Krash Minati: Bio, Age, and What's Next

Updated on November 4, 2019
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Krash Minati
Krash Minati

How Old Is Krash Minati?

At 24 years old, Krash Minati has become a popular member of SCFMG Music. Krash was born in 1995 in Ohio. Minati first started making music in his adolescent years in Columbus, Ohio. Krash met fellow artist Doobie Bvndit when the two were 15. Back then, they were only rapping for fun. In fact, Doobie was making music with Krash long before he met DJ Hylyte.

Since 2016, he has been rising in popularity within the underground rap community. Krash and Doobie have collaborated on many different singles and LPs, and together they have built a fan base that continues to grow.

Krash Minati and Doobie Bvndit

It has become really difficult to mention Krash Minati without mentioning Doobie, and vise versa. The two have a very intermingled network. They both are supported and produced by SCFMG records, which is operated by DJ Hylyte. Together, they have several successful LPs that feature several popular songs, including "Live Til 60," "Desolation," "More Like Me," and many more.


Krash and Doobie began touring with fellow artist Jelly Roll's Sobriety Sucks tour in 2016. During that time, an interview conducted by the YouTube channel What's Up Ninja featured Krash, Doobie, and DJ Hylyte. The popular trio of SCFMG expressed the importance of each member, saying:

"There's no us without us." Said Dj Hylyte (which Doobie quickly affirmed).

"There's literally no us without us." Said Doobie

Doobie went on to explain how a lot of their success is because they push each other to keep going. He stated, "We've stuck together and we made it through. We wanna see each other win."

Krash Minati, "Snow Day" Single album art
Krash Minati, "Snow Day" Single album art

Songs Released by Krash in 2018

Since Fall 2018, Krash has released about 10 solo tracks that have gained him a lot of attention as a solo artist. He has not yet released a traditional album, but each track that is released features its own original album art, each depicting a cartoon version of Krash in a setting that goes along with the song. It is a very original spin on promotion that Doobie and Krash incorporate into their marketing technique.

The Single Tracks Released by Krash Minati in 2018

  • "Snow Day"
  • "Karrueche"
  • "Pick a Poison"
  • "Kickin' Doors"

Ad poster for the Highway to Hell tour.
Ad poster for the Highway to Hell tour.

What Songs Did Krash Release in 2019?

  • "Truth Hurts"
  • "Kill Me Now"
  • "Egg Rolls"
  • "Ella Mai"
  • "O.T.R.T.S."
  • "Aladdin"
  • "No Brakez"

Artist photo of Krash Minati
Artist photo of Krash Minati

Upcoming for Krash Minati

Krash has continued to record music, and there is reason to believe that Doobie and Krash will collaborate on more tracks in 2020.

Krash Minati crowd surfing at a live show.
Krash Minati crowd surfing at a live show.

Krash Minati Is Giving Back to the Youth of Columbus

Doobie and Krash have also been busy giving back, too. While they may not have the net worth of Drake, SCFMG are still managing to help out in their home town. In December 2016, SCFMG organized a show in Columbus, where they thoughtfully asked attendees to bring a gift for the toy drive that they were hosting to help kids in their hometown. Doobie and the Minati Boyz headlined the show, and the toy drive was a major success.


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