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Single Review: "Chocolate" by Rivita


Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Rivita’s latest single Chocolate is rich, full and deep just like the best chocolate should be. It’s a track about the way that we feel about some people when words aren't enough and only their presence in our lives can truly fulfill the need we have for them.

The background of Chocolate is all warm swirls of intertwining and intermixing synth sounds, there’s a flow to it and indeed everything has a touch of minor key melancholy lingering in it. The drum beats are smooth and easy on this track.

Rivita’s voice is smoky, rich and distinctive like dark chocolate. There is a great deal of expression in it with a bit of a tremble that adds to the impact of her words. The production of this track really emphasizes her voice over those deep synthesized flows of sound.

I also enjoy the way in which the chorus was used here. All of the voices mixing together further add to the depth and scope of this track. They support Rivita’s lead vocals and the depth that they add only further emphasizes the expression in her voice.

The lyrics are simple but not simplistic. They clearly drive home a message in Rivita’s distinctive voice. You can feel the ache when she sings, “I wanna feel everything you do and I don’t wanna talk any more about you/I don’t need to/I need you.”

There’s also a sense of trepidation, a fear of saying the wrong thing as she sings, “I can’t take all my words back and I don't wanna say anything that lasts. I don't want to/I want you.”

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I also found myself really drawn to the expression of emotion in the chorus, “You’re so dark and bitter...just like the chocolate that I like.”

From the last single of Rivita’s that I reviewed to this one, her great voice has remained a constant but now I can say that the production values and overall polish of the music have fully reached the level of her voice. Chocolate is a good indicator that Rivita’s full-length album will be worth the wait.

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