves and the emotions that he conjures on Night Drive.