List of the Top 10 Sexy Bachata Songs for Beginner and Intermediate Dancers

Updated on June 5, 2019
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Anya Brodech is a professional salsa, Latin, swing, and ballroom dance teacher in Oakland, CA.

Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos, the former lead singer of the infamous group Aventura, is the self-declared King of Bachata.
Romeo Santos, the former lead singer of the infamous group Aventura, is the self-declared King of Bachata.

About This List

I've created this list because bachata is a very passionate, romantic, and exciting dance that teaches you to become more uninhibited and in touch with yourself. It is also a great way to connect with your dance partner on a more personal level than you can with salsa and other Latin dances.

Most of these songs I have heard played either on the local Spanish radio in Chicago (Maxima 103.1) or while I was out dancing. I think that they are all very passionate, and I find that they really move people who listen and dance to them.

These are of the sexy-romantic American bachata movement that started with Aventura. If you're used to dancing the fast-paced, springy Dominican-style bachata, you'll notice that most of these songs are much slower than what you're used to and allow for more sensual and dramatic movement while dancing.

I've alphabetized the list by song name for your convenience, so I don't have a favorite. You'll be sure to enjoy listening to these songs as much as you enjoy dancing to them! At the end of this page, I've included a list of links to more articles that I've written about bachata and other Latin music, including another list of bachata hits and the best zumba, merengue, salsa, and cha-cha songs.

Happy listening and happy dancing!

Dancing bachata is a great way to spend date night with your significant other. Check out this list for the top ten sexy bachata songs that are sure to get the night going for you!
Dancing bachata is a great way to spend date night with your significant other. Check out this list for the top ten sexy bachata songs that are sure to get the night going for you!

The Appeal of Dancing Sexy Bachata

In my experience out on the dance floor, whenever one of these songs comes on, the mood and the feeling of the entire room changes. It's like you can feel everyone getting goosebumps and thinking the exact same thing. People dance to bachata differently than they would to other songs. They get closer when they hold each other and demonstrate a higher rate of full-body contact (FBC) while dancing. They also tend to do less crazy tricks and spins and keep their dancing more tight and closed-in, once again focusing on the FBC. The dancing is more sensual and personal, even if you don't know the person that you're dancing with all that well. You'll find yourself more connected to your partner and only thinking about that song.

It's hard to explain what happens during a sexy bachata unless you've actually experienced it yourself. If you have a romantic partner, I highly recommend learning how to dance sexy bachata because it can be very, very, very, very, very rewarding. And even if you're single, you can still enjoy dancing a sexy bachata with the right person ;)

The Top 10 Songs

Listed alphabetically.

"Asalto" by Prince Royce

"Dejame Tenerte" by Kewin Cosmos

"La Diabla" by Romeo Santos (Translation: "She Devil")

"Lento y Suave" by Elvis Martinez (Translation: "Slowly and Softly")

I love this song because it makes me start imagining things and want to melt whenever I hear it. It's super romantic and sexy, combining passion and tender love-making. It definitely gets you in the mood and is a nice "transition" song for going the bedroom after dinner.

"Necio" by Romeo Santos ft. Santana (Translation: "Fool")

"Noche de Sexo" by JC (Translation: "Sex Night")

I don't think there's much I have to say about why this is a super sexy bachata song! It gets hot and heavy. Whenever I'm out dancing this song with someone on the dance floor, whoo! Definitely choose your partner very carefully for this song. ;)

"Propuesta Indecente" by Romeo Santos (Translation: "Indecent Proposal")

Romeo Santos has done it again! I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it, and I have to say that it makes me want to take my clothes off whenever I listen to it! It's a very sexy and sensual song, perfect for dancing an intimate bachata with your special someone. If you haven't added this to your bachata playlist already, do it now, I guarantee you'll have a good time. ;)

"Promise" by Romeo Santos ft. Usher

This song is super romantic and sensual. When I dated this one Mexican guy, this song was our song, and we always loved listening and dancing to it. I feel like this song is very personal and intimate, and it always stirs something up inside of me when I hear it.

"Solo por un Beso" by Aventura (Translation: "Only for a Kiss")

I love this song because it's romantic and cute. It's nice to dance this song with your girlfriend/boyfriend or lucky date! It is a really sexy song when you listen to it and how he talks about kissing is very sensual. If you haven't made out with someone in a while (or have gotten in the habit of skipping over that part), this song will remind you how amazing simply kissing someone can be!

"Te Robare" by Prince Royce (Translation: "I Will Steal/Kidnap You")

This song is really sexy because it's all about late-night romantic encounters and love-making. It definitely reminds me a little of high school and the whole sneaking in and out of the house thing. I'm not dating anyone right now, but the idea of my boyfriend sneaking in at night to be with me sounds sexy and like a lot of fun! ;)

"You" by Romeo Santos

This is one of Romeo's bachata sexiest songs because it's so sensual and intimate. It has a really good beat and beautiful lyrics. I love how he says that she's a "15 on a scale of 10" and that she's his drug and he wants to devour her. There are a lot of sexual references in the lyrics, but it's done nicely and doesn't sound crude. I just get lost in this song whenever I listen or dance to it and close my eyes. Mmm—que rico! ;)

How Do You Like These Songs?

Do these songs turn up the heat for you?

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© 2013 Anya Brodech


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