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100 Best K-Pop Boy Groups

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The Best K-Pop Boy Bands

The audiovisual content in K-pop exhibits a wide spectrum of creative elements. The genre encompasses a diverse array of modern styles and genres such as R&B, jazz, gospel, rock, hip hop, experimental, country, folk, classical, EDM, electropop, trap, and traditional Korean music. The unique amalgamation of musical styles combined with aesthetic visual elements makes K-pop a unique form of entertainment.

The new generation of K-pop idols has amassed a cult following among teenagers and young adults. A number of K-pop boy groups have enormous fandoms globally. The marketing and promotion of boy bands by Korean talent agencies have propelled K-pop to new heights.

The list below showcases a diverse collection of K-pop boy groups which includes subunits and duos. If K-pop is your religion, you will have something to say. Feel free with your views and opinions in the comments section.

Top 10 Best K-Pop Boy Groups

  1. BTS
  2. EXO
  3. Super Junior
  4. Big Bang
  5. Seventeen
  6. NCT
  7. Stray Kids
  8. Monsta X
  9. SuperM
  10. Got7

The Rise of K-Pop Boy Bands

Modern K-pop has stamped its authority in the mainstream and become hugely popular globally. While the majority of boy bands in the US and Europe consist of five members, on average, K-pop groups tend to have seven members or more.

The rise of K-pop bands began with a systematic structure that encompassed a wide spectrum of training. Lee Soo-man, the founder of SM Entertainment, developed cultural technology, a system used by talent agencies and management agencies to promote diverse Korean pop culture globally through the Korean wave driven by the spread of K-pop and K-dramas.

For idols and groups, the four core stages employed in the cultural technology system are casting, training, production, and management. The music industry in Korea spawned a number of reality TV shows and talent shows that gave rise to phenomenal idol groups. The rigorous training system devised for grooming trainees marked the new beginning in the rise of K-pop boy bands. Thoughtful planning and structured artist management laid the foundation for the success of K-pop boy groups globally.


11. Wanna One

12. Shinee

13. iKon

14. Pentagon

15. NCT 127

16. Ateez

17. TVXQ

18. 2PM


20. Astro


The Popularity of K-Pop Boy Groups on Social Media

Modern K-pop boy groups have reached new heights in popularity, thanks to social media. A number of K-pop boy bands have a massive presence on social networking sites and online video sharing platforms. K-pop fandom has become a subculture with a unique identity. The feeling of camaraderie and empathy associated with people of common interest towards K-pop has unraveled different aspects of fandom. Fans of K-pop express their innermost sentiments about their favorite idols and groups in fascinating ways in forums, blogs, and microblogs.

On social networking sites, K-pop boy groups and K-pop girl groups have garnered a huge following among teens. Certain k-pop groups have given viral content a whole new dimension. A number of groups have had their new music videos go viral with views and shares. The extravagant audio-visual elements in K-pop videos have become a new form of entertainment. Dance routines, choreography, and fashion in videos of K-pop boy groups have become hugely popular on social media. Also, subunits of groups have become increasingly popular with music fans from different genres.


21. TXT

22. VIXX

23. The Boyz

24. Winner

25. Day6

26. NU’EST

27. BtoB

28. Enhypen

29. NCT Dream

30. Block B

31. Infinite

32. B.A.P.

33. SF9


35. Shinhwa

36. NCT U

37. A.C.E.

38. VAV

39. FT. Island

40. Madtown


The Role of Talent Agencies in K-Pop

Talent agencies have played a pivotal role in shaping the success of modern K-pop. Event management companies, music production houses, music distributors, and other service providers in the entertainment industry work in unison to shape and mold potential idols. Talent agencies invest a great deal of time and money towards training and launching new K-pop groups. The excellent artist management in the Korean music industry ensures new K-pop bands and artists move ahead in the right direction.

Idols and groups are trained extensively before they make their debut. The training imparted involves presentation, dance, vocal activities, and learning foreign languages. Although a number of entertainment companies provide artist management, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and SM Entertainment are the ‘big three’ in the Korean entertainment industry. These record labels are responsible for launching and promoting some of the biggest K-pop boy bands and K-pop girl groups. These management agencies play a diverse role in financing, recruiting, training, launching, marketing, and promoting emerging artists in K-pop.


41. Oneus

42. GD X Taeyang

43. Seo Taiji and Boys

44. GD & Top

45. UP10TION

46. Boyfriend

47. Highlight

48. MCND

49. Boys Republic

50. 24K

51. N.Flying

52. Hotshot

53. Fly To the Sky

54. KNK

55. B1A4

56. g.o.d

57. ZE:A

58. Teen Top

59. Cross Gene

60. U-KISS


What Makes K-Pop Music Videos Special?

K-pop music videos are known for their slick production and choreography. The audiovisual extravaganza in K-pop MV’s has become synonymous in the world of entertainment. The spectacular lighting, camera work, fashion, and choreography make K-pop videos visually stunning. Point choreography built on hooking, and repetitive key movements of formation changes with synchronized dance moves have become a signature identity in videos. The sentiment and expression in K-pop music videos are thought-provokingly catchy.

The vision of modernization is exquisitely portrayed with a vibrant display of pop culture. Visually appealing colorful outfits are blended with stunning backdrops to connect with sensibilities of the story or plot in videos. Music videos are embalmed with high-quality group presentation and dynamism that give songs an ethereal feel. In certain music videos, different styles of music are fused with a synthesized sound to bring about an ethnic-urban feel. Dual identities and characteristics are showcased in videos in arresting manner. Truly, K-pop MV’s are a melting pot of breathtaking hybridity that soothe the soul.


61. Newkidd

62. History

63. Treasure

64. MXM

65. 100%

66. Exo-SC

67. Cravity

68. Golden Child

69. B.I.G

70. Drippin

71. OnlyOneOf

72. Xeno-T

73. In2it

74. GreatGuys

75. Epik High

76. Too

77. H.O.T.

78. JYJ

79. Exo-CBX

80. SS501


81. ONF

82. NU’EST W

83. D-Crunch

84. 2AM

85. HALO

86. CIX

87. Imfact

88. SG Wannabe

89. MyTeen

90. Bigflo

91. Verivery

92. Sechs Kies

93. The Rose

94. Onewe

95. Target

96. IZ

97. Snuper

98. Uniq

99. Mr.Mr.

100. JBJ

Other Notable K-Pop Boy Bands

  • 1Team
  • C-Clown
  • 4Men
  • Tasty
  • MustB
  • UNB
  • Spectrum
  • 1the9
  • Wei
  • Boys24
  • H&D
  • Trusty
  • 1TYM
  • DJ DOC
  • ON AiR
  • 5urprise
  • Click-B
  • Black Beat
  • A-Jax
  • JJCC
  • Ulala Session
  • 2000 Won
  • BXK
  • Vromance
  • MAP6
  • E’last
  • JJ Project
  • M.O.N.T
  • Ghost9
  • Speed
  • Big Star
  • Drunken Tiger
  • Off The Cuff
  • J-Walk
  • F-iV
  • D1ce
  • MC the Max
  • The Legend
  • Be.A
  • 2Z
  • Infinite H
  • M.Pire
  • Voisper
  • BAE173
  • WOW
  • The Boss
  • Solid
  • AB6IX
  • Bandage
  • Double S 301
  • UN
  • MustB
  • BtoB Blue
  • Noir
  • Dongkiz
  • 2NISE
  • Apeace
  • Hyeongseop X Euiwoong
  • Bastarz
  • Infinite F
  • The East Light
  • Longguo &Shihyun
  • 5tion
  • N-Sonic
  • Deux
  • HeartB
  • Masc
  • A.cain
  • BDC
  • Seven O’Clock
  • NTB
  • Victon
  • Myname
  • 14U
  • HNB
  • F.Cuz
  • Brown Eyed Soul
  • Drug Restaurant
  • M.I.B.
  • Homme
  • Every Single Day
  • Lunafly
  • Dustin
  • Supernova
  • Jinusean
  • Rainz
  • AlphaBat
  • XRO
  • UNVS
  • TST
  • X1
  • NRG
  • T-Max
  • Big Brain
  • Jus2
  • P1Harmony
  • Vibe
  • Toheart
  • Noel
  • MVP
  • High4
  • Romeo
  • 015B
  • Battle
  • Argon
  • B.O.Y
  • DMTN
  • Beatwin
  • S
  • N-Train
  • Sweet Sorrow
  • LC9
  • Enoi
  • V.O.S
  • One Way
  • Touch
  • Big Star
  • DKB
  • We in the Zone
  • Varsity
  • Jtl
  • Troy
  • Wanted
  • Honey G
  • Forte di Quattro
  • Spectrum
  • Brown Eyes
  • Paran
  • Tritops
  • Led Apple
  • Wonder Boyz
  • Honeyst
  • Vanner
  • MOBB
  • Teen Teen
  • K’Pop
  • Monday Kiz

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