Hip-Hop: The Lifeblood of Sports

Updated on September 19, 2017
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Chad is an aspiring artist who played quite a few sports in high school and college.

I have nothing against the old days or annoying raspy-voiced stadium rock, but I do think Eminem pumps a team up more than Def Leppard.

Who Listens to Hip-Hop?

I grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota. And admittedly, hip-hop wasn't the only thing playing in our locker rooms. Through the years, I'd say it was an even split between hip-hop, metal, and shitty 80s music.

The fact that hip-hop played as much as it did in a rural Minnesota town says something about the influence of hip-hop. I'm not sure about small-town locker rooms nowadays (I'm not a coach or a creeper). But an urban or surbuban school is much more likely to blast rap exclusively. Good for them.

If it were up to my grade, which consisted of more progressive thinkers, we would have listened to more Nelly and Pitbull. But the grades above us, which consisted of more back-in-the-old-days type thinkers, preferred John Mellencamp and AC/DC. I have nothing against the old days or annoying raspy-voiced stadium rock, but I do think Eminem pumps a team up more than Def Leppard.

Go ahead, walk up to an NFL athlete. Make him pull of his headphones and ask him what he's listening to. My guess is it's Drake, Travis Scott, Lil Yachty (puke), or any other member of the new wave of rappers.

"Because it's awesome," some brave soul responded.

Why Hip-Hop?

I remember my high school football coach walking into the locker room as we were rocking some Lil Wayne and asking us why we were playing "this crap". "Because it's awesome," some brave soul responded.

Athletes listen to hip-hop for a few reasons:

  • Fast-paced rhythm
  • Aggressive or motivating lyrics
  • Modern sound
  • "Everyone else is doing it"

Look at it this way: a team that drinks Gatorade has an upper-hand on a team that drinks water. They'll be better-hydrated and more confident, if because of nothing else than the placebo effect. Try getting pumped up for lifting weights by listening to NPR. If it works, you're doing the right thing homie. I just don't see you breaking any lifting records.

Anything Else?

Yes, the two guys pictured above listen to Eminem to get pumped up.

Comment at will.

© 2017 Chad Allen


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