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Electronic Music Album Review: "Voyager-12" by Saros-FM

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Initial Impressions

Saros-FM’s Voyager-12 is an album that flows and glides. It’s full of smooth energy and hypnotic beats. It moves through smooth downtempo beats to flowing trance tracks, throbbing house music vibes and some easily flowing drum n’ bass. The overall sensation that Saros-FM creates on the album is one of smoothness and ease, with a few more intense feelings thrown into the mix.

The first feature of Voyager-12 that drew me in is the sheer variety of different musical moods and styles that it covers. I like how the diverse sounds all integrate together, so that even though the tempos and rhythms are different, there’s a cohesive feeling to the music that allows it to flow seamlessly.

Another factor that interests me about this album is the overall feeling of smoothly drifting along that it creates. There are a few darker, more intense tracks for contrast but the general sensation is one of smooth motion through airy soundscapes. Even the higher tempo tracks still have a real glide to them that adds to their cohesion.

Voyager-12 is an album that uses a wide variety of synthesized sounds in a way that produces richness. There are layers and depths to the music that all intertwine to produce a full and complex end result with sounds that are all individual but come together to create a whole sonic tapestry.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Moving On”

“Moving On” starts with bright, dense synth sounds that have a triumphant feeling to them as they burst out to begin this track, flowing into open space with warm chords underneath them.

The deep bass begins to build as the “clapping” sounds accelerate and now the synths move in a fast cascade as the slightly melancholy melody begins to move into the track.

There’s the sound of flowing wind and the pulse of the beat goes in. There’s another acceleration and crescendo as a robotic voice sample cuts in The same warm, dense synths carry the slightly aching melody. I enjoy how round and full this track feels.

“Strawberry KB”

A bursting nasal-sounding synth plays an intricate, repeating pattern as “Strawberry KB” begins. I find the way each phrase ends with a slight downward bend in tone to be quite ear-grabbing. A thick, slightly buzzing synth plays full washes of sound under a higher, more nasal synth.

There’s a feeling of a cry going out from the high synth with the lower line moving and shifting while the steady beat pulse and finger snaps move through the music as a fragile moment of wandering synth takes the track back to that shifting, dancing lead synth pattern over the slight stutter of the drums.

“State of Grace”

“State of Grace” breathes to life with a quick oscillation of medium-high, slightly distant feeling synth pulses into the music. The rapid beat comes in on a thudding kick drum with a slightly buzzing sound moving behind it. The track is full of a trance beat while warm synths swirl around it. There’s a series of ever swelling crescendos that adds strength to the music.

I am drawn to the way the synths feel rather drifting and ethereal over the beat’s hypnotic throb. There’s a break full of quickly flickering synths with deep bass flowing underneath before the kick drum moves to propel the track onward through the swirling density of sound around it. There’s another crescendo as those sounds build in a shining wave over the beat once more. At the track’s close, everything has become one intertwining wall of bright energy.

“A Stay-In Kinda Night“

Gentle synths with an almost vocal quality flow into “A Stay-In Kinda Night“ although there’s something slightly shadowed about them. There’s also a metallic percussion sound that comes in before a heartbeat of solid drums moves in, throbbing with a steady pulse under the soft drift of vocal synth sound.

There’s something that draws me to the slightly shadowed drift of synth as it sits alone for a moment before the beat becomes faster and more even, high chiming sounds spinning out above it.


“Serenity” breathes with soft, smooth notes that all flow together as a deep, pulsing drum touches the music with an easy heartbeat. The quick drum n’ bass beat volleys back and forth through the track as the smooth synths slide and glow over the top of it.

I enjoy how silky smooth the drum n’ bass rhythm is here. The track breaks into rising synth notes and a steady throb of shifting bass. The beat adds shape and form to the music while a wash of high chiming sound shimmers through the track with the other gentle sounds breathing around it.

Miami Nights”

A flow of lightly shadow touched synth drifts "Miami Nights” into being with a hint of tremulous vibration. A quick flash of ticking, metallic percussion sounds moves into the music as the shadowed but still gentle synth trembles over it. Once again, there’s a smoothly shuddering drum n’ bass beat and quick arpeggios that whirl out with a string like sound.

The arpeggios have a dancing feeling as they move over the gliding smoothness of the beat. There’s fascinating bubbly sparkles of synth sound that drift through while the beat breaks to a divided throb. My favourite part of the track is the leaping, singing, ancient sounding melody cascades through the track, going a little wild as it falls through the other musical elements.

“Night Riders”

“Night Riders” thuds into life with a house beat with a quick shiver of bongos running through the music. A technological or computerized sounding synth oscillates through the track in a shimmering arc. I like how the beat relentlessly causes hip-swinging movement.

A nervous, twisting and shivering sound moves through the track, adding some tension to the throb and the beat drives on under the dense waves of synth that shiver one on top the other. as a warmer sound also comes through and sparkling computerized arpeggios also move through the music.

“Dancing in the Moonlight”

Deeply throbbing drums and a matching pulse of warm, shifting synth with a bit of a buzz to it opens “Dancing in the Moonlight.” It’s joined by flashes of gentle sound glowing behind it as the trance beat throbs into the track. A distorted voice with gentle warmth in it floats out over that throbbing beat and the flow of airy sound around it.

The whole track has a caressing feeling to it that I enjoy. There’s a sweet quality to the manipulated vocals and the synths swirl and swell in pink waves around the throbbing and relentless beat that propels the track forward on an easy drift of sound.

“Rollerblades by the Beach”

“Rollerblades by the Beach” kicks of with deep, slightly reverberating drums as a steady house beat throbs under it. There’s a vocal sample and a deep, moving bass line that pulses into the track as wind sweeps through the music.

There are bursts of stuttering organ, feeling quite warm, that move into the music and that beat throbs as a high, bright thread of synth wriggles above it. The lost synth sound drifts in while the organ’s warm ease comes back into the music again as the track glides towards a bright conclusion.

Final Thoughts

Saros-FM’s Voyager-12 is a gliding album that explores a wide range of electronic music while taking the listener on a easy, flowing trip. I also like the way a few of the tracks add a little shadow to keep everything interesting. As a whole, I find that I become easily immersed in the sonic world of this album.