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Synth Album Review: "Infinite" by Midnight Fury

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Overall Impressions

Midnight Fury’s Infinite is a lusciously varied, intricately crafted collection of ethereal, powerful and uplifting synth-based music. The moods of the album range from caressing tenderness to sweeping power while the varied synths are artfully combined to paint strong imagery through music. Well-written melodies and engaging harmonies round out the album and add more depth to it.

The first positive impression that Infinite makes on me is the complexity of the interwoven synth sounds. There is crystalline sparkle, misty glide and gruff power in the synths that Midnight Fury deploys on the album. All of the different sonic textures from smooth to sharp interact with tones that move from deep warmth to metallic shine and all of the luscious timbral differences in the synths.

I am also attracted to the melodic writing on Infinite. Midnight Fury has crafted melodies that are clear, emotionally direct and memorable on this album. He has the knack for writing melodies that can explore many moods within one line, shifting in feeling and expression. The result is music that touches me and makes me feel which is crucial to my enjoyment of it.

The varied moods and atmospheres on the album also drew me in. The different tracks produce a rich selection of different feelings that run the gamut from triumphant joy to easy calm. When I shut my eyes and listen, many images and colours cascade behind them and flow around me to transport me to other realms and emotional states. I always like music with the ability to take me on a journey.

My Favourite Tracks Reviewed

“Mystic Garden”

“Mystic Garden” commences with ethereal chimes and a misty synth that glides along in a delicately glowing line that breathes easily. The chimes form a textural pattern as deep bass growls below the floating, glistening chimes in an ear-pleasing contrast.

Medium-high, bright, and echoing synth moves over the weighty bass as percussion begins to tap and tick into the music lightly. The sharp-edged synth plays a gently cascading melodic line as glittering light sparkles from the chimes and we fade into quiet,

Quickly spinning, filmy arpeggios dance along with a solidly hitting bassline and throbbing drums that form a propulsive pattern to launch “Infinite” into energized forward motion. A warm, glowing synth carries a melody full of buoyant feeling out over the mingled dynamism of the other musical elements.

I enjoy the brassy, flashing synth as it carries the yearning melody as it sings out. There’s a break into throbbing bass and a medium-high, metallic synth arpeggiates. A lightly touching web of repeating, the medium-high synth is doubled by glittering metallic chimes carrying a repeating pattern.

There’s a crescendo and a drum fill as the gallant lead melody sings out to lift the heart while the drums and bass scud along, creating a sense of forward motion. There’s a glow and a feeling of dreams fulfilled in this track.

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“Dark Hero”

“Dark Hero” begins as dense synths move in a wandering pattern that echoes out into open space as deep bass wells up below it. Broad, shining synths form a weighty pattern as drums launch into a smoothly pulsing line over the rapid bass oscillation. The melody leaps up, exuding a shadowed sense of movement while feeling slightly subdued. Flashes of bursting, medium-high synth dance over the gently touching drums and throbbing bass. Big synth blocks wander slowly and the drums tick softly.

I am drawn to the hollow, pipe-like synth sings a tragic, fragile melody that floats along like a dandelion seed in the wind. There's a return to the “A” section melody and the pulsing, oscillating bass, and skipping drums that guide the music. The ethereal pipes sing their aching melody over the quick bass pulsation and the actively moving drums before a repeating, bursting synth cuts in and the music fades on tight, string-like sound.

“Inside Your Heart”

Hazy, luxuriantly intertwining synth forms an easily flowing pattern to start “Inside Your Heart” before metallic, unevenly washing notes are joined by powerful, rough-edged bass and quick, cut glass chimes. For a moment, the chimes move into open air, and then the hard-hitting percussion and heavy bass throbs while metallic synths form an angular, hypnotic pattern.

There’s a break into a melodic line full of soaring emotion as the bass oscillates, tapping drums and glittering chimes mingle. The pulsing beat imbues the whole track with a sense of motion and drive which I deeply enjoy. The track’s rhythmic heartbeat forms an addictive pulse as it unfolds in solid, steady bass and the guiding drums. There’s a fullness and warmth to the music and a feeling of growing potential as the undulating, gleaming synths glide along in their smooth pattern.


“Horizons” comes into being as fragile, cosmically drifting synth echoes out into whispering space. The music reaches a crescendo as full, shiny synth swells into the music in rising chords that drift and flare up before the fresh and intriguing percussion dances along. After a brief flash, the darkly pulsing drums and shadow, gruff bass pulses in and swelling, round chords rise. Gleaming synths spin out an arpeggio tinged with sadness and chimes bounce and undulate while rough-edged bass grows deep below.

A slowly revolving arpeggio effectively spins out more pained emotion while wind sweeps through. The hollow, distinctive percussion transitions into a swirling section in which full synth chords echo out and quick, flittering string sounds shift. The drums re-establish a beat and the pulsing, bouncing synth shifts while deep bass rumbles in bursts and high chimes sparkle.

A whirling melody dances through on a medium-high synth with a vaguely worried feeling while the drums shape the music. The melody turns more positive as it repeats before bouncing synths volley back and forth and full chords rise.

“Time Stands Still”

Dark, distorted synths gruffly sweep as a quickly twirling, shining synth arpeggio whirls through in a tight line to kick off “Time Stands Still.” Solid, heavy bass throbs deep underneath the speedily revolving arpeggios and distorted, nasal synth drifts in the distance. The far-off synth has a guttural feeling, the arpeggios spin unrelentingly and the bass throb doesn’t seem to have an end point.

This track gives off a feeling of emptiness and indefinable, slightly troubled emotion. Elevated synth glows dispassionately in the background while hazy, lost chimes flow and a harsh, twisted sound floats in. Bright, xylophone-like notes flash while the void deep bass pulsates and a halo of brassy synth and metallic notes flurries through. Trumpeting synth blares and the flickering arpeggios keep twirling as high, extended notes are broken by the gleaming xylophone shine and the endless bass drives on steadily.


Infinite is a synth album that works well because of the way it creates mental imagery and intriguing soundscapes. It has a depth and variety to it that keep my ears engaged while it leads me on an auditory adventure.

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