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"Straight Outta Smogtown" by Polish Thrash Metal Band Terrordome (Album Review)

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Terrordome's third album is incredibly unique! Read on for more.

Terrordome's third album is incredibly unique! Read on for more.

Terrordome's Straight Outta Smogtown

Length: 40:31

Genre: Thrash Metal


  • Mateusz Łapczyński: guitars and vocals
  • Przemysław Pałka: guitars
  • Simon: bass guitars
  • Vitor Robson dos Santos Friggi: drums (Note: He is the only member of this band not from Poland. He is from Brazil.)

Terrordome is a really brutally heavy thrash metal band that takes speed and brutality to a whole new level, but they make it work out well enough for the most part. Even though the guitar playing on the album Straight Outta Smogtown is intense, it is not Exodus-level intense where it may get to some people. The band brings awareness to various environmental issues such as when forests burn down because of corruption or inaction by politicians.

Terrordome's Third Album Is Heavier Than Anything Fans May Have Heard Previously

Terrordome’s second studio album Machete Justice is nothing more than brutal speed the entire album. This latest one is described as having breakneck speed however, I see at least a little more variety as there are slower parts and the bass guitar has a more active role. But is this album brutally heavy or what? By the second listen to this album, the true heaviness of this album will hit your eardrums if it does not hit you by the first listen.

There are heavy albums and then there is this album which surpasses pretty much anything that you might have heard in the thrash metal genre. Even albums such as Reign in Blood that contain fast and heavy songs are not as heavy as what we hear on this album. Thrash metal is still alive and well especially in Poland. This is a country that has evolved a long way since the mid-1980s when Acid Drinkers came onto the scene. You might be wondering how it is possible to have an album heavier than Slayer. Well, that’s part of what we will discuss next.

"Possessed by Blyat" Music Video

About the Songs in "Straight Outta Smogtown"

“I Don’t Care” is a song that is so heavy and the style resembles Holy Moses around the year 2005. The lyrical concept is an attitude of someone who thinks that they will be dead so they don’t care what happens to the world in the next 30 years. This one song alone shows that the album is just filled with angry, furious riffs that will shatter even what Pantera wrote.

However, the manner in which this album begins with a short instrumental track with a very long title, you might be thrown off and wonder to yourself whether this is a thrash metal album at all. Any worries that you might have will be thrown out the door after 48 seconds as the transition is made into the first full song called “Possessed by Blyat.” The song is lyrically about the time period in the 1980s in the USSR. It was basically a police state where people might have been able to run but they couldn’t hide from the authorities.

The next song called “Worried Again” continues the brutal guitar playing approach as the band’s message continues to be that people are lied to and mislead by politicians that are only looking after themselves at the expense of everyone else. Even though there are plenty of hardcore shuts in the vocals, Terrordome has a style of play that is not crossover thrash metal but thrash metal that is fast as a Ferrari (no pun intended) and the fact that these guys don’t hold back on their aggressive play while informing us that we should indeed pay attention to what is going on in the world for the issues of air quality, climate change, and corruption in countries are issues that do matter.

Final Thoughts

Straight Outta Smogtown is an album that makes Reign in Blood feel slow in comparison. The first song which can’t really be considered a song because it is only 48 seconds long is an acoustic song that fits in with the album as heavy as the album is. “Plastic Death” is a song that lyrically describes what happens when people scatter trash everywhere instead of properly disposing of it. The amount of anger in the vocalist’s voice plus the heavy riffs make this a thrash metal album that is one of the heaviest of 2021 and of all time.

“Into the Void” has a very good guitar solo in it. The only real con that I can see with this album is the fact that there is a lot of rage driven language in some of the songs. But otherwise, Straight Outta Smogtown is a very impressive thrash metal album that should bring awareness about some of the most important issues of our time such as what some people do with their money and wealth or corruption in government in certain countries.

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