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Jamendo Album Review: Fortadelis—Cinematique


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The title of Fortadelis’s Jamendo album, Cinematique, is apt. The whole album has the distinct feeling of cinematic storytelling. In his statement about the album on Jamendo he says, “This album is my approach and experiment at cinematic music, an imaginary movie or computer game soundtrack.” He’s managed to put out an album that justifies that statement.

The music has a good mixture of ambience, atmospheric pads and more melodic passages, which leaven the minimalist elements present. Strings sweep in to carry the melodies along, often supported by brass. The track entitled "Vastness Within" in particular has a plaintive violin melody that soars over the pads and synth sweeps. The chord choices and the underlying swirls of sound evoke a sensation of open vistas. Even though the violin is a virtual instrument, it still manages to be expressive in the way in which Fortadelis has implemented it.

Overall. Cinematique holds darkness, light, motion and stillness in tension. The tracks shift up and down in tempo, but have a certain continuity in terms of the way in which they work. There are layers that build up and resolve before building again. The track "Wrath of Pain" is a good example of this layering. It’s a track with a driving beat that is accompanied by sampled, open voiced vocals. At the halfway mark, strings come in and the melody that emerges is slightly melancholic. All of these elements build, resolve, and build again towards an ultimate resolution.

The production quality, even in compressed mp3 form, is evident. There’s nothing muddy or indistinct in the music. Each element is clearly audible and the balance of the mix seems to be good. The production has continued the sense of wide open space that was established in the sound design of Cinematique.

I enjoyed being taken on the sonic journey provided by Cinematique. Fortadelis managed to create a strong sense of identity for this album. I would recommend everyone check it out for a unique aural experience.

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