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Japanese Rock Band Dazzle Vision Mixes Thrash Metal and Hardcore

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This is a band photo of Dazzle Vision from 2009. Vocalist Maiko Nagasaki is at the center.

This is a band photo of Dazzle Vision from 2009. Vocalist Maiko Nagasaki is at the center.

A Brief Introduction to Dazzle Vision With Takuro and Maiko Nagasaki

If you enjoy heavy metal that has punk, hardcore, and thrash metal influences and you enjoy listening to a female singer, then you may enjoy the band Dazzle Vision. This band was formed back in 2003 by brother and sister combo Takuro and Maiko Nagasaki. The band had many lineup changes during their career, but Maiko consistently did the vocals while her brother Takuro played the bass guitar. Members John and Haru played the guitar and drums, respectively.

The band’s vocalist, Maiko, is known for her rough and loud screams as well as for her melodic vocals. She might have learned something from Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow because her screams are pretty intense, too. I really like what I have heard from them so far; this was a talented band.

The History of Dazzle Vision and Their Albums

Dazzle Vision was created with a specific concept in mind. Maiko explains that this concept is that “Children create the world.” The band says that Western culture has made an impact on their development, but they also have been influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath and Metallica. Although the band is considered to be screamo metal, that seems like a weird categorization to me. I will just say that they are basically a mixture of hardcore punk and thrash metal.

In November 2005, the band released its debut album, Origin of Dazzle. A second edition of the album was released in March 2008. Camellia Japonica was released in 2007, followed by Crystal Children in 2008. Their US debut was released in 2010, and it is called To the Next. In 2011, they released Kirari, followed by Shocking Loud Voice in 2012. The latter album has two newer songs as well as re-mastered versions and remixes of some of their older songs. Their final album, Final Attack, was released in 2014.

Why Review an Inactive Band?

Dazzle Vision deserves a review because, even though they have disbanded, I think metal music in Japan should be given more exposure. Hopefully, this band history and review will help to open up the minds of metal fans throughout the world. Children observe the world closely so they can create their lives and careers when they become adults. The band brings up this concept, making you wonder if children do really create the world around them.

Track Listing for Origin of Dazzle

  1. "The Answer" (intro to the album)
  2. "Zange"
  3. "Sora Sako"
  4. "Sanzu"
  5. "Maboroshi Jou"
  6. "Shiki Betsu"
  7. "The Answer You Could Have"
Maiko Nagasaki

Maiko Nagasaki

A Brief Review of Origin of Dazzle

The second song "Zange" has guitar work similar to what Lacuna Coil had on the song "Halflife," but this is much slower. The heavy guitar then kicks in, and so does Maiko’s shouting. I also sense some atmospheric sound like Norwegian doom metal band The 3rd and the Mortal. There is no way that Dazzle Vision could have ever matched the creativity of the band BabyMetal! BabyMetal has thrash metal infused with J-POP that works extremely well.

In the third song, "Sora Sako," Maiko sounds like Sabina Classen from Holy Moses with this kind of shouting. Due to the different influences and shouting that is difficult to comprehend, Origin of Dazzle is not the first album that is recommended for fans to check out.

Dazzle Vision: US Tour and Disbandment

Dazzle Vision has toured in the US before. They did so in 2010 at the Sakura-con. They performed as the opening act for High and Mighty Color. The band has also toured in their native Japan with famous American band Evanescence.

They would make their return to the US in 2013 to perform in Pittsburgh, PA, as part of the Japanese anime and culture event Tekkoshocon. The event would end up taking place from April 4–7, 2013 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This is an event for those people that are interested in anime, video games, Japanese music and other popular media forms.

Note: As of April 2015, Dazzle Vision has broken up. The same thing seems to have happened to the band Shadow, which has not released an album since 2008. Dazzle Vision’s last album, Final Attack, was released in 2014.

What Makes Dazzle Vision an Interesting Band?

It is great that a band such as this was able to combine punk, hardcore, atmospheric metal and thrash to create an interesting musical experience for the avid listener. The song, "Like I’m Not Real," may have some Annihilator style guitar work in the soft part.

Japan has actually diversified its music scene since the 1980s. They started with hard rock bands such as X Japan and Loudness before going into thrash which led to the formation of bands such as Ritual Carnage and Sacrifice. It’s too bad that this large Asian country is not as popular as Norway or Sweden and Germany among metal fans, because they really do produce good talent.

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