Grunge and Punk Music Are Not Dead

Updated on January 10, 2018
Wavves members Stephen Pope and Nathan Williams.
Wavves members Stephen Pope and Nathan Williams. | Source

What I'm Talking About

The famous quote from back in the day was "grunge is dead." Well, that could be true, but there are plenty of bands dwelling on the floors of the music world, and some on their way to the big break through. The first band depicted is Wavves. I have to give GTA:V credit for opening my horizon for what good music is with their incomparable soundtrack in the game. You can find all sorts of Southern Cali rock bands in there. These bands may be in a subdivision of punk, they're no Black Flag, but they have a unique sound called "Surf Punk" and a type of punk I can only describe as "The Beach Boys gone punk."

Awesome Bands in the Grunge/Punk Scene

1. Wavves
2. Wolf Alice
3. Drenge
4. Bass Drum of Death

1. Wavves

Wavves formed back in 2008 with lead singer, Nathan Williams, being the one man show. He ended up gaining a lot of interest and began touring, so he met up with now former member, Ryan Ulsh. The two ended up going on a US and European tour. The band now has 5 studio albums out and I love them all in so many different ways as they incorporate a unique sound into each album and each song.

"Afraid of Heights"

Afraid of Heights has to be my all time favorite album by Wavves. It has that nitty-gritty sound that also has some smooth songs as well. Each song has a low point, where the music is dimmed, followed by a beautiful drop off the table sound following it. I first heard one song off of this record on GTA:V's radio station Vinewood Boulevard Radio, called Nine Is God, one of those smooth songs with a violent kick in it.

Wavves - 2013 - Afraid Of Heights (Full Album)

2. Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice comes from London! Yep, all the way across the pond(from me at least.) They're a more softer alternative band, but I can't help but fit them in on my list. A lot of my friends who listen to the same music as me say women singers are hard to get behind because they don't all have a hard hitting voice. I for one love a female singer, I think they are just amazingly talented, especially in the grungy, alternative rock world. These guys (and girl) formed in 2010, and have been rocking around the UK and US now for the past few years. They have one full length album called My Love Is Cool, and two EP's.

Wolf Alice band performing, lead singer Ellie Roswell.
Wolf Alice band performing, lead singer Ellie Roswell. | Source

They have a lovely performance on KEXP, which is one of the best radio stations to hear new alternative, grunge or punk bands perform. The station showcased them about a year back, and I fell in love ever since. I will leave that link to that performance below. Wolf Alice popped up on my Pandora station that I frequently listen to, and I had them saved for a while. I ended up making an evening out of it by binge listening to them all night long! So, make sure you have some time to listen to a few of their songs.

Wolf Alice Live on KEXP 2015

3. Drenge

When I began listening to Drenge, they were a rock duo of two brothers, Eoin(guitar and vocals) and Rory(drummer). For just two guys up there on stage, they made quite a bit of noise and I loved it. I found them back in the summer of 2014 while researching underground grunge music. They formed back in 2011 and have two studio albums and four singles. The first studio album, self titled Drenge, is what I started with, which again, was just the duo. The second studio album released in 2015, was the first installment of a bass player. Although the first album was kick-ass, the installment of bass player, Rob Graham, added A LOT more depth to the sound of their music. They were also showcased on The David Letterman Show.

Drenge lead singer, Eoin Loveless and drummer Rory Loveless, a brother bonded duo.
Drenge lead singer, Eoin Loveless and drummer Rory Loveless, a brother bonded duo. | Source

Drenge has a unique, but simplistic sound to them. I think to start out with two people and make enough noise to get international recognition is a huge accomplishment. As I said, one judgment against the band was why they didn't have a bass player. As the bass player came along, I can't help but look at them as a Nirvana type band. Listening to them is a refreshing update in the monotony of modern music. Below is both full length albums.

Drenge - Drenge (2013)

Drenge - Undertow (2015)

4. Bass Drum of Death

Bass Drum of Death

Bass Drum Of Death began as just one, similar to Wavves. John Barrett was singer, guitarist, and also had a bass kick drum while performing. Since forming in 2009, John lost that and began to play with drummer Len Clark. They have toured both the US and Europe extensively, and in August of 2014, the band played in Brazil for the first time.

Lead singer of Bass Drum Of Death, John Barrett.
Lead singer of Bass Drum Of Death, John Barrett. | Source

The band has a grungy sound, identify as garage punk and have had their songs featured in a number of different outlets, like shows, video games, and movies. It's also been told on their Wikipedia page that their songs have been featured in H&M Clothing, and NASCAR advertisements. Bass Drum Of Death comes from Oxford, Mississippi, which is the birth place and residence to artists in the most thriving and diverse music genres.

Bass Drum Of Death has three studio albums and two EP's. My favorite of the bunch has to be their self titled album Bass Drum Of Death. They were also featured on KEXP, just like Wolf Alice! You can hear more of them down here!

Bass Drum Of Death - Live on KEXP

Bass Drum Of Death - Bass Drum Of Death (Full Album)

Bass Drum of Death - GB City (Full Album)

Did I leave anything behind? Please comment your thoughts on the bands, or leave some bands I may have left out! I will be sure to make another list if there is interest!

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