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Review of "Demency Overdose" by Mexican Thrash Metal Band Maddox

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"Demency Overdose" by Maddox album cover

"Demency Overdose" by Maddox album cover

What Is the Band Maddox From Mexico Like?

The band Maddox is one of the new additions to the genre of thrash metal. They are from Monterrey and Nuevo Leon in Mexico and were formed in 2012. Their debut album called Demency Overdose wasn’t released until 2019 and sometimes such a delay is a good thing. It has certainly not affected these guys and they use a brand of thrash metal that sounds like Brazilian thrash metal band Attomica.

Maddox has a variety of influences ranging from Kreator, Holy Moses, and Testament. It seems like Mexico isn’t a country that lacks good metal anymore. Could this be a sign that the country is growing in that regard?

With that said, this album starts with a decent thrash metal song called "Evil Seed." This is a song about someone that feels like they have been thrown into this world to fend for themselves as their own mother abandoned them. It has now become a fight to survive. There is a riff section in this song that sounds like the band Ritual Carnage.

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Maddox's Lyrical Themes Are Varied

Well so far, you have seen reviews of other Mexican thrash metal bands such as Tulkas and Atomic Fear but Maddox may be a level above those two bands as even the bass guitar is audible as well. The thrash metal you hear from Maddox is not the most complex sort but also you don’t get the feeling that it is the hardest kind to handle because of it being too hard-hitting to your feelings and senses.

Maddox has a vocal style that sounds like Attomica while also having some melody fused into the songs. Lyrically, the album addresses a variety of themes, a few of these which have already been discussed. But in addition to those, other lyrical themes in this album include hell, death, and damnation in songs such as "Rotting," "Master of Illumination," and "Walk With Death."

There is also one other song on this album that we haven’t addressed and that one is called "Pussy Lover." That song is about someone that has the urge to have sex at whatever the cost is even if he has to do it for fun.

Why Is the Song "Maddox" Interesting?

There is also a song by the name of "Maddox," the band’s name. The song is about not succumbing to pressure and just enjoying your life. The lyrics of this song also describe a situation that we could have been enjoying prior to the current circumstances and these activities are hanging out with our real friends at night without any worries. Like the song says, we need to just remember and not destroy our lives.

Final Thoughts About Demency Overdose After Two Full Listens

Then you have songs such as "Crossfire," which lyrically tells the story of gangs competing with each other as war and chaos ensue. Even though there is a song on this album called "No Hope," it may seem that way at times in life as the people that we trusted have taken advantage of us and hurt us.

Unfortunately, in life, there is love and there is hate. The song has a Pantera-influenced sort of solo because of the first few notes. How good of an album is Demency Overdose? It is solid enough to be scored in at least the low 80s if we use the 100 point scale. The strongest songs in this album include "Evil Seed" and "Maddox."

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