GCSE Music Analysis of "And the Glory of the Lord" by Handel

Updated on April 20, 2016

And The Glory Of The Lord General Points

- Composed by George Frederic Handel.
- Handel died in 1759 and was buried in Westminster Abbey.
- It is the first chorus for voices and orchestral accompaniment from the oratorio 'Messiah'.
- Handel wrote Messiah in only 24 days.
The liberetto is taken from the bible and tells the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus.
- ATGOTL was first performed in Dublin.
- Composed in 1741, the Baroque Period (1600 -1750)

Features Of The Baroque Period

- Ornamented melodic parts.
- Major/Minor key structures.
- Continuo played by the harpsichord and cello to 'fill in harmonies'.
- Homophonic/polyphonic textures.
- Baroque Orchestra includes: Violin family, harpsichord, trumpets, horns and timpani.
- One affection is set and maintained throughout the whole piece.
- Terraced Dynamics.

George Frederic Handel.
George Frederic Handel.


The work is made up of the following 4 motifs:
Motif A: 'And The Glory Of The Lord...'
- First heard by the alto part in bars 11-14 of the work.
- It's syllabic.
- The first 3 chords outline the A major chord (which is the main key of the work).
- Ends in the last 3 notes of the A major scale which defines the key.
- A low A played at the start and a high A played at the end sets a mood of confidence.
Motif B: 'Shall be revealed...'
- Introduced by the tenor part in bars 17-20.
- The word 'revealed' is mellismatic.
Motif C: 'And the flesh shall see it together...'
- First heard by the alto part in bars 43-46.
- Same melody repeated 3 times to make up this motif.
Motif D: 'For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it...'
- Introduced by the tenor/bass part in bar 51-57.
- It is the only motif that is introduced by 2 parts.
- Most of this motif is on the same note, which is an example of pedal.
- Long notes make it sound serious and important.


- Written for strings SATB (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass)
- The string parts often double the voices.
- Double basses play same as cellos but sound an octave lower.
- The introduction is just the strings alone.
- Some vocal parts accompanied only by continuo for example the first vocal entry.
- Harpsichord improvises harmonies from the bassline.
- Handel later added in parts for the bassoon and oboe.


- Time signature of 3/4 throughout.
- Use of hemiola (for example bars 9-10).
- Longer note values used to highlight motif D.
- Driving crotchet and quaver movement in keeping with affection.
- The ending is a total silence followed by a sustained cadence, this is very characteristic of Handel.


- Alternates between homophonic and contrapuntal textures, but there are a few short monophonic sections.
- Handel often combines different motifs to create polyphonic textures.
- Contrasts are created by the use of the single voice in contrast with the whole choir.
- Instruments often double vocal line although usually at different octaves.


- Major keys all the way through.
- Begins and ends in the key of A major.
- One section of the piece is played in the dominant key (E major), then another section modulates to the dominant of the dominant (B major).

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        Matt J 15 months ago

        I'd thought melody would be in section B for handel. There are a lot of things to talk about

      • profile image

        Matt 16 months ago

        Yeah there will be, its unlikely going to be in section B but will probs be in A

      • profile image

        Nicola 17 months ago

        Will there be a chance we will have to write about melody in the exam?

      • profile image

        19 months ago

        wow...Thanks a lot!you really helped me

      • profile image

        Holly 2 years ago

        What? No it wasn't, (Im a different Holly) idea 4 was introduced by bass and tenor parts bar 51 - 57

      • profile image

        holly 2 years ago

        no idea 4 is introduced by the sopranos bar 58

      • profile image

        Olly f 2 years ago

        What about melody

      • profile image

        Josh W 2 years ago

        Thank you so much for making this

      • Anthropophobia profile image

        Anthropophobia 3 years ago

        Sorry to disappoint but I did my music gcse 3 years ago and therefore can't remember any information about dynamics/melody. I do recall though that you only need two points from each subheading for the essay so the information in this article should be enough (I managed to get an A with it). Good luck!

      • profile image

        Liza 3 years ago

        Please could you add more on dynamics and melody? :)

      • profile image

        CC 3 years ago

        Thanks to you I actually have hope to pass my GCSE's

      • profile image

        SCP 3 years ago


      • profile image

        s-zero 3 years ago

        thank you for saving my life

      • profile image

        HPMUSIC 4 years ago

        THANK YOU!!!! My teacher gave me loads of essays to do on the set works and know I actually know what to put!! You're a better teacher than they are!

      • Anthropophobia profile image

        Anthropophobia 5 years ago

        A hemiola is where the meter of the piece changes briefly, it's usually found where 2 bars of 3 beats will feel like 3 bars of 2 beats (or the other way around).

      • riderspider profile image

        riderspider 5 years ago

        please may you tell me what hemiola means, it is not on your keywords hub, it may be very obvious ofc- thanks


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