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"Five Nights at Freddy's" Songs Made by Fans

While Christina has been a violist for ten years and is most familiar with playing classical music, she is a fan of numerous genres.

Fanmade Songs for Five Nights at Freddy's

The FNAF video game series has inspired fans to pen some creative songs. This article collects 11 of my favorite fanmade tunes. This list is organized roughly in the order of the games, from FNAF 1 to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

Top 11 FNAF Fan Songs

  1. The Living Tombstone: "FNAF 1 Song"
  2. The Living Tombstone: "FNAF 2 Song"
  3. MandoPony: "Survive the Night"
  4. The Living Tombstone: "Die in a Fire"
  5. DAGames: "Break My Mind"
  6. DAGames: "Left Behind"
  7. CK9C: "Funtime Dance Floor"
  8. The Stupendium: "Fazbear Family"
  9. Dolvondo: "Labyrinth"
  10. JT Music: "Now Hiring at Freddy's"
  11. Random Encounters: "FNAF Musical Nights 1–5"

Songs From "FNAF 1"


The Living Tombstone

"FNAF 1 Song"

The Living Tombstone: "FNAF 1 Song"

The Living Tombstone combines electronic and rock music in this song to depict the trapped souls in the animatronics and their plight.

Songs From "FNAF 2"


The Living Tombstone

"FNAF 2 Song"


"Survive the Night"

The Living Tombstone: "FNAF 2 Song"

The puppet's desire to save the child and the inevitability of its failed goal to Afton is depicted in this song in an animation style mimicking the 8-bit Atari minigames.

MandoPony: "Survive the Night"

Toy Bonnie guides the security guard around the FNAF 2 location. The song describes the animatronics' slight initial appearance of friendliness with their overtly sentimental phrases and their not-so-friendly actions.

Notable Lyrics

"We have a few rules . . .

And if you break them, we will have to break you like you broke our hearts.

We'll be forced to rewire and fix your broken parts."

Songs From "FNAF 3"


The Living Tombstone

"Die in a Fire"

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The Living Tombstone: "Die in a Fire"

William Afton, aka Springtrap's, detest for the animatronics and the souls trap in them is captured quite well in "Die in a Fire". However, as the song progresses, it's clear Afton isn't the only one filled with strong loathing.

Songs From "FNAF 4"


DA Games

"Break My Mind"

DA Games: "Break My Mind"

DA Games brings the question of what is truly reality in FNAF 4 and what is a trick of the mind in this rock song.

Songs From "Sister Location"


DA Games

"Left Behind"


"Funtime Dance Floor"

The Living Tombstone

"I Can't Fix You"

DA Games: "Left Behind"

Combining rock metal and the circus theme of Sister Location, this song captures the characterization of the Funtime animatronics, stripped from their stages and forced to undergo electric shocks, these animatronics are ready for revenge.

CK9C: "Funtime Dance Floor"

Like a typical dance song, "Funtime Dance Floor" has a higher focus on rhythm than it does lyrics. Nonetheless, the chorus is good and catchy.

The Living Tombstone: "I Can't Fix You"

From the perspective of the Sister Location animatronics, "I Can't Fix You" highlights the backstory of the animatronics moved from the stage to the rental service.

Songs From "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator"


The Stupendium

"Fazbear Family"



Random Encounters

"Ground Zero"

JT Music

"Now Hiring at Freddy's"

The Stupendium: "Fazbear Family"

Based on FNAF 6, this song incorporates the ad game mechanic into the song itself as the transition between verses and the chorus. In addition to Springtrap's verse and Circus Baby's verse, there are rather interesting details in the animation to watch out for as the song progresses.

Dolvondo: "Labyrinth"

Like the game it's based on, "Labyrinth" has two different distinct styles: a cheery, almost happy-go-lucky style that is first encountered and a more serious style that's revealed later.

Random Encounters: "Ground Zero"

Unlike most FNAF songs, "Ground Zero" has a rather optimistic mood. The Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria employee Mike tries to make the best of his new job by balancing attractions, bills, and lawsuits.

JT Music: "Now Hiring at Freddy's"

This is another somewhat cheerful sounding song if you're only listen to the melodies and not the lyrics. By JT Music, "Now Hiring at Freddy's" follows Phil as he slowly gets wrapped up in the madness happening at Freddy Fazbear's Diner.

Songs That Aren't Associate With a Single Game


Random Encounters

"FNAF Musical (Nights 1–5)"

Random Encounters: "Five Nights at Freddy's the Musical: Night 1"

In his arrangement of the first part of this five-part musical, Matthew Merenda makes a light-hearted and humorous twist on the typical FNAF story. Markiplier acts as the new security guard in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria where the animatronics are not exactly as they seem.

Random Encounters: "Five Nights at Freddy's the Musical: Night 2"

Now aware of the sentient animatronics, Markiplier comes prepared to his second night shift prepared to rage war.

Random Encounters: "Five Nights at Freddy's the Musical: Night 3"

As Markiplier's replacement as the security guard, NateWantstoBattle, an experienced Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria security guard, reflects on his return to the night shift, and he tries to deal with the odd addition from an unexplained package to the pizzeria.

Random Encounters: "Five Nights at Freddy's the Musical: Night Four"

With the puppet destroyed, Nate uses Ballon Boy to try to distract Springtrap while the animatronics attempt to convince Markiplier to help them back at the pizzeria; Nate and Mark are the main voices in this duet describing their separate experiences in this situation.

Random Encounters: "Five Nights at Freddy's the Musical: Night Five"

Nate, Mark, and the animatronics team up to trap Springtrap, but an unexpected guest interferes with their plans. The full ending (as this video only includes the end of the song) of this FNAF musical saga can be found here.

© 2018 Christina Garvis

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