How to Have a Karaoke Party and Sing Like No One Else Is Listening

Updated on March 15, 2019
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I like to explore peculiar and noteworthy activities, and I write about them in a way so that you can experience it too.

Singing Karaoke with friends can be an enjoyable party experience. Learn how to get the most enjoyment out of it with these seven ideas that I do when getting together with my friends.


Don't Worry About Forgetting Lyrics

If you enjoy singing, but have trouble remembering lyrics, Karaoke is the solution. You see the lyrics on screen in sync with the music and background singers. You can even record yourself singing to have memories of the experience for future enjoyment.

The background music can actually make you sound quite professional. It's almost as if you were singing in a band with background accompaniment. What an ego booster!

You Don't Need to Be a Professional Singer

Professional singers know how to control their voice, have perfect pitch, harmonize, and stay on key. That's not important when you're doing it just for fun. When you sing for your own satisfaction you don't need to be concerned about perfection. All Karaoke enthusiasts know that, so you can feel right at home.

I seem to have no problem remembering the melody of songs, but for some reason I don't always remember the lyrics that well. Having the words on the screen solves that problem for me.

What if you’re not good at remembering the melody? No matter which one you have trouble remembering, the lyrics or the melody, the problem is solved because you have the support of both while you're singing. The background music soundtrack helps you stay on key, and the words flow by in sync, so you don't lose your place as the music plays.

Imitate Your Favorite Singer

It's fun to imitate your favorite professional singers. Even if you're not a great singer yourself, following certain singers is an enjoyable experience.

The reason why we sing better imitating one type of person over another is due to our own type of voice. It may also have something to do with how our brain is wired, but that's not so important.

I found that there were certain singers I could imitate well. Some people just make up their own way of singing popular songs, and that's okay too.

What Equipment Do You Need?

I was motivated to join some friends at singing gatherings because we all supported one another with the idea. However, many of us felt more comfortable singing just among our own small group of friends, so we had private singing parties in our homes.

I purchased a Karaoke Player for this purpose, and a bunch of special CDs that include the lyrics and with the lead singer removed. Low-cost players can be found under $50, but really good ones can be a couple of hundred. Professional units run much higher, depending on quality and features.

I suggest you go to a local electronics store, such as Best Buy, where you can see the options available and ask questions.

I wanted one well under $200 that has some professional features, so I bought the VocoPro DVX890K Karaoke Player, but I suggest reviewing various machines at a local electronics store to get to know the features available.

Collect Your Own Karaoke CD Library

The CDs for Karaoke are known as CD+G. They include the lyrics for on-screen display that is in sync with the music. The audio of lead singer is removed so that you take their place. These CDs only play on special CD+G players that I just discussed above.

You can find many CD+G CDs of almost any popular song on Amazon. You can even find multi-CD sets with hundreds of songs in various categories. I've accumulated a library of songs by buying sets like that.

Some CDs have the lead singer on one track and the music on the other, so you can hear both or just the music by playing the appropriate track.

Beginners sometimes like to use the singer's voice as a guide, but I find it may make it more difficult. Singing your own way is just as much fun.

My Karaoke Collection
My Karaoke Collection | Source

Record Yourself Singing

Saving recordings of yourself singing that you can listen to later in life is a nice way to enjoy memories later on.

If singing is your hidden secret, that’s no problem. No one has to know. You can make recordings of this on your own, so you don’t need to worry what people think.

You can actually benefit by listening to your own recording and noticing where you need improvement. Some people are tone deaf. However, that is true only while singing. I think some tone-deaf people can actually notice the error when they listen to their own recording. You can tell if you are off key when you listen to it later.

If you want to have a good quality recording, go to a local electronics store and ask to see microphones that connect to your computer that give you a studio quality sound.

You might also want to consider using a stand-alone microphone that records directly into a flash memory card. I use the Zoom H2n. It has four built-in mics for stereo and 360° recording. It can be set to record WAV or MP3 files. The recordings can then be transferred to your computer via a USB port.

Find Karaoke Software for Your Computer

Karaoke software is also available that you can install on your computer. Many are free. They work just like any karaoke player—you see the lyrics on your computer's screen as the music plays.

These programs use special MIDI files that contain the text of the lyrics in sync with the music. They can be purchased online, or even downloaded free.

While playing a song and watching the words on the screen, you can also run a recorder application to capture your singing into a WAV file. The background music will be included in the recording with your voice if you have the speakers positioned properly near your microphone.

Below is a list of software I found online. The two that I use are VanBasco’s Karaoke Player and KaraFun, so I included them at the top of the list. You can find any of this software, as well as the MIDI files to go with them, with a Google search.

List of Software

Windows and Mac
VanBasco’s Karaoke Player
Windows and Mac
kJams Lite
kJams Pro
PCDJ Karaoke
MIDI Karaoke Player
ARIA Karaoke PRO
KaraokeMedia Home
MP3 Karaoke

Enjoy a Private Singing Party with Friends

When I sing with friends, I find that the musical energy really makes us feel good about ourselves. It's a great way to have a social get-together.

If this article inspired you, go out and look for a Karaoke player of your own. Hook it up to your TV. Get some CDs as I described.

Get a few friends together who like to sing, enjoy the event, and save the memories with great recordings.

© 2009 Glenn Stok

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