How to Sing Gangnam Style in Korean—Lounge Cover Version by Jayesslee

Updated on March 19, 2017
Gangnam Style - PSY
Gangnam Style - PSY | Source
Jayesslee Gangnam Style
Jayesslee Gangnam Style | Source

Lounge Cover Addiction

Throughout my workday, more often than not I catch myself listening to lounge covers on Spotify. I think it all started one day after I casually searched for "Sweet Emotion" by Aerosmith. After the original had played through, a remake by Leo Kottke (Sixty Six Steps) played next. A super slow, deep and twangy remake of the original had received my full attention, and all at once I had no idea how to react...I was hooked! One cool thing about Spotify song searches is that they will yield all kinds of versions of a particular song..

The realization that I had just stumbled onto an undiscovered universe of remakes, free and at my fingertips, ignited my curiosity. I rapidly started looking for "lounge cover" playlists and remakes of all of my favorite songs, and have been absolutely addicted ever since. One of my favorite lounge covers to date by far, is the remake of PSY's "Gangnam Style" by Jayesslee.

In fact, I found myself listening to the Gangnam Style lounge cover so much, I wanted to sing along. But..., this song is in Korean! I looked up the lyrics, and below is what I found online.

오빤강남스타일 (Gangnam Style)

오빤 강남스타일

낮에는 따사로운 인간적인 여자
커피 한잔의 여유를 아는 품격 있는 여자
밤이 오면 심장이 뜨거워지는 여자
그런 반전 있는 여자

나는 사나이
낮에는 너만큼 따사로운 그런 사나이
커피 식기도 전에 원샷 때리는 사나이
밤이 오면 심장이 터져버리는 사나이
그런 사나이

아름다워 사랑스러워
그래 너 hey 그래 바로 너 hey

아름다워 사랑스러워
그래 너 hey 그래 바로 너 hey

지금부터 갈 때까지 가볼까

오빤 강남스타일
강남스타일 오-오-오-오 오빤강남스타일
강남스타일 오-오-오-오 오빤강남스타일

Eh, sexy lady
오-오-오-오 오빤 강남스타일
Eh, sexy lady


BAH! I don't speak Korean. Damn it man....What to do? After a few beers and a few more spins of this lounge cover masterpiece, I found myself scribbling what the lyrics sounded like to me. Once I had the first paragraph down, that was it! I was on a mission... After listening to the song an additional 50 times or so, I have below what I think is a pretty close phonetic repro of this lounge classic masterpiece, in English..

Howlermunkey's Phonetic (wrong but easy English) version of Gangnam Style

Nanjam a dosero n ingam joke noja
Copeya n jonny yoyotala n pungo indo noja
Para me oooooh mejim jonny to go a gym n noche
Cudo zan john in then yoja

Nada insana ey
Najen n mount mt cnt_cuzado
Um gonna insana ey
Capiche quido jonny wants ya
Dead insana ey
Pami uno gym jonny todo budeee
insana ey
Cudo sana ey

Adam dowwoah
Sadan sadoahwoah
Cuda know
Cuda boutem know
Adam dowwoah
Sadan sadoahwoah
Cuda know
Cuda boutem know

Chigam buta birthday caje carbo cahh

Opam Gangnam style
Hey, sexy lady
Oh oh oh oh (twice)

Jam a suitcase poy a gym n north n note a noja
y tear that shit pour no catarmatee pouuuur a noja
Carache a mount y mana yoja poda checkem noche
Cuda come da Joke n noja
Nada insana ey
Dem dada pour e cheat a nort
And no Nada insana ey
Degaday no want jo me trub budee
Insana ey

Gonna pour this hose on me or tumble durn
Insana ey
Cudo insana ey

Adam dowwoah
Sadan sadoahwoah
Cuda know
Coulda boutem know
Adam dowwoah
Sadan sadoahwoah
Cuda know
Coulda boutem know

Chigam buta birthday caje carbo cahh
Opam Gangnam style
Hey, sexy lady
Oh oh oh oh(twice)

Jayesslee- Gangnam Style

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Some of my Favorite Lounge Covers

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The real lyrics are on YouTube

And of course, after spending a few nights writing down what the lyrics sound like to me, I discovered a video on YouTube with lyrics (Jayesslee Gangnam Style Studio Version..) nonetheless, I think my list is easier to read, especially with a buzz...

PS, I used the studio version for my (completely wrong) lyrics. Video below :)

Jayesslee Studio Version

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