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Synth Album Review: "Dreamstream" by Mirrorvoid

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Initial Impressions

Mirrorvoid ’s Dreamstream is a dense, intricately interwoven tapestry of synth sounds, varied percussion and melodies that combine emotion with dynamism. All of these elements create an album that takes me on a journey through strong aural imagery and atmospheric sensations each time I listen to it.

The sheer richness and variety of the sonic elements that Mirrorvoid combines on Dreamstream creates a soundscape that has many textures, tonal colours and emotional sensations. The interaction of brightness and shadow, rougher and smoother sounds and melodies and harmonies weaves together into a lush final result that draws listeners in.

I enjoy Mirrorvoid’s melodic writing on the album. His melodies are full of contrasting elements and a sense of creative energy. I enjoy the touch of melancholy that often comes through. I also like the way he often takes a melodic direction that is less predictable, therefore holding my interest and keeping me waiting to hear where he goes next.

I enjoy how the musical variety on Dreamstream generates a sense of traveling through a dreamscape. There is that feeling of wandering through surreal landscapes and odd frames of mind that often happens in dreams. The way in which the tracks flow on the album paints vivid imagery in my head.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Multiverse Spinner” begins with a tech-y pulse of dense, medium-low synth as brassy, higher synths burst in and out of the track and the solid, retro drums throb. A sharp-edged line of synth wriggles in the background as the shiny lead bursts with energy and climbs into the track. I enjoy the yearning, hopeful melody carried on a synth with a bell-like tone as it leaps through the track over the drum and bass heartbeat.

A soaring, rough edged synth solo whirls in with longer, richer toned notes that wind underneath it. The varied percussion sounds add more texture and the beat keeps up a strong throb while the shining synth bounces and bends. There’s a return to the “A” section before a steadily echoing pulse of synth moves out over the drums and the track closes.

A thick, active bass line is joined by an oddly trumpeting synth carrying a smoothly flowing, intertwining line of light-filled sound to bring “Headspace Crawlspace” to life. There’s an ethereal spread of round notes just below it, playing warm chords, while the percussion adds a variety of unique sounds to the track.

A mechanical-sounding synth carries a repeating, flashing sonic pattern while a whirring synth with a circular quality undulates behind it. I am pulled in by the sweeping song of energetic, flying synth winds and glows over the bounce underneath it. The melody flutters out over the drums and bass that add shape to the music. A high, lambent synth sings another melancholy touched melody that shimmers through as we end on percussion and a broken bass pulsation

“Hearts Desire” kicks off with a whistling sound, hard-hitting bass with sharp edges and a strong drum pulse. An uneven, raised synth carries a leaping pattern of notes that is joined by a howling, distorting synth that makes wild jumps as it cascades through the track. Flaring, shiny piano notes come in before the lead synth moves through another roaming journey of sound.

The strong beat and bass doubles with the lead as open, hollow bursts of sound give way to whirling arpeggios. I enjoy the slowly descending synth part that wafts through the track in a sunlit line with a minor key tinge underneath it. Trumpeting chords sing out to support the track as the synths rise above it. They play a wandering, slightly broken line and fade into silence.

A harsh rush of hollow sound joins a twisting vocal synth to open “Dreamstream Neural I/O” as the jumping beat drives forward with a retro feeling to it. The leaping, angular melody dances through on a medium-high, bright synth while the beat jumps and throbs. I am enamoured of the way that the bell-like synth carries a resonant, wandering melodic pattern. A rougher, jagged edged pulse moves through to provide contrast.

The twisting notes wind out as the lush bell-like synth plays a roving line above them. The glowing, leaping lead synth melody breaks to a swirling segment of medium-high, interwoven synth over the never ending beat. A nasal, distorted line of sound wriggles through and an oscillating pulse of bouncing synth bats back and forth before the track ends.

“She’s Got the Hook” starts off with a classic ‘80s beat throbbing below a sinuous, twisting synth flow and a jagged lead carrying a melancholy melody that flies through the track as the beat pulses. Low, almost reverent synth drops in a descending flow that has a pleasing, shadowy quality to it.

The beat jumps in again and distorted, organ-like notes shift through the track. The dynamic melody is tinged with a twinge of nostalgia as it moves in. An intricate solo calls out over sharply angled, gritty synth line before the “A” section melody flies in again before ending.

A soft breeze blows through and round synth notes drop in over the medium-tempo beat to kick off “Virtual Playground” over solid bass. A shimmering, twanging synth carries a slightly shadowy pattern of notes over a synth with a nasal quality and a gentle feeling that moves further back in the soundstage.

The swirling melody writhes out over the hollow drum sound while rough-edged synth echoes out in a long, melodic line. I enjoy the rich mixture of the juddering drums and that shifts while the oddly vocal synth sings a roving melodic line. Intensely jangling, glowing synth pulsates and moves in thick blocks over the oscillation below as the track ends.

“Gravitron” opens with the unmistakable sound of a rollercoaster as thick bass blocks are joined by a synth with a digital, pipe-like quality carries a subdivided melodic pattern. The notes pulse behind chimes that sing a propulsive melody that sparkles over the pipes below it.

I enjoy the springy quality of the melody as it climbs along with the chiming sound. There’s a break into a darker pulse of drums and twisting sound before the chimes twinkle out the glowing, slightly aching melody. As it winds through the track, the beat and pipe-like synth bounce as the harsher edged skirl of synth wriggles through and the beat falls silent.

A glide of smooth sound moves into vast, open space to bring “Shadows Always Return” into being as a slow, digital-sounding synth oscillation sweeps through and grows in power as the drums start their throbbing. The drums grow in intensity and a solid throb of bass adds more weight to the track. I am enamoured of the gently shimmering lead synth as it carries a delicate pattern full of caressing feelings. The track breaks into a shadowy, wide-open soundscape as open soundscape again as smooth air flows through the track.

Reverent synth notes climb above the smooth slide of the track as a glittering arpeggio sparkles above the deep well of bass. The propulsive beat pumps again while another delicate, repeating and glittering synth part dances. The dense, intertwining line of rapidly shifting medium-high synth calls out into open space along with a choral sound. Lightly shimmering synth sounds that move into the vastness as ethereal chords rise through the misty haze along with shining chimes.


Dreamstream is sonically complex, rich in imagery and full of an inventive range of tones, timbres and emotions. Mirrorvoid has my interest piqued for what will happen when he next embarks on a sonic adventure.