GCSE Music Analysis - Jeff Buckley - Grace

Grace General Points

- Composed by Jeff Buckley.
- Released in 1994.
- Grace is a Rock Ballad.
- Buckley only completed 1 album 'Grace' before dying at age 31 in 1997.

Instrumentation And Texture

- Buckley is a vocalist who is accompanied by guitars, bass guitars, synthesizer strings and a drum kit.
- The guitar is in Drop D tuning.
- Synthesizer strings drop in and out to add effect and vary texture.
- The texture thickens throughout the piece, especially in the coda.

Jeff Buckley.
Jeff Buckley.

Use Of Technology

- The use of modulation on the synthesizer at the start of the song.
- The use of distortion and flanging on the guitar.
- The use of EQ in the final verse.


1) Intro - Verse 1 - Pre chorus - Chorus
2) Link - Verse 2 - Pre Chorus - Chorus
3) Middle 8
4) Link - Verse 3 - Outro

Tonality And Harmony

- The song is written in E Minor although it's often ambiguous.
- The intro focuses on the chord of D and the key only becomes clear halfway through the first verse.
- Chromatic chords that move in a parallel motion.
- The use of dissonant harmonies.

Melody And Word Setting

- The vocal part ranges over 2 octaves and sometimes sound is improvised.
- Falling vocal phrases reflect the sadness of the song.
- Most of the word setting is syllabic although there is use of mellisma on certain words.
- In the bridge there is vocalization or wordless singing during which Buckley uses falsetto.

Rhythm, Metre And Tempo

- Time signature of 12/8.
- Lots of syncopation in vocal melody and bassline.
- Vocal melody is very rhythmically free.
- Use of cross-rhythms.

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jeff davis 3 years ago

help me

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Joe Salmon 117 3 years ago from Newport, Isle of Wight

I love Jeff, this is brilliant!

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Carter Drakes 2 years ago

Thanks, this helped a lot

ice 2 years ago

thanks so much for this :)

Raph 6 months ago

Maybe u could add what two main styles of music are combined to create grace? But the rest is brilliant, thanks it helped a lot

Adam 4 months ago

This has really helped however I wouldn't mind a section on dynamics

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