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Updated on November 19, 2017
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Sunshine likes to make artists shine! Hence, her interview series was born. Contact her for your moment in Sunshine's Spotlight.

Introducing Brett Stafford Smith

If you have never had the opportunity to visit Nashville and experience the ambiance along Broadway, whether upper or lower or anywhere in between - I highly suggest it.

I recently visited Nashville for one Actually country music, but I was pleasantly surprised with an amazing mixture of most genres. Yes, I even heard rap music!

I paid extra close attention to the musicians who were performing at each bar I frequented and I frequented quite a few. I even brought some musicians back home to Orlando with me. Via Social Media. I was impressed with their drive and desire to fuel their

For your enjoyment I present Brett Stafford Smith.


Strut Your Stuff

When I first saw Brett Stafford Smith in Nashville, I assumed he was just another musician playing for tips in a honky tonk on Broadway.

Well, as we well know, one should never assume. When it was Brett's turn to perform his set I noticed that the noise level in the crowded bar had simmered down.

I also noticed that the patrons attention was fixated on Brett. Toes were tapping and shoulders were swaying. This singer-songwriter sure knew how to draw in the attention of the listeners at the Honky Tonk Central.

I instantly thought, well played, Brett.

Cowboys and Cougars

Brett's playful mannerisms, along with his charisma had his audience wanting more. Which led to more tips for this cowboy as he serenaded the crowd.

Brett had jokingly mentioned something about "Cowboys and Cougars." I have since challenged him to write that song. I continue to impatiently wait for Brett to accept the challenge and create the hit that will have Nashville all abuzz.

Bring it on, Brett.

My daughter and I purchased Brett's EP and popped it into our rentals CD player and we must have listened to the 5 songs at least 30-40 times while in Nashville. After the 3rd round we were strutting our stuff all over Broadway.

I recently challenged Brett to answer some random fun questions and he scored with his responses! It's now my turn to make Brett Stafford Smith shine!

Random Fun Facts

  • Brett was born in Dothan, Alabama on March 10th. When a Pisces enters a crowded room, they own it. They are energetic, spunky and lively. (Yep, that is what I witnessed during Brett's performance.)
  • Brett now calls Nashville his home and you could find him at the Honky Tonk Central from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm on Wednesday thru Sunday. Be sure and tip him well.
  • His favorite musicians are Dave Matthews, Jack White and Keith Urban.
  • Brett's passion for music began at age 14 while performing in a southern baptist church. Now, at age 30 his passion continues to thrive in following his dream.
  • His favorite food is Crab Legs. Favorite drink is any free drink or Jack. (Holler and swaller!)
  • Brett's dad inspired his love of country music. His dad would pick him up from school, windows rolled down, with Tracy Lawrence and Travis Tritt tunes flowing through the air.
  • His favorite color is wood. (Hmm. But there are many shades of wood.)
  • Attended college at Auburn University.

More Random Fun Facts

  • The musician that inspired him was Carter Beauford.
  • Brett didn't have professional vocal training, he nailed the vocals on his own.
  • I foresee a possible duet with the likes of Aubrie Sellers, Claire Dunn or Kelsea Ballerini in Brett's future (Come on ladies!)
  • The first instrument he learned was the saxophone. Followed by the drums, the bass, the guitar and piano.
  • He writes his own songs. He also writes with others. But they haven't had any songs picked up by the people who bring them to the masses. (Cowboys and Cougars!)
  • Famous artists that he has met are Luke Combs and Muscadine Bloodline.
  • Five years from now he sees himself as a better fisher. (A humble man, indeed.)
  • Before moving to Nashville, he had a band in Alabama called The Wild Fruit. Their original songs are Slow It Down and Fancy. A ballad with Caitlin Mullins, Cold In The South will give y'all a warm, tingly feeling.
  • Brett's advice for new artists: Talk to those who do what you wanna do and listen to them. Evolve your style. Listen back and critique your own music. Don't let anyone tell you what a good song is. If you just wanna make music then make music, but if you wanna make it in the music business then be good at the business.
  • You can find Brett's music on iTunes and Spotify. You could also follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Get to followin' y'all...

At this time Brett hasn't been picked up by a label. (Let's do something about that.)

Brett's Favorite Quote

Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave.

- Constantin Brancusi

Brett's birthday greeting to Linda from Orlando

From: Sissi Smith Addison

When I read this interview earlier today, I about cried and my heart smiled so big. Anyone can get up everyday and go to a job but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do what he does. Entertain.

To be so passionate about something for so long and to pack up and move to a place where you know very few people so you're able to follow your dreams is incredible. I admire my brother in so many ways.

