My Top 10 Favorite Hatsune Miku Songs

Updated on April 1, 2019
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I make reviews and lists relating to anime, music, and video games. Japanese media is part of my daily intake. Also a huge Vocaloid fan.


It’s already been 10 years since Vocaloid software Hatsune Miku has been released and available for aspiring musicians to use. From only being a niche vocal software that nobody knows about to becoming the famous virtual idol that she is today in the span of 10 years is quite the journey. Countless songs have been made by music producers from all over the world using her voice. That’s the special thing about her, she’s not just an idol that people adore, she’s also the banner that unifies us as music enthusiasts. Anyone is able to use her voice for their music, which means that she’s not limited to only one genre or style. As people make songs using her, they’re creating their own version of Miku. There is no one “true” personality of Hatsune Miku because everyone is free to interpret her in any way they want according to their music style.


As celebration for her 10th birthday, I’m going to list my top 10 favorite Hatsune Miku songs!

Before we begin, there are some things I want to clear up first. I’m only going to list songs that used Miku’s vocals in the original arrangement. That means that I will not be listing covers or parodies of songs that didn’t have Miku as the original singer. I will also not include songs with multiple Vocaloids. So duet songs like "Magnet" or "World’s End Dancehall" are off the table. With that out of the way, let’s get right into it!

10) World Is Mine - ryo supercell

You’ve probably already heard this song to death by now. It’s such a popular song that I sometimes find it in playlists of people that don’t even know what Vocaloid is. And for good reason. This song is catchy, cute and easy to listen to. In this song, Miku is given the personality of a spoiled princess that wants nothing other than to be spoiled by her prince. That’s pretty much it. You may think that having simple, straightforward lyrics is a bad thing. But for this song, it works beautifully. The entire song is told through Miku’s perspective, so having lyrics that are easy to understand fits her character of a spoiled princess really well. But the reason I put this song on this list is because it’s the very first Vocaloid song I’ve ever heard. Its popularity is what makes this song the gateway into the world of Vocaloid for a lot of people too as they will stumble across it while surfing the internet. That’s why it’s so loved by many people within the Vocaloid community.

9) Streaming Heart - DECO*27

DECO*27 has made MANY notable Vocaloid songs in the past such as “Ai Kotoba”, “Nisoku Hokou” and “Mousou Zei”, just to name a few. Even now they’re still actively creating songs that have the potential to enter the “Hall of Legend”. I could’ve filled this entire list with their songs alone if I really wanted to. But if I had to choose only one DECO*27 song to be crowned “the best”, I would definitely choose “Streaming Heart”. It’s just one of those songs that you will instantly like after your first hearing. A fast-paced rock song that’s also irresistibly catchy is always a plus in my book. It also help that its PV is awesome by itself. The animation is stunningly animated and filled with symbolisms. The lyrics establish the general theme of the song really well while also remaining vague and quite open for interpretation.

8) Arifureta Sekai Seifuku (Common World Domination) - Pinocchio-P

This song for me is quite different to the previous two entries. While I instantly liked “World is Mine” and “Streaming Heart” after my first time hearing them, that was not the case with “Common World Domination”. It took me multiple hearing sessions before I started finally liking the song. But after watching the PV and taking a closer look at the lyrics, I started to love the song so much that I just had to put it on this list. I had already remembered the lyrics by the time I decided to watch the original PV. The PV manages to look cute and colorful on the outside but at the same time filled with philosophical themes just as the lyrics of the song describes. If you’ve never heard this song before, I highly recommend you listen to it while watching the PV and try to piece your own interpretation of it. But even if you don’t, it’s still an overall upbeat sounding and catchy song by itself and definitely worthy of your attention if you like songs with deep lyrics and meaning.

7) Burenai Ai De - Mitchie M

Mitchie M doesn’t release songs too often, but when they do, it’s almost always a masterpiece. After a quick listen to any of their Vocaloid songs, you can see why it took them such a long time to make even one song. Mitchie M can make Vocaloid sound and sing like a human being! When I first heard the song “Birthday Song for Miku” made by them, I thought that they hired the original Vocaloid voice providers to sing the song. To my surprise, I found out that they just tuned the Vocaloids to sound as humanly possible. “Burenai Ai De” is no exception in this matter. Miku sounds amazing thanks to Mitchie M’s godly tuning abilities. The beat is unbelievably catchy and cute, a standard that Mitchie M always upholds for all of his songs. The lyrics are fairly straightforward. It’s about Miku wanting to share her feelings with “you”, who is obviously a human that lives in a different world from her world that’s behind the digital screen. The PV is also very well animated. Miku’s movements are smooth and there’s just something about her model used here that I just find to be irresistible.

