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Darksynth Album Review: "FALL OV MEN" by Dav Dralleon

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Initial Impressions

Dav Dralleon’s FALL OV MEN is a powerful maelstrom of battering drums and writhing synths. It creates an atmosphere swollen with threat, fear and an omnipresent sense of doom. This is music that slashes and beats, an auditory assault that gives no quarter to the listener.

The first element that makes FALL OV MEN work is the relentless aggression of the music. It is full of white-hot rage, surging darkness and a sensation of being seized by the throat and pummelled. Every musical element seems calculated for maximum attack with shredding synths, shattering drums and an auditory landscape full of grit, metallic grinding and insect-like chittering.

The seething, slashing darkness of the album is another contributory factor to making it work. There’s an atmosphere of extreme threat that pervades the tracks, a sense of incredible danger from something evil that wants nothing more than to tear your face off and drink your blood. It is always there and listening to it, one has the feeling that it’ll attack at any minute.

FALL OV MEN isn't an album I’ll choose to listen to regularly, but I can respect Dav Dralleon for making music that is utterly uncompromising in its approach. It isn’t afraid to be unabashedly angry, powerful and full of auditory assault. It’s a long way outside of my comfort zone, but it isn’t afraid to be what it is and I can get behind that idea.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Ultra Mass Krucifixion” begins with harsh, clashing sounds echo out into open space. There’s a sibilant hiss, metallic rattles and a series of voices begging for help and forgiveness before a demonic voice moves to quash them. A slamming beat drives into the music along with a wall of intertwining, rippling synth that resolves into a grunting hard-edged pulse. I enjoy the way that guttural, granting metallic noises and choral voices call out darkly as sharp lines of synth cut in.

The track breaks and stutters before a wandering, intertwining synth melody flows above the unrelenting drums. The tense, dangerous minor key synth melody writhes over the drums before flowing into open air, fraught with an ominous line of string-like synths. The track ends on a drastically slower, grinding segment and a choir that cries out in rising, cacophonous voices.

A rush of hard-edged noise careens into a massive, open sonic space with a metallic crash to kick off “Vampyr Golgotha.” A battering wall of drums and gritty noise smashes in and a rush of high, terrified synths writhes like a tortured thing above that wall. The drums become clearer and cleaner as an elevated synth carries a nervous drift of notes and the piano wanders wildly, climbing and descending in a mad welter of notes.

A choir moves in the background over the jagged beat before the aural assault completely eviscerates the ears. I am drawn to the way the twisting pattern of low piano notes breaks into the shattering, unrelenting wall of noise. The piano moves into an open space full of ominous, grating noise as shadowed chords add weight below it. The track fades into a dark, tearing noise that echoes out into the horrific depths, riven by the sounds of metal.

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“Hydrabomination” comes to life with a sheer wall of hard-hitting noise that’s quickly driven by a slamming beat. A twist of sawtoothed, drilling, medium-low synth is joined by a minor key pattern of shadowy, evil-sounding piano that shivers through the harsh wall of battering ram drums. Slabs of harsh, lacerating sound move over dark, swelling bass and a demonic voice cuts in.

A shattered, discomforting pulse of synth assaults the senses as it is pierced by a high. ringing sound. The music briefly pulsates with a cutting noise before beat drives forward again. Chains clank while metal crashes hard and a worming line of sharp, medium-high synth shifts above the sheer rage below it before everything fades out.

A shifting ominous sound and a massive growling line of guitar grows as “Sacred Sons Ov Horror” starts off with a heavy beat. A roiling mass of synth moves over the shattering beat and slices of aggressive, harsh sound. The gigantic drums are broken by a series of cascading piano notes while a bizarre and unsettling noises add even more shadow to the track.

I find the sense of horror quite pleasing in this track. A metallic hammering sound joins the gigantic weight of the beat and that high, shivering line of sound moves over the driving, grating tidal surge of the track and then a demonic howl and a lost electric guitar moves as the track batters hard into a conclusion.

“Revenant King” is immediately raging and surging as shadowed male voices move over a quick, harsh pulse of drums and into the vast emptiness of the track. Reptilian noises coil over and a full hollow synth carries a broken line of sound. I find the sense of chaos and dissolution that pours from the corrupted sonic landscape quite effective. The beat charges onward and massive drums propel the track with terrible energy.

An angular, shifting melodic line is carried on nervous medium high synth over the depths beneath. The melody is dynamic as broken synth noises move over the wild contortions of the music. The piano dances darkly over the smooth flow of female vocals out into a more ethereal and swirling sonic landscape. The distant voice flows with the open, metallic sounds and the piano’s nervous shudder.

The distant line of electric guitar slowly grows in power as “Fall Ov Man” opens. A slow, surging pulse of growling synth and big drums create an uneven feeling as a full rush of terrified sounding synth moves uncomfortably into the music. A clashing beat picks up and rams the track forward as a nervous wriggle of sound shifts above the beat.

A horrifying pattern of noise flows below wandering piano notes, a cutting synth sound and a drum heartbeat. The way this track creates atmosphere drew me in strongly. A drift of piano shivers into open space and high, strange sounds move underneath it. A demonic vocal sample and a churning wall of hard noise form slabs of sound while the guitar carries extended chords above it.


FALL OV MEN is a jagged slash of bloody noise that rages and threatens. I can’t say I’ll have it on heavy rotation but I do enjoy music that is unabashedly uncompromising, made by an artist who is true to their vision. Dav Dralleon is clearly someone who respects his own musical vision and follows it where it leads.

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