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Review: "Gaia’s Legacy" by Italian Thrash Metal Band Eldritch

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The front album cover perfectly portrays what is now happening to our world. The tree is barren and has no leaves. Protect nature as well!

The front album cover perfectly portrays what is now happening to our world. The tree is barren and has no leaves. Protect nature as well!

Gaia's Legacy—One of Eldritch's Best Albums

I have followed Eldritch for years, and their 2011 album Gaia's Legacy was another solid effort. It was their eighth album, following 2007's Blackenday. Gaia's Legacy has lyrical themes that focus on how we must do what we can to protect the environment. Global temperatures are rising, and ice caps are melting, causing a threat to human life on Earth.

The First Half of the Album Highlights Protecting the Environment

The opening track, "Everything's Burning," is just a minute long and features an audio news broadcast alerting listeners that Hurricane Katrina has just struck New Orleans. To understand the effect of global warming, look no further than the song "Our Land." This song is a passionate plea to save the land and environment.

The first line of the chorus, "Come console me Mr. Weatherman" should give listeners a clue about how important protecting the planet is to the band members and all of us. We must seriously keep all of our environmental protections in place to ensure the safety of our planet. Climate change is no hoax.

The keyboard in "Our Land" has a definite progressive element to it. If you enjoy the music of bands such as Dream Theater, you should definitely enjoy Eldritch as well.

"Vortex of Disasters" and "Mother Earth" Are Songs on Environmental Pollution

"Vortex of Disasters" continues on the subject of environmental dangers and the rise of greenhouse gases. As the song states, some locations get so many rainy days, while in other places, there are severe drought problems.

"Mother Earth" begins with some spoken words of a man that says he will look around him for signs of change, but he cannot find any at this time. The song is about how the skies and air have become more polluted.

Gaia's Legacy Raises Awareness

The song "Everything's Burning" features Terence Holler doing some of his most melodic vocals that I have heard. By this time, Eldritch had been active for 20 years, and there's a good chance that they'll go on much, much longer.

As Terence sings: "for how long, how long should we take this, what's wrong, what is the reason?" you can clearly notice that he is passionate about humans making sure that they do something to combat the problem of global warming. Great job, Terence! This writer gets the sense that the album is like a concept album that is addressing the problems of rising temperatures, destruction of the ozone layer, and the rise of greenhouse gases which I have already mentioned.

The melodic song called "Like a Child" makes reference to the fact that the rich do not really help the poor as this gift called Earth is breaking down because of the selfish nature of human beings. It is like a child playing with his brand new toy that he has been given and wants to play to always win and to never lose. Life is never about always winning or being right. Sometimes loss is necessary for us to appreciate the value of winning.

The song "Signs" has a sort of bass line to it. We must give our children and planet a chance to thrive and survive. There's really no reason to overthink this as we have much work to do to protect our planet from eventual destruction. I wish that more bands would raise awareness of these issues so that humans could come together and work to create a planet that is healthier for future generations.

How Gaia's Legacy Compares to Earlier Albums

Overall, although I really like the concept in Gaia's Legacy and the melodies are good, the album still is not as good as Portrait of the Abyss Within or Neighbourhell. The strongest songs on the album include "Deviation," "Our Land," "Vortex of Disasters," "Everything's Burning," and "Like a Child."

The band has come a distance from their first album Seeds of Rage, in 1995, which was the best way they could have started a career. That album focused on lyrical themes such as the flaws of politics and governments, the dangers of drinking and driving, and romance. Gaia's Legacy is a more critical album musically because of its message.

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