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Girl in Red “If I Could Make It Go Quiet” Album Review

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“If I Could Make It Go Quiet” Album Cover

“If I Could Make It Go Quiet” Album Cover

"If I Could Make It Go Quiet" Album Review

I stumbled upon Girl in Red’s infectious single “Serotonin” while browsing through Apple Music’s “Alt Ctrl” playlist in early April and upon my first listen, I knew I had discovered a gem of an artist. Quickly, I listened to all her previous songs, pre-saved the album, and even made a mental note to listen to it on the first day of its release. However, on the day of its release, I got so swamped with work and forgot to listen to the project till I saw Taylor Swift’s Instagram story encouraging her fans to listen to the album while describing the album as spectacular. After giving the album a first listen, I instantly knew the album was a masterpiece and I decided to review it.

If I Could Make It Go Quiet is Girl in Red’s debut studio album and it is one project that ticks all the required boxes of a perfect album for me. Covering various themes such as mental health, love, infidelity, and heartbreak, the album delves into issues that challenge everyday society nowadays especially among youths. It is an album that blends various genres of music such as indie-pop, dance, pop, and even hip-hop. Marie Ulven AKA Girl in Red pulls off so many groundbreaking feats on this album and makes sure it is totally enjoyable as there is something for everyone on this album.

The major highlight of this album for me was the impeccable songwriting that abounds throughout the album. All the songs on the album were exquisitely written and there were no flaws in that department. With her lyrics, Marie gloriously reaches out to her listener and makes the listener feel what she feels as she puts her thoughts in writing. Songs such as “Serotonin”, “Rue” and “hornylovesickmess” are tracks that connect with the listener due to the relatable lyrics and brilliant penmanship. Mental health, infidelity, and heartbreaks are issues that Girl in Red discusses on this album and she tells the listener her story perfectly. It comes as a little surprise that Taylor Swift inspires her songwriting.

"Serotonin" official music video

Another major highlight of the album for me was the cohesiveness of the entire album. If I Could Make It Go Quiet is a brilliant body of work that flows seamlessly from start to finish. All tracks on the album bleed into the other perfectly and for me, there are no skips on this album. It is a completely enjoyable body of work from start to finish and the cohesiveness further enhanced the listening experience for me. The last track of the album “it would feel like this” which is a piano instrumental beautifully wraps up the project.

Another thing I love about If I Could Make It Go Quiet is that it sees Marie break free from the stereotype of being a bedroom Pop artist. The album showcases that she has the range to delve into mainstream pop properly. A perfect blend of indie-pop, dance, and electronic pop echoes Marie’s growth as an artist although there are some notable amateurish traces here and there. If I Could Make It Go Quiet is one album that I consider as a perfect album probably because I cannot seem to point out any flaw in the project or probably because my love for it seems to cloud my judgment. However, there is always room for improvement, and areas that could be improved include the production choices as most of the production styles sound a little bit cliché. Although the track “Serotonin” produced by Finneas injects a unique production feel into the album.

Summing it Up

If I Could Make It Go Quiet is one album I didn’t know I needed. It sounds so refreshing, new, and distinct from what is prevalent on the pop scene at the moment. An all-around enjoyable project with a huge amount of replay value and impeccable songwriting. It is a five-star album in my opinion and I hope it comes up in conversations concerning the best albums of 2021.

You can purchase the album from Amazon here - If I Could Make It Go Quiet

Essential Tracks: “Serotonin”, “hornylovesickmess” and “Rue”.

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