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Cyberpunk EP Review: "Lilith" by Venturer

Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.


Venturer’s Lilith combines desolate emptiness and aching fragility with a raging drum and bass storm. There’s a shadowy sensation that permeates the music and takes listeners on a dark journey through a cyberpunk soundscape.


“Genesis” opens as resonant bass rumbles below yearning, climbing organ notes that rise over the top. Unsettling, skittering sounds move through like crawling insects. Hollow, bending synth twists as the organ rises in trembling lines and a soft harp caresses. Darkness rises in a bass tide and strings ache and bend, feeling abandoned and hurt. The harp drifts in to soften the sound and underneath it all, vast bass rumbles. The track fades on a hollow wave of sound.


“Sentience” commences as sweeping synths rush into the track’s openness as slowly rising, round synth chords move. Medium-high synth swirls in slowly and quickly spinning arpeggios add urgency and texture to the music as they echo out. Massive, all-encompassing bass thunders far below the shivering arpeggio as it unfolds.

Now hard-hitting drums batter into the music. The bass is a physical force, creaking below the agitated arpeggios as they tremble and ache. A throbbing, weighty drumbeat adds more direction while the muscled bass surges darkly below the arpeggios. Shadowed, pipe-organ like synth carries a threatening, hurting melody with a filmy edge out over the huge drums and into quiet.


“Revolt” begins with mournful, medium-high synth as rippling arpeggios softly glide over an ominous background. After a quick drum flourish, jagged bass shards and throbbing drums pound into the music. An elevated, foreboding synth floats behind the heavy drums and a steady, medium-high sonic pulsation.

Expanding, rough-edged synth throbs regularly before rapidly arcing, gleaming arpeggios wriggle over the snarling bass oscillation that sweeps in below. The steady drums guide the music forward before the track breaks into medium-high, flowing note patterns that echo out into space.

The miasma swirling in the distance raises the tension before the bursting, angular synths descend in nervous lines. Brightly glittering arpeggios spin through over the hard-edged bass and continual drumbeat. The music fades into misty shadows as it ends.

“Endless Agony”

Dreamy, hollow waves of lower synth wash as delicate higher notes flow in a feathery melody to start “Endless Agony.” The bass wells up to add more depth as distantly wandering, high synth glides diaphanously. Throbbing drums push the music forward along with rough, hard-edged bass and ethereal vocal sounds add a reverent quality.

Now rippling arpeggios flicker and a thin, fragile synth flutters as jagged bass growls below the pulsating drums. Far off, melancholy synth drifts above the muscled bass and the drums that shape the music again.

Ghostly, elevated synth passes through before the rapid, shining arpeggio spins into the music. Behind it, the haunted high synth shifts and again fierce bass slices and stutters over the relentless drum drive. Again the choral voices add a worshipful feeling over the aggressive bass before silence falls.

"Escape Plan"

Pulsing, heaving drums and raging bass make a ferocious assault on the ears in an uneven line that slashes through “Escape Plan” as it opens. The drums and bass create hypnotic, angry motion as quickly cascading arpeggios with a digital sound flicker speedily through the track. Hollow voices call out as upwardly sweeping synth lines rise and repeat.

Below it all, the assault of the drums and bass continues. Above the dense underpinnings, an electric guitar swoops and howls madly in a leaping, intricately dancing solo. The track returns to the snarling, lacerating bass and the slamming drums as the tense guitar cries out. It arcs and flies with wild precision over the slamming darkness below before the track ends.

“Lilith’s Revenge”

Vast, cavernous space is filled with a slowly echoing rumble and metallic skittering to open “Lilith’s Revenge.” Sharp-edged, rapidly whirling arpeggios cascade over bursts of choral sound and quick drumbeats. There’s a threatening feeling in those choral bursts and the arpeggios add intense motion to the track.

Tight, shining sounds fall through the track while a nasal, oscillating note pattern increases the tension. A wildly twisting arpeggio writhes as the choral voices stab to increase the music’s dramatic power. The drums provide a constant guiding throb and the quick, crystal-clear arpeggiating notes tumble into the music again.

The bass is fierce as a harpsichord-like arpeggio spins madly and arcing waves of synth flare. The arpeggios drive onwards and imbue the music with a sense of rushing energy before the track fades out.


“Libertas” starts as a pipe organ brings its massive, darkly brooding presence to bear. Slow notes unfold into a vast space, full of power and shadow. There’s a reverent fear permeating the music as a quick arpeggio churns into existence and dies away. This track adds a suitably shadowed ending to the EP.

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