6) 39 - sasakure.UK

You know a song is special when multiple major Vocaloid producers such as sasakure.UK, 40mP, Scop and DECO*27 banded together to just make this one song. This song was made as a celebration song for Miku’s 5th birthday. It’s a thank you song for every one of her fans that stood by her for her 5 year journey. Five years later and this song is still as endearing to listen to as it was then. In this song, Miku is a shy idol who wants to thank everyone that made her happy, she gives this song as a present for everyone who has been with her all this time, the people who made her into the idol that she is today. The number 39 is pronounced as “san kyuu” in Japanese, which sounds similar to “thank you”. So every time she says “39” in this song, she’s thanking you, and she says it a lot. It’s a very heartwarming song and a definite “must-listen” for every Miku fan in the world.

5) Suna no Wakusei (Sand Planet) - Hachi

The theme song for this year’s Magical Mirai. Hachi brings us a song that both reminiscences Vocaloids past glory while also peeking into the unclear future ahead. The lyrics are filled with references to past Vocaloid songs. If you’re a long time Vocaloid fan, you’re going to love this song even more because of its clever use of references that integrates seamlessly into the entire theme of the song. This is probably the newest released song that made its way into this list. Hachi has made some notable classics in the past such as “Matryoshka” and “Panda Hero”, so that means that this recently released song has an equal standing with the rest of well known and loved songs of the past. It’s ironic that the song is about how Vocaloid had moved past its golden age and yet I still chose this song over some songs that released during the supposed best age for Vocaloid. Nevertheless, this song sounds awesome and it has what I consider to be the absolute best Vocaloid PV I have ever seen. This song is a self-introspection for the Vocaloid community as a whole. If you’re a long time Vocaloid fan and haven’t given this song a listen, I recommend you do so now. You won’t be disappointed.

4) Senbonzakura – Kurousa-P (WhiteFlame)

“Senbonzakura” will always be the first song I’d recommend to a person that isn’t a Vocaloid fan yet. Even at the very start it gives the right amount of energy into a beat that’s catchy and easy to recognize. Its constant upbeat melody makes sure to hold you attention and make you tap along without you even realizing it. And on top of all that, just listen to that piano. Legendary stuff! I think this is the most well-known Vocaloid song right next to “World Is Mine”. While both songs are unbelievably popular, “World Is Mine” is popular around the “Anime” community too. While Senbonzakura might pass those people, it manages to be known by almost every Vocaloid fan ever. The lyrics have always been kind of confusing to me. It’s supposed to be about the westernization of Japan, but since I’m not Japanese myself and haven’t read much about the history of Japan, I don’t quite fully understand the true meaning of this song. I’ve always been a fan of songs with deep lyrics. So putting this song that I don’t understand it’s meaning so high up on the list must mean that the music itself must be awesome stuff. That's obviously the case here. It also helps that this song was the first Miku song that I actually heard at my first ever live Vocaloid concert.

3) Tell Your World – kz livetune

This is one of those songs that can move your heart even when you’ve never heard it before. That’s certainly what happened to me when I first stumbled upon it. I was a pretty depressed wimp of a kid back in my middle school days. Back then, I didn’t know many Vocaloid songs and I didn’t exactly listen to them on a regular basis like I do now. One day I stumbled across this song while surfing the internet. All it took was 4 minutes of this song, I forgot all about my depression and I was as grateful as I can be. I ended up spending all day listening to this song and its covers made by different people which eventually opened the doors to the rest Vocaloid world for me. This song is the song that made me into who I am today. It has the hopeful and cheerful melody accompanied by heartwarming lyrics that were the exact ingredients to cure my depression at the time. Sounds really silly how a little song that was initially made to promote Google Chrome, made such an impact on my life, but it certainly did. I don’t think I would even be as big of a Vocaloid fan as I am now if it wasn’t for this song. If you’re also going through some difficult times, I couldn’t recommend a better song for you than this one.