Brett has always had music running through his blood. I remember him getting his first instrument, an alto sax, and having to listen to him play those horrible notes as he tried to practice simply blowing in the woodwind. As a teenager, it became the drums and guitar. Lord have mercy, I could never get a good nap and this girl needs a nap pretty regularly. I remember Dave Matthews playing 24/7. LITERALLY!! I hear Dave in his singing. To see what you wrote, makes me proud of his daily commitment to following his calling. Thank you for your words!

From: Taryn Stevens

What you did for Brett was so sweet! It makes me so happy to see how many lives Brett touches through his music. I can only pray that other people see what we see. He is so genuine and kind hearted and has such a demeanor that draws in each and every person that walks through the doors of Honky Tonk Central.

Brett has such an amazing talent and drive to pursue his dreams. He is a true inspiration that keeps me wanting to be the best version of myself. One of the many reasons I feel so in love with him. I feel so blessed to have him in my life and be able to hear his music daily! He is so appreciative of you for doing that. What a beautiful article.

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      • marcoujor profile image

        Maria Jordan 18 months ago from Jeffersonville PA

        With you in Brett's corner, I know a label will pick him up before long.

        I love when humble combines with pure talent - thanks for introducing me to Brett. Love ya, MM

      • bravewarrior profile image

        Shauna L Bowling 19 months ago from Central Florida

        Yep. It's your turn to shine and bring light to talent that makes us smile, tap our feet, and get up and dance, Sunshine!

      • Sunshine625 profile image

        Linda Bilyeu 19 months ago from Orlando, FL

        Shauna, I am kinda pushy and they are awesome! Teamwork!

      • bravewarrior profile image

        Shauna L Bowling 19 months ago from Central Florida

        Linda, you are truly a woman who wants what she gets and gets what she wants. How you get these stars to communicate with you is indicative of your spirit and passion.

        Thank you for bringing this young talent to the forefront. I'm sure this article will be instrumental in boosting his career.

      • Sunshine625 profile image

        Linda Bilyeu 20 months ago from Orlando, FL

        I hope Nashville recovers quickly, Mike...because I am ready for another round.

      • mckbirdbks profile image

        mckbirdbks 20 months ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

        Hello Linda - Sounds like you had a great time - and a well deserved vacation. Nashville will recover. haha

      • Daisy Mariposa profile image

        Daisy Mariposa 20 months ago from Orange County (Southern California)


        What a terrific start to a new series of articles! I enjoyed reading about Brett, and I'm looking forward to reading about other musicians Michelle and you met in Nashville.

        "In your spare time," perhaps you can write a general article about the city of Nashville. I'm certain your fans would be interested in that, too.

      • teaches12345 profile image

        Dianna Mendez 20 months ago

        Wow, what a nice guy to give you a birthday greeting during his performance! Does seem like a humble man. I've been to Nashville but never to any of the music venues. Next time I'm up there I will definitely stop in to visit a few.

      • AudreyHowitt profile image

        Audrey Howitt 20 months ago from California

        Strut your stuff is right!!!

      • Sunshine625 profile image

        Linda Bilyeu 20 months ago from Orlando, FL

        And Nashville would love for you to visit, Nell. Brett would appreciate a fan from England.

      • Nell Rose profile image

        Nell Rose 20 months ago from England

        I would love to visit Nashville, and I love Bretts voice and songs! nice one linda!

      • Sunshine625 profile image

        Linda Bilyeu 20 months ago from Orlando, FL

        Thank you, ladies for sharing your thoughts on Brett. His songs have a tendency to get stuck in my times!

      • FlourishAnyway profile image

        FlourishAnyway 20 months ago from USA

        I went to school in Nashville at Vandy and loved honky tonkin with my friends down on lower Broadway during the week mostly of our senior year. Back then the bars were seedy and tourists kinda stayed away from the area. You could run into anyone in one of those small dives --tomorrow"s stars or yesterday's. It was the time of my life and I knew it. ended too soon. I'm glad you are looking for new talent and profiling new singers. Nashville is a tough place to make it.

      • fpherj48 profile image

        Paula 20 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

        Hey GF....The HP Queen of C&W!! We just have to get you that Nashville job! You're a natural, not to mention you're like a C&W Encyclopedia! This guy is cute! and the music is great too. Thanks for keeping me informed. I depend on you!.....HeeeeeeHaw! Effer

      • shanmarie profile image

        shanmarie 20 months ago

        I knew we had this in common! LOL. My favorite thing about my website is interviewing the artists. I've considered moving those interviews over to HP, but so far, I've only included an interview of Amy Rose and a song review of one of her songs here on HP. I'll have to add Brett to the artist list on my site. Who knows, maybe one day I'll do an interview with him.

        Gotta say. . .totally jealous that you've been to Nashville!!!!