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7 Calming and Soothing Songs to Help You Relax


Calming Music from around the world

If you are looking for soothing songs to help you fall asleep or just to relax after a stressful day, then this list will take you on an amazing journey of incredibly relaxing music from around the globe.

This article is focused on bringing you new ideas from across the globe. There are nearly 200 countries on our planet, and that is a lot of different music. Some of the music here you may have heard of. Others may well be completely new to you and open up a whole new avenue of calming music for you to explore.

If you are looking for great music that just so happens to be relaxing and beautiful, then you are most definitely in the right place.


In the Heart of the Moon by Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté

Mali has produced some stunningly brilliant musicians, with these 2 musicians right up there at the top. My sister, mum and grandma have a copy of this album after I introduced it to them 2 years ago. It appeals to all ages in its simple yet delicate beauty. Sadly Ali Farka Touré passed away in 2006, but he left the world a wealth of fine music.

If you want to explore more music from Mali, I highly recommend Amadou and Mariam, and also Tinariwen.

800 by Mercan Dede

Mercan Dede is a Turkish composer, blending traditional instruments, electronic music and Sufism into a surprisingly unique sounds that definitely hit the right buttons when it comes to relaxation. Mostly instrumental, the music is generally quite hypnotic, but does sometimes break into more up-beat passages. Overall though it remains one of my favorite albums to relax to.


I have not listed a particular song or album for Yanni, but just his name because it is almost impossible to pick his best work. Yanni is a Greek composer, and his music can be hard to fit into a particular genre. He is influenced by many different cultures and styles though, and draws on a wide variety of instruments and sounds from around the globe. His music can be quite energetic and up-beat, but overall I think he creates some great calming music - even if it is upbeat, it still does a fine job of washing away stress.

Gurrumul by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu

A Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu is a blind indigenous Australian musician. He has possibly the most beautiful male singing voice I have ever heard. If listening to this voice doesn't calm the soul and soothe the mind, you are in serious trouble!

Afro Celt Sound System

Again, I find myself listing just the name of the band because just about everything they have produced is worthy of inclusion on a list of calming music. The group was imaginatively created by bringing together members of a band from Senegal with Irish musicians and the music mixed by English artists. Ranging from deeply meditative to inspirational and euphoric, their music is sure to soothe a busy mind.

Deep Brasil by Deep Projects

Frenchman Eric Mouquet co-founded the very famous band Deep Forest in the early 1990s, and following from that he founded the label Deep Projects in 2008 to create music inspired by his travels and encounters with world musicians. He created the album Deep Brasil in collaboration with the Brazilian Flavio Dell Iso inla. It still has flavors of the original Deep Forest style, and is extremely calming, soothing and warming. The original Deep Forest albums, like Boheme, are also worth listening to if you like this style of music.

Yeha-Noha by Sacred Spirit

Fusing Native American chanting and electronic music, German-born musicians Claus Zundel, Ralf Hamm and Markus Staab created one of the most popular new-age / world bands of the 1990s. They also created the music project B-Tribe, and their album ¡Spiritual, Spiritual! is well worth checking out if you like the style you'll hear in this next video.

So much more...

There is so much incredible music out there waiting to be discovered. This list is just the tip of the iceberg. I have tried to bring together some old classics of relaxing and calming music with some modern wonders of the musical world. What unites them is their ability to carry you off into a more peaceful mental state than you were before you put the song on. It's unlikely anyone listening to this list will like everything, but if there is just one song, album or artist you've never heard of before that makes you sit back and think 'this is just what I need...' then it was worthwhile creating the list.

If you have any suggestions for calming music and soothing sounds from around the globe, please feel free to leave it in the comments section.

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