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Synth Album Review: "Neon City" by Fizzy Mitz

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Overall Impressions

Fizzy Mitz’s Neon City is a glowing, gliding album full of intriguing sounds and a pervasive sense of flowing ease. Atmospheric sounds paint pictures of a future city bathed in pink light and full of tranquility, broken by more energetic and uplifting moments. Fizzy Mitz creates a sense of calm on this album that I find it easy to get lost in.

The synth palette that Fizzy Mitz uses on this album is subtle and nuanced. There are creamy-feeling sounds, rich and deep, along with crystalline sparkle and reverent glow. I enjoy how Neon City’s auditory environment reinforces the feelings of relaxation and tranquil flow that pour from it as it unfolds.

The atmospheric quality of Neon City is another reason for how well it works as an album. Fizzy Mitz paints evocative images with sound, producing visions of aquamarine light and billowing clouds that enfold and cushion the listener. I find the sense of peace and general smoothness of the album an antidote for the stress of the current moment in the world.

Another aspect to Neon City that I enjoy is the way in which Fizzy Mitz uses the percussion and bass. The drums have that huge retro feeling on some tracks but on others they provide a subtle guiding pulse while the bass wells up underneath all the other musical elements to provide a deep, soothing support.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Neon City” starts out with luscious, creamy synths that rise in a full line as brighter, sweeping sounds shine into being. Hard-hitting, propulsive drums pulsate and the glowing synth cloud sparkles as bright chimes glitter into the music, flashing with energy. The deep, smooth sonic background supports the massive drums and shining arpeggios swirl while the uplifting synths rise in a pink neon flow.

The chimes twinkle and jangle in a metallic fashion while below it the deep bass and solid drums keep up a steady pulse. The track’s atmosphere engages me with its sparkling and energetic mood. All of the musical elements join together in a smooth flow and rise into the air. Sunlight flickers as the track returns to vaulting, shining synth before ending on the deep background sounds.

Deep, powerful, oscillating bass lends an ominous feeling to the beginning of “The Getaway.” Gritty drums lend their weight and strength to the track while a swirling, smooth, all-encompassing synth flow rises like an oceanic upwelling. The buoyant energy of the synths lends the music a majestic power that I enjoy.

Slowly undulating bass ripples through the track while a smooth gliding sound supports climbing, shimmering melodic synth patterns. The melodic patterns rise above the steady, gruff drums and the three-dimensional thickness of the medium-low synths.

Bass solidity is cut by diamantine flashes of higher synth and the circular slipping of the arpeggios adds roundness to the music. Flashes of bright, sharp-edged sound cut in and the glitter of the higher synths moves through before the flowing ease of the music fades.

“Midnight Mirage” opens as slightly stuttering, caressing, medium-low synths are broken by a bouncing, surging bass sound. A delicate, gentle melodic line is carried on a full-sounding, brassy synth that reverberates as the drums shape the music with a lightly touching beat. The hazy, intertwining synths wrap all around the gossamer melody to lend a pleasing sense of peace to the music.

Sharp-edged synths climb above the thick bass depth which adds a soothing weight as repeating, rougher sound cuts in. The flaring bursts of rough-edged synth join the melody’s feathery feeling as it unfolds over the drumbeat’s steadiness and the interlocking layers of sound that all enfold one another, so easy and full of calming emotional sensations before it all goes quiet.

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Triumphant, brassy chords shift between major and minor keys as they call out strongly to open “Journey Home.” Vaulting arpeggios spin slowly and majestically carried on a low, resonant synth while the brassy, gritty chords keep moving in huge blocks.

Distant, glowing sounds rise behind the chords and a metallic, elevated synth sits high above the other musical elements, crying out with crystalline brightness.The yearning in the distant melody tugs at my heartstrings as it’s underpinned by surging, climbing power.

A secondary, positively uplifting synth line soars while the solid drums throb and drive the track forward. The glistening, bell-like notes continue to fly upward before track quiets down and slows, becoming a lambent, soft glide out into silence.

Slightly ragged, blaring synths move in a wandering cascade to kick off “Memories.” The rougher sound contrasts beautifully with diaphanous, medium-high synths that shimmer while the open, solid drum pulse forms a pattern under the chiming synths drifting in a loose-limbed pattern over the shaping drums.

A remote, starry synth line flickers while the drumbeat propels the music forward. A round, rich synth melodic line jingles and shines while the bass oscillates. Dense, full synths climb in interlocking patterns as a high, round synth sings out. The drumbeat continues to pulse with strength below the glow and glitter of the elevated synths before it all fades.

“Light Tower” commences with quick, delicately rippling arpeggios that flow with consummate ease over a steady, la ow and softly pulsing drumbeat and a bed of cushioning bass. The atmosphere of the track is wide open and spacious as the medium-low arpeggios circle and the drums guide the music along. There’s a feeling of leaning back and taking deep breaths in the music which I find eminently relaxing.

Flaring, glowing synths rise in slow pulses and the arpeggios give a textured, rippling feeling to the music. There’s a segment in which a bouncing, rapidly moving series of slightly rougher sounds surge in vibrating lines. The arpeggios keep circling, carried on the round shimmering synths that keep up an aquatic glide. Warm but subtly ragged-edged synths rise in waves as the soothing arpeggios ripple along with the upwelling of bass and then silence falls.

Descending bass arpeggios have a cosmic motion while a steady, sweeping synth rises and gigantic drums throb to start “Kawasaki Rearview.” Blocks of dense, low synth shift and brighter sounds rise through them. The low arpeggios have weight and strength as the solid percussion throbs.

Elevated, trumpeting synths burst into the music along with the glittering shine of high sounds that sing out a flashing pattern. Metallic, chiming synth overflows with sunlight and glitter in a way that I find charming. The bass pattern adds active energy to the music and the drums help give it direction. Chimes shiver and gleam in a interwoven, rising pattern that runs in the opposite direction to the descending bass arpeggios.

“Rising Dawn” opens on an elevated, breathy, reverent synth which flows outward in a long sonic exhalation as subtle lines of distant synth tremble. Even, open-sounding percussion creates a pulse underneath the overlapping synth that moves in glowing, floating waves above the airy drum reverberation. A thick bass rush adds support and buoyancy to the track while a metallic percussion element accents the beat.

Round, shining synth drifts in a wandering pattern like dust motes in sunlight while the throbbing drums propel the track. Very elevated, cut glass chimes gleam like the morning sun catching a cloud, limning it in warmth and light. The drumbeat’s steadiness and the thick, luscious bass adds depth and form to the music. This track sets me at ease and puts me in a positive mental state. The music ends on reverent synth and finally fades away.


Neon City takes me on a journey through caressing soundscapes on swelling clouds of neon glow and airy breezes. Fizzy Mitz skillfully guides me on the journey as he weaves auditory imagery that draws me in.

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