2) ODDS&ENDS – ryo supercell

I love this song to death. Never have I once skipped this song when it came up on my music playlist. The song is basically a farewell song. In this case, it’s ryo’s farewell song to Miku. I won’t describe what the lyrics are exactly about. I believe it’ll leave a much bigger impact if you indulge yourself in it together while listening to the song itself. Both the music and the lyrics are unquestionably beautiful. Sure, “Tell Your World” may have helped me get rid of my depression at the time, but I didn’t cry when I listened to it. But for “ODDS&ENDS”, I felt a tear drop after I was done listening to it. I didn’t know exactly why or what it is exactly about this song that moved me song much to make me cry but one thing was clear; this song was made by someone who put all of their heart and soul into its melodies and beats. Their raw emotions were all conveyed through the song’s lyrics. The way that Miku sings in this song is so emotionally driven that she surpasses many human singers who tried to do the same. It’s definitely a song that I will never forget no matter how much time passes.

(Warning. The English lyrics in this video are a bit inaccurate. There are also some grammatical errors)

1) Unhappy Refrain – wowaka

You may have heard of wowaka before. He’s the one who created some of the most well-known Miku songs such as “Rolling Girl” and “Ura-omote Lovers”. He hasn’t made a Vocaloid since 2011. Not until just a week ago did make a comeback with the song “Unknown Mother Goose” with the help of his fellow band members of “Hitorie”, breaking his 6 year absence from the Vocaloid community. “Why did he stop making Miku songs for 6 years” you ask? Well, his last song before his absence, “Unhappy Refrain”, will tell you why. This song is about wowaka’s relationship with Miku and the Vocaloid community. He expresses his dissatisfaction with both us Vocaloid fans and even Miku herself to some extent. Even though he made the songs, written the lyrics and tuned Miku’s voice all by himself, when people praise his songs, all that praise goes to Hatsune Miku the Vocaloid, and not to wowaka the producer. In the end, he got fed up, stopped using Vocaloids and left with this song as a message to us telling that this is the fate for all Vocaloid producers. I was tempted to put his recent song “Unknown Mother Goose” on this spot as it has better tuning and instrumentals, but the theme and emotion of this song is just much more powerful than his recent comeback song. In the end, this song is a catchy, faced paced rock song that has one clear message for us. Do not forget that behind Miku is a producer who sacrificed their time and effort into making our favorite virtual idol sing.

Not satisfied yet? Need more Miku songs?

Here are some honorable mentions!

Himitsu Keisatsu (Secret Police) - Buriru-P

Sweet Devil – Hachioji-P

Viva Happy - Mitchie M

Hibikase (Resonate) - Giga-P

Unknown Mother Goose - wowaka

Thank you for reading!

Which Hatsune Miku song is your favorite?

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© 2017 Zero Ways

Share YOUR favorite Hatsune Miku songs by listing them in the comments below!

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    • profile image


      5 months ago

      My favorite which is obviously not up there is gomenne gomenne (I’m sorry I’m sorry). It’s made by the musical genius Kikuo and I suggest you listen to it.

      Don’t look at the English subs if you’re light-hearted or not distorted.

    • profile image


      20 months ago

      Romeo and Cinderella is the best for me :)

    • profile image


      24 months ago

      Satisfaction is my fav currently. Before was Rolling Girl

    • Zero Ways profile imageAUTHOR

      Zero Ways 

      24 months ago from Indonesia

      ''Hello/How Are You'' is most definitely a Miku original song, and it's one of the better slower Miku songs that I actually have on my playlist! It didn't make this list because I'm more biased towards fast-paced songs haha. I also love ''Po Pi Po'', it's one of my first Vocaloid songs I discovered. I could've put it on here just for nostalgia reasons alone. It's just that I can't listen to it for more than 3 times a day or else I might go insane (and hear the song playing in my head for the entire day and night :p)

    • Cheeky Kid profile image

      Cheeky Kid 

      24 months ago from Milky Way

      My favorite is actually not here. LoL. It's "Hello, How are you?" I'm not sure though if it's a Miku original song. And oh, I also like her "PoPiPo (Vegetable Juice) song. :D


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