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Is Eminem Bringing Hip Hop Back? The Return of Slim Shady

I have always been an Eminem fan and I look forward to discussing your thoughts about his recent albums and his current beef with rappers

Eminem Shaking up the Hip Hop World

If you are a fan of hip hop and rap then I am sure you have heard at least a little something about what is going on with Eminem. Eminem has been in the spotlight lately and shaking up the hip hop world. Eminem is pissed and he is not afraid to let you know. Whether you hate Eminem or love him, you have to admit that he is one of the greatest lyricists of all time. There is no denying the man is talented and has helped rap become what it is today, or should I say what it was yesterday.


2017 Revival

For those of you who are not really sure what is going on, back in December of 2017 Eminem released his first album in 4 years, Revival. Revival as he put it didn’t go viral. Eminem received a lot of hate for Revival and fans were disappointed, to say the least. People complained that it was not “hard” enough and that there were way too many pop features on the album. This album received negative feedback before it was even released. Believed to be due to the fact that it featured huge pop stars such as Beyoncé, Pink, and Ed Sheeran.

I was very excited in 2017 when Eminem released Revival. I have always been a big fan and was happy that he was making new music. When I listened for the first time I really did like the album. I will admit it was different, but I could appreciate that he tried something new. Since people now have an outlet now for voicing their opinions, people, in general, have just become straight self-centered, and mean. People evolve, circumstances change. Trying to stay relevant for 20 years is hard, I am sure. We saw a different side of Eminem on Revival, and though it was not what most were looking for, knowing how hard he works I am sure he put a lot of time and thought into that album and it should be given the respect it deserves.

He was expressing how he felt musically at that point in time. I believe at the time, he thought that he was giving people what they wanted.

If I were him I would still be proud of Revival no matter what others say. I think if he did not believe in it in the first place he would not have released it.

That being said, I have heard him being trashed for admitting that Revival was not that strong. What people tend to forget is though Eminem is this famous person who is untouchable, he is a real person. Like you or I, if you are told over and over that something you did sucked, it will get to you mentally. Things like that break a person down. Geesh people you can't have it both ways!

Revival was not bad. Just different.

Social Media and YouTube React

It is no surprise lots of people took to Social Media and YouTube to express their opinions and strong disappointment of Revival. There were tons of react YouTube videos created and some other rappers called him out letting the world know how much they disliked Revival. The word was that Eminem lost it, people were claiming that he is no longer relevant.

Some fans stood by Revival and appreciated what is was, but a lot of fans openly expressed their disappointment suggesting that Eminem quit rapping to ensure his legacy not be damaged.

After months of negative buzz around the Revival album, Eminem had enough and felt like he has something to prove. Thus Kamikazi was born.

Surprise Album Kamikaze

Fast forward to August 2018. Eminem dropped a surprise album, Kamikaze. Kamikaze is a response to all the haters especially the reactors and the lyrics feature hard-core non-subliminal disses towards other rappers along with his hate for mumble rap and his disappointment is people for liking the new phenomenon of hip hop and rap.

Some of the rappers he takes shot on in Kamikaze are Joe Budden, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Charlamagne, The President - Donald Trump, DJ Akademics, and more.

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This album was much better received by fans than Revival and is getting rave reviews restoring faith in him and his abilities and leaving fans hungry for more.

Fans feel like his fuse has been lit and they are getting Shady, who they have been looking for all along.

I do love this album. I also love the fact that he came back so quickly with another album and shut everyone up. I don't think he needed to prove anything, but I am very glad that he did!

Rap Devil vs Killshot

As we know Eminem has ended careers of other rappers such as Ja Rule and Benzino and he is definitely going for MGK. He has an ongoing feud with Machine Gun Kelly aka MGK and also with Joe Budden. MGK put out a dis track called Rap Devil mocking Eminem as the Rap God.

Rap Devil actually got a good response, even from some Eminem fans. Fans patiently waited for a comeback track from Eminem and after a 4 part interview from Sway on Shade Radio, Em made us think that there probably would not be a comeback track, at least not right away. To our surprise Killshot was released a couple of weeks after Rap Devil.

Some people believe that Eminem's comeback was not strong enough, others though it was fire! The reviews are pretty split on this one, but for the most part have good reviews.

He did take a bold and surprising shot at Diddy. Eminem basically accuses Diddy of being involved with the killing of Tupac, but the end of the song states that he was just playing and that he loved him. People just don't know what to make of that but that's what Eminem does. Shock value still works!

Truthfully, before this whole beef with MGK and Eminem I did not know much about MGK. I listened to the Rap Devil track and it wasn't bad. The context was not strong though.

Though Eminem did not come back as hard as people would have liked his context was really strong and to the point. He answered all of MGK's disses. Why would Eminem go full strength at this point anyway? He needs to leave something for the future if needed. You don't want to come with everything all at once and leave nothing. Eminem is smart and people just do not get it. He could have totally destroyed MGK if he really wanted to. But does he really need to? No not at this point.

Old School vs. New School Rappers

While the beefs and disses go much deeper then I have touched on, what I really would like to talk about is how genius Eminem is. We all know that Eminem is a perfectionist. He wants to do his best and fights his own demons about living up to his own legacy. Instead of just walking away after Revival he came back and with vengeance. He is back on top and he has us all sitting here impatiently waiting for more. He is stirring up a lot of stuff and calling out rappers for being lazy and ruining what him and the other old school rappers have worked so hard to build.

The old school rappers had to work for their fame. They had to earn respect. They used their minds and created art with words. Rap was more than just about a dope beat. It was about a story, and how they could draw you in and keep you going on a journey throughout the whole song.

I agree with him 100% in regards to mumble rap. I couldn't name 5 top rappers of today. When my daughter plays new hip hop in the car, I laugh. Literally the sentences do not make any sense. As long as two words rhyme they use them, even if not in the correct context. And that is if you can even understand what is being said.

Don't get me wrong. If you want to go to a club and dance the hot beats and mismatched words will work. But it you are looking for true talent, artistry and genius you need to look at the old school rappers.

Is Eminem Still Relevant?

So the question is, is Eminem still relevant after 20 years in the game? Well if you look at the past year I would most definitely say he is. If he wasn't then why would he even be a topic of discussion? He makes great music and I am sure he will be making great music for years to come.

What amazes me is that Eminem doesn't fit into just one genre. He has fans from all ages,races and music preferences. I see all types of people listening to his music; Old people, young people, hard core rap fans and people who normally just follow the pop scene. Not many artists can say they have that diverse of a fan base.

Please let me know your thoughts about Revival and Kamikaze. Are you enjoying the dis tracks and do you think that Eminem is bringing the rap back to what it use to be? Are you excited for more like I am?